OPTM-Chapter 213 Someone Causing Trouble? Part 2

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On the other hand, as the end of the first half and the endpoint of Paradise, Sabaody offered great opportunities to make a fortune. People from all walks of life and various forces, even ordinary civilians, harbored dreams and ambitions, rushing to this archipelago one after another.

In Rowen’s eyes, Sabaody fit the old joke from the internet, with a slight modification:
“If you love someone, send them to Sabaody, because it’s Heaven—where they can fully enjoy themselves If you hate someone, also send them to Sabaody, because it’s Hell—a taste of the desolation of the slums.”

That’s Sabaody for you!

The Marines were not without the ability to clean up the place, but they were not allowed to do so.

And in the entire Sabaody Archipelago, the only relatively peaceful place was probably the area numbered 69 where they were located.

This area was not the entrance for the government officials of the Celestial Dragons, nor was there any large force stationed here causing a ruckus. Ordinary people and pirates stayed far away from here, and there were no shops doing business here.

Area 69 was solely dedicated to the Marine coating field and served as a logistics warehouse.

Taking a rare moment to relax, Rowen closed his eyes after finishing his tea to rest. He could already determine that Vice Admiral Momonga’s invitation target was Edward Weevil, one of the heads he promised to bring back to Zephyr.

However, it wasn’t easy to kill him. Aside from his strength, which allowed him to sever Zephyr’s arm, just the fact that he became a Shichibukai, highly anticipated by the Five Elder Stars, made it difficult to deal with him… At least for the time being, Rowen couldn’t find a reasonable way to take action against him.

This time, even Sengoku wasn’t standing by his side.

“It would be great if he refused the invitation. That way, I wouldn’t have to intervene, and the Goosei (Five Elder Stars) themselves wouldn’t let him off the hook.”

Rowen indulged in wishful thinking and even chuckled at his own thoughts.

“How is that possible… with Miss Bakkin, that ambitious old lady around, she won’t be foolish enough to give the Marines an opportunity.”

Wait a minute!

Suddenly, Rowen woke up with a start and His abrupt movement startled Kizaru beside him, who looked up and muttered with a smirk, “Hey, hey, what’s with the sudden surprise?!”

Just then, a chubby figure, with a sturdy build, came running towards them with heavy footsteps. As soon as he saw them, he blurted out.

“Oh no, Old Man!”

“There’s a pirate causing trouble at the auction house, and they attacked the Celestial Dragons…”


Rowen choked on his saliva and he was unable to believe what he was hearing. He asked incredulously, “What?!”

Luffy and the others set sail early?!

And I didn’t even hear about it?!!

The only person who could refer to Kizaru as “Old Man” was the commander of the Marine Scientific Force, Sentomaru. Sentomaru had a large stature and a solid physique, resembling a professional wrestler. His face and hairstyle were reminiscent of a girl’s, with a scar running across his face. He wore a red loincloth, with three skull-shaped beads and a symbol representing Heaven in the center, and he always carried a large axe on his back.

In Rowen’s astonished gaze, Sentomaru gasped for breath and added the three words that completed the sentence.


Rowen: “…”

Kizaru: “…”

“I don’t mean to scold you, Sentomaru… but do you realize that your statement can easily be misunderstood?!”

Upon hearing that the attack wasn’t on the Celestial Dragons themselves, Kizaru’s nervousness subsided. There was a clear distinction between attacking the Celestial Dragons and attacking the Celestial Dragons’ pet!

Those with enough power and authority in the sea could easily kill the Celestial Dragons’ pets without facing consequences, just like the “Gold Emperor” Gild Tesoro.

But no one dared to attack the Celestial Dragons themselves!

If they attacked a “World Noble,” it would be tantamount to starting an irreparable war with the World Government!

In the original story, the Straw Hats only faced Kizaru because they were not worthy of any other Admirals’ attention. Furthermore, there was a convenient rule that required an Admiral to intervene. Otherwise, even the Admirals wouldn’t be interested in getting involved, as the Straw Hats were too weak to pique their interest.

However, if a Yonko were to attack the Celestial Dragons, it would likely trigger a full-scale war…

The World Government would spare no expense in destroying them because their rule would be under threat!

“And… why did you say you ran from the auction house? Don’t you know how to make a phone call?”

Kizaru lectured Sentomaru, dragging out his words and turning the tables, making Rowen involuntarily twitch at the corner of his mouth. Standing beside him, Rowen could clearly see that Kizaru was wearing a “Den Den Mushi listening device”! It was the “Black Lacquer Edition”!

Sentomaru was equally speechless, but now wasn’t the time to argue about that. He had already taken quite some time running over here, so he urged them quickly.

“Enough with that, Old Man! If we keep wasting time, the pirates will escape!”

“You’re so long-winded… Alright, alright, I’m going now!”

With that, Kizaru prepared to set off. As the fastest man in the world, he had the confidence to take his time because once he got serious, no one could keep up with his speed!

However, at that moment, Kizaru suddenly remembered something and turned back to look at Rowen.

“Oh, right! Vice Admiral Rowen, your Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) should have sensed them, right? Can you point me in the right direction?”

He remembered Rowen’s startled reaction just now, combined with the current information, and assumed that Rowen had noticed something unusual. And the fact was not far from the truth.

Taking so much time, Rowen had already released his Kenbunshoku Haki, covering the entire Sabaody Archipelago! After a moment’s thought, Rowen shook his head.

“Well… there are quite a few hidden pirates, and it would be troublesome to point out each one. I’d better go there in person.”

“That would be a great help!”

In an instant, Kizaru lay back in his chair, his speed so fast that one could barely perceive the passing of time. Under Sentomaru’s dumbfounded gaze, Kizaru waved his hand and said, “Thanks for the trouble, Vice Admiral Rowen! Take care, Vice Admiral Rowen!”

At that moment, Rowen had a sudden misconception.

Could it be that he was being played?!!!

(End of this chapter)

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