OPTM-Chapter 210 Inviting Part 1

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At this point, Sengoku swept his gaze around the spacious meeting room. Those who caught his gaze stopped their discussions and held their breath, focusing their attention. After a moment, Sengoku uttered one heavy word.


New World, Yonko!

Four monsters reigning over the sea, the four powerful emperors!

In the past, Marines couldn’t stand against the Yonko alone, not only because of insufficient top-level combat power but also due to limited manpower coverage.

Therefore, the Shichibukai were needed to stabilize various corners of the sea.

But now, the Marine’s military strength has skyrocketed, and with the Yonko not fully united and engaged in their own battles, it’s time to end the three-way deadlock and confront the Yonko with all their might, seizing any opportunity…

War will inevitably break out!

“So, the deciding factor for the Marine’s course of action is never morality or humanity, but power!”

Rowen remained silent as he observed the Marine officers around him who displayed solemn, excited, or frowning expressions. He silently pondered.

Tsuru fell into silence. This plan was somewhat extreme, but everything Sengoku said was based on facts. Moreover, the Marines were just following orders.

Didn’t the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) know the consequences of going to war? They were more concerned about maintaining peace and consolidating their ruling position than the Marines.

“Aokiji, Yamakaji!”

Seeing that no one objected, Sengoku began to arrange the assignments. The two named individuals stood up, facing Sengoku and saluting.

“You will be responsible for Dracule Mihawk!”


Yamakaji nodded with a smiling face, while Aokiji rubbed his hair and sighed.

“Ah, the World’s Greatest Swordsman, huh? A troublesome mission…”

“You’re capable of doing it, Admiral Aokiji…” Yamakaji chimed in with a smile, playing the role of the friendly old man.

With only five Shichibukai remaining, the missions were quickly assigned.

Admiral “Kizaru” and Vice Admiral Strawberry were in charge of “Sea Hero” Jinbe.

Except for Mihawk, whose strength was on par with an Admiral, Jinbe, as the link between the World Government and Fish-Man Island, was worthy of an Admiral’s intervention.

Marine Headquarters Great Staff Officer Tsuru and Momousagi, two female officers, were responsible for “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock. In the face of Tsuru’s Devil Fruit ability, as long as evil thoughts were eradicated in advance, Hancock’s charm would be ineffective against them.

Chaton, Onigumo, and Doberman were in charge of Gecko Moria. It would be quite a shock for Moria to have an Admiral candidate accompanied by two War Faction officers paying him a visit.

Looking at this luxurious lineup, Rowen felt that Sengoku didn’t just want to “teach a lesson” to the Shichibukai but also wanted to take the opportunity to ensure that the Marine had the ability to kill them in case of resistance.

In his heart, Rowen couldn’t help but mourn for the Shichibukai. If they dared to act recklessly, they would undoubtedly meet their end!

As for why isn’t anyone investigating Kuma?

As the primary experimental subject of Vegapunk, even undergoing consciousness modification, Marine wouldn’t arrange anything concerning Kuma.

“The others who don’t have missions assigned to them will stay at their respective branch bases and activate Level 4 combat readiness. We can’t allow any openings for pirates to exploit! Is that understood?!”


The orderly response reverberated in the Fleet Admiral’s office. Thus, an iron-fisted operation that would have a global impact was determined.

“Very well! Everyone, prepare yourselves!”

Nodding, Sengoku announced the adjournment of the meeting. Shortly after…

“Vice Admiral Momonga, Rowen, both of you stay!”

Rowen and Vice Admiral Momonga exchanged glances, feeling a sense of unease in their heart, they felt as if they were being kept behind in the teacher’s office after school.

After the other commanders left, Rowen and Vice Admiral Momonga were left alone in Sengoku’s office. The others glanced at Sengoku with slight surprise, wondering who he intended to harm by keeping Rowen behind. However, when they saw Vice Admiral Momonga being left as well, their hearts instantly calmed down.

In Marine Headquarters, Vice Admiral Momonga was seen as the embodiment of honesty, reliability, and stability.

With him around, they believed Rowen wouldn’t cause any trouble.

“Doflamingo has been missing since the great explosion, and the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) have indicated that the pursuit of him can be temporarily set aside. However, with two Shichibukai absent, they must be replaced…”

The meeting room still lingered with the heavy smoke of cigars. The headquarters officers were all avid smokers, so Sengoku had to open the windows to let in the fresh air.

After saying those words, Sengoku and Rowen exchanged glances and nodded to each other. Rowen hadn’t received any punishment for what he did to Doflamingo because Sengoku had secretly supported his actions.

Even this order was given by Sengoku himself.

As a Celestial Dragon with various privileges, Doflamingo was one of the most troublesome pirates for Marines, second only to the Yonko in this era!

Arms trafficking, human trafficking, Black Market assassinations, smuggling prohibited items— Doflamingo participated in any business that could make money! His threats were even more severe than those of the Yonko!

The Yonko, at least, only caused trouble in the New World and each had their own plans, preferring not to leave their territories. But Doflamingo’s Black Market trades were spread across the world and had the potential to disrupt everything!

Sengoku would never allow such a situation to continue!

To completely resolve this trouble, Sengoku had once secretly given Rowen a mission.

That was to find an opportunity to get rid of Doflamingo!

CP-0 had a device that could turn people into idiots through a Lightning Strike stimulation. As a user of the Goro Goro no Mi (Thunder Thunder Fruit), Rowen could achieve the same effect.

Their original plan was to seize Doflamingo at an opportune moment and turn him into a fool. However, Sengoku didn’t anticipate that Doflamingo would launch an attack on the G-10 branch. Just thinking about Rowen’s reckless style, he was afraid that Rowen would go too far.

Turning Doflamingo into a fool would allow them to pass him off as an outsider Celestial Dragon, one who had no support and wouldn’t be mourned if he died.

But if he died, both the World Government and the Celestial Dragons would definitely be shaken and both Rowen and Sengoku would face dire consequences!

Fortunately, Rowen wasn’t a mindless brute. After confirming that Kuma’s Devil Fruit ability could Return life to Doflamingo, Rowen intentionally waited for Kuma’s arrival before killing Doflamingo. He used his control over Kuma to manipulate Doflamingo’s fate.

Otherwise, why didn’t he intervene to stop Doflamingo right away?

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