OPTM-Chapter 221 Sea Tremor! Part 1

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He turned around and, as expected, saw that the crater he had created was surrounded by endless seawater, rolling and converging toward them. Around the landmass that reached a depth of over two thousand meters, there was a water curtain towering two thousand meters high!

“Damn it! I’ve been tricked!”

Suddenly, Kizaru let out an angry shout, and his rarely-seen murderous aura surged like a tide!

He turned his head in fury, looking at Rayleigh who had emerged from the Thunderlight, grinding his teeth audibly.

Just as Rowen had said, he hadn’t expected Kizaru’s ultimate move to be so powerful!

He thought that at most, he would knock Rayleigh into the sea, and if Rayleigh tried to escape in the chaos, Rowen, who mastered Fish-Man Karate, could at least keep him occupied. But the result was…

Kizaru had directly sent Rayleigh two thousand meters below sea level! The billions of tons of seawater at this depth were beyond Rowen’s half-hearted control of Wind Treading Class Fish-Man Karate… Even the Fish-Men themselves would be at a loss facing such seawater!

“You bastard! How dare you deceive me!”

At this point, Kizaru finally understood why Rayleigh didn’t evade the direct explosion. If he had, he wouldn’t have been able to reach this tranquil underwater location. Kizaru and Rowen certainly wouldn’t have given him a chance to escape into the sea, which would have caused further trouble.

Although they were both injured, in a dozen seconds or so, as Devil Fruit Ability users, they would have to escape. On the other hand, Rayleigh could take the opportunity to dive into the deep sea and resurface once it was safe.

‘Yasakani no Magatama (Comma Jewel of Eight Shaku)!!’

With an angry roar, Kizaru leaped into the air, crossing his hands as light particle bombs rained down like a shower, scattering and exploding.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In this limited range below sea level, a covering attack was the most reasonable response. Rayleigh quickly evaded, but he was still hit by the successive explosions. However, even with the power of the Heavenly Spear, Rayleigh, who couldn’t be killed, wouldn’t be significantly affected even if he couldn’t dodge the light particle bombs.

200 million Volt Electromagnetic Barrier!

Rowen exerted all his strength to spread the electromagnetic shield throughout space, blocking the rushing seawater and buying time for Kizaru. However, facing the magnificent power of nature, the barrier was still visibly compressing at a rapid pace.

“It’s not working, Admiral Kizaru. We have to go up first!”

Seeing the barrier about to collapse, Rowen had to speak up. If they were submerged by the seawater, Rayleigh would be able to turn the tables and Rowen didn’t want to experience being passively attacked in the water.


The light particles that were scattered in the air suddenly froze, condensing into Kizaru’s figure. He took a deep breath and looked at Rayleigh, who was blackened all over and hardly recognizable as human.

“Next time we meet, it won’t be so easy!”

“I look forward to that day…”

Rayleigh smiled, seemingly unaffected by his injuries.

But even if he was injured, the two of them had no chance to do anything.

Whoosh! Zī zī!!

Two pillars of light, one golden and one blue, suddenly burst into the sky, piercing through the seawater and the air. With the loss of their owner’s support, the Electromagnetic Barrier was instantly released, and tons of seawater cascaded down from above, submerging Rayleigh within it.

“Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh appeared and engaged in a fierce battle with Marine Headquarters Admiral Kizaru and “Undying Vice Admiral” Rowen before escaping into the water!”

Sabaody Archipelago is the center of the sea, where information in the Grand Line spreads most quickly. Merchants and travelers from all directions witnessed the intense battle that day, and within a day, the news of the incident spread rapidly.

A tremor shook the sea!

The Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) were furious!

First, Rayleigh disrupted Garp’s pursuit of Shanks, and then he fought against Kizaru and Rowen, resulting in heavy losses in the 11-29 district of Sabaody Archipelago!

The remnants of Roger’s pirate crew, who had been calm for many years, resurfaced, making the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) realize that it was time to seriously eliminate these remnants that had escaped all those years ago.

At the same time, for the various factions on Sabaody Archipelago that had concealed information, the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) wanted nothing more than to punish them severely, but due to the impact, they could only give them a harsh reprimand, knowing that it would take years for them to recover.

Unlike the previous incident where Garp’s interference was not widely known, Rayleigh’s appearance this time had a significant impact on the world!

As the Vice Captain of the Pirate King, a member of the crew who reached Laugh Tale and discovered the great treasure “ONE PIECE,” his appearance stirred up a storm in the sea, which had been dominated by Marine forces.

Pirates from all over the Grand Line became active once again, setting sail toward the New World. Many people who had given up on their dreams and couldn’t see any hope in the Four Seas also raised their sails and moved toward their dreams.

Faced with the current state of the sea, the Marines had a lot more to deal with. Rowen couldn’t help but sigh, realizing the terrifying effect of “Reputation.”

The changes he had brought to the sea in the past two years were even more exaggerated than if he had clashed with Rayleigh and the others.

However, the increased military power of the Marines was not just for show. They still held the initiative, but they now faced stronger resistance than ever before.

Sabaody Archipelago, District 69.

“Why did you have to mess with Rayleigh when you were fine? Now everyone knows about the Battle of Sabaody, is this what you wanted?!”

Rowen held the Den Den Mushi in his hands, but Zephyr’s complaints fell on deaf ears as he stared absentmindedly.

If it was only Rayleigh’s escape, it would have been fine. With the World Government’s influence, Morgan, the boss of the World News, wouldn’t dare to spread rumors carelessly.

But with so many people witnessing Rayleigh’s appearance, the news couldn’t be hidden. As a result, the era of the Pirates, which should have calmed down, was once again in turmoil… and Rowen was the instigator!

Kizaru shamelessly reported to Sengoku about Rowen’s unauthorized intervention, claiming that he hadn’t been informed beforehand, which led to Rayleigh’s escape.

Rowen felt like he wanted to expose Kizaru’s secrets and ruin him! But he ultimately let it go, considering the debt of saving his life.


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