OPTM-Chapter 239 Version of Fear Part 1

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The previous cannonball hadn’t directly hit the Battleship’s right side; it had flown from left to right, passing just above his head and scaring him half to death. Now his face turned pale, and he was about to pronounce judgment on G-10 Marine Branch.

But suddenly, he remembered something and bowed respectfully, “Lucci-Sama! This is an unforgivable crime!”

“The perpetrators must be severely punished!”

Seeing this, behind him, a white-suited man with a mask on his face stepped out of the cabin. His brows were as thin as Tsuru’s, giving his visage an oddly jubilant look. However, his expression was too solemn, they were calm like water.

These brows didn’t convey happiness, but rather a sense of cold detachment and peculiarity.

This man was none other than the former CP-9 member and current CP0 member, Rob Lucci!

In response to the accusations, Lucci glanced at him and then slowly said, “Major Shepherd, regarding your negligence resulting in our failure to arrive at G-10 Marine Branch on time, I will report back to Fleet Admiral Sengoku.”

“Now, connect with G-10 Marine Branch Base Head and request permission to enter the port.”


In an instant, Major Shepherd’s face drained of all color. He sat down on the ground, completely submissive in front of Lucci, unable to muster the strength to stand.

After speaking, Lucci didn’t spare him another glance and walked straight past him.

This small-time major who was engrossed in playing politics obviously had no idea about the capabilities of the infamous “Undying Vice Admiral” Rowen so Lucci didn’t bother to explain.

Even if the cannonball had hit them, he wouldn’t dare voice any opinions.

To be honest, when he had been dispatched as a government agent to investigate G-10 Marine Branch, Lucci had appeared ecstatic, full of vigor… What a joke!!

Over a year ago, they had hidden the incident at Water 7 and nearly caused the collapse of the Qilin battleship, resulting in over a hundred Marine casualties. Rowen clearly knew all about it!

As someone whose every move was under Rowen’s watchful eye, even though he was now a CP0 agent, he still believed his chances of survival if he caused trouble… well, they were probably over fifty percent!

A life-or-death 50-50!

After all, considering the secret agreement between him and Saint Lirisk, Lucci was confident that Zero wouldn’t turn against Rowen over a mere minor dispute.

Buru Buru Buru…

Ka Cha!

The Little Tiger Tally widened its eyes, fully alert, and with an authoritative tone, it spoke through the Den Den Mushi, “G-10 Marine Branch, please pay attention! This is a Battleship carrying the Headquarter Inspector and government-appointed official. Cease fire immediately! I repeat, cease-fire… F*ck! Get down quickly!!”


Both of them, who had been focused on the Den Den Mushi, were startled by this thunderous tremor. Dante held Tiger Tally and turned around, locking eyes with Henry, who had a matchstick in his hand and was staring up in shock. The two of them communicated in an instant.

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Then why did you fire?”

“I… my hand just slipped…”

Henry was on the verge of tears as he spoke.

This was illogical! After they had deliberately fired the cannonball as a demonstration, the fact that the other side hadn’t immediately scolded them or demanded an explanation – was this still the government he knew?!

But only specific Den Den Mushi could connect to Tiger Tally’s Base Head, and the fact that they were now slowing down and positioning themselves in the firing cover area indicated that they had no hostile intentions. Their true identity was beyond doubt.


“Colonel! Save me, Colonel!!” Henry rushed forward and hugged Dante’s thigh, crying and begging with tears and snot, “I really didn’t mean to!”

That shot had hit the Battleship with remarkable precision. Being a former artilleryman, Henry was skilled with the old-style Marine artillery; aiming and hitting within range was no problem.

But just now, it was meant as a show of force, not actual artillery fire!

If this had injured some Great Character, would it be a death sentence or Impel Down?

He might just have to choose one!

Dante: “…”

If it weren’t for you still having some value to Vice Admiral, I would split you in half right now!

With a gnashing of teeth, Dante raised his telescope and said to Tiger Tally, “Sorry, sorry! The order to stop the Second Cannon was delayed and didn’t arrive in time. Are you all unharmed?”

On the Battleship, Lucci’s mouth twitched as he looked at the cabin above him, which was now missing a chunk. He nodded at the messenger.

The messenger, his voice trembling with near tears, responded, “N-No! No one’s hurt!”

“Please cease fire immediately! We are allies! Allies, I tell you!!”

Just from the quavering voice, you could hear the despair in his heart!

Dante: “…Pū Chī!”

‘Sorry, let me laugh for a moment!’

The government inspectors, who had come with such authority, were now frightened by the two cannon shots. The legendary audacity of the G-10 Marine Branch was bound to spread far and wide across the sea!

They ruthlessly trampled upon the recklessness of G-3 and the thuggishness of Marine’s G-5!

Upon docking, as they observed the accompanying soldiers who were now skittish as quails, the expressions on the faces of G-10’s Marines were all like that.


What happened?

We have no idea!

Accompanied by two rather soft soldiers, Lucci descended the stairs. Dante led the stationed soldiers at the port in a salute, then clasped his hands behind his back, standing tall with his chest out and his head held high.

“Senior official! Welcome to G-10 Marine Branch!”

Lucci, equally unnerved by the two cannon shots, wasn’t afraid of being killed; it was just ordinary artillery after all.

He was afraid that this was Rowen’s attitude.

Lucci knew very well that at the top of that grand, pure-white fortress, there was a formidable Super Electromagnetic Cannon that even Zero couldn’t stop praising, a cannon capable of unimaginable destruction!

If that artillery had targeted him, Lucci was sure that he wouldn’t survive.

So, in order to avoid catching Rowen’s attention, Lucci, who normally didn’t look kindly upon ordinary people, actually smiled and nodded at Dante, saying, “Thank you all for the trouble! Due to a minor mishap on the way, we couldn’t arrive on time.”

“It’s… it’s no problem…”

Dante felt a chill run down his spine when he looked at this scene. Oh no, even CP0 is scared!

Dante was acquainted with Lucci; they had met back in Water 7. However, at that time, Lucci had been a member of CP-9, working on an espionage mission. Now, his attire represented him as a direct subordinate of the Celestial Dragons, an overboss of CP1-9, CP0!

He had thought that this incident wouldn’t be turned over so easily, but Lucci’s attitude unexpectedly made Dante’s heart race with some anxiety.

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