OPTM-Chapter 204 Violet’s Despair! Part 2

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Violet, a high-ranking member of the Clubs Army and one of the few Donquixote Family high-level officers who didn’t reside in the royal palace, the daughter of King Riku, pushed open the hidden storage compartment and looked at Doflamingo with a complex expression on her face.

She ignored Sugar’s question and instead removed her fingers from her eyes, looking directly at Doflamingo as she asked, “Why… can’t I see a trace of hatred in your heart? After forcing you to abandon the family and escape, don’t you resent him?”

Violet possessed the Paramecia Giro-Giro No Mi (Glare-Glare Fruit) ability. As long as the target was within her visual range, she could instantly read the information from their hearts as if they were “naked.” Regardless of the opponent’s consciousness or whether they were lying, she could read their current thoughts.

She thought that Doflamingo’s heart would be filled with hatred at this moment because she saw him escaping through her “clairvoyance.”

But she didn’t expect that there was no trace of hatred in his heart.

Unable to comprehend others by her own standards, Violet couldn’t understand why Doflamingo didn’t hate Rowen.

“Hehehe! I thought you were still playing the role of a dancer in the city, Violet…” Knowing that they were not on the same side, Doflamingo naturally wouldn’t reveal his plans concerning his life and future to Violet. He had arranged for her to perish along with Dressrosa, considering her expendable.

“Well, let me think…,” Doflamingo smirked wickedly, grinning widely. “I suppose it’s because I’ve realized that hatred is the most meaningless thing in life?”


Violet furrowed her eyebrows and asked, “Then what do you consider meaningful?”

At this moment, Violet stepped back a few steps, avoiding the white threads spreading from under her feet. At the same time, she took out a lighter and placed it on top of the storage compartment.

“Don’t move!”

“I’ve filled this place with explosives!”

She didn’t know Doflamingo’s plan, but she knew that the high-ranking members of the family were being gathered at the Underground Port for a secret operation. Through the Clairvoyance and Mind Reading granted by her Devil Fruit ability, she knew that the submarine was a crucial point in Doflamingo’s plan. So she had hidden in it early on.

Now, as long as she wished, all three of them, who were Devil Fruit ability users, could perish in the sea!

And the driving force behind her actions was hatred!

Hatred for her homeland being taken away!

Hatred for her family being killed!

Hatred for submitting to her enemies!

Hatred is an incredible, unbreakable, interwoven, and tangled thing that can break or make someone.

A faint sense of crisis enveloped Doflamingo’s heart as he knew Violet wasn’t lying. He retracted his threads and pretended to be relaxed as he said, “What do you think is the reason behind my actions against King Riku?”

“Naturally, it’s because of the World Government’s imposed Oka Shichibukai system!” Violet gritted her teeth and said, “That’s why you were given this opportunity!”

“Wrong!” Doflamingo vehemently refuted, raising his finger and pointing it at Violet. “Even if there was no Oka Shichibukai system, it would have been just as easy for me to seize the throne of the Donquixote Household from your hands! However…”

“I’ll give you another chance!”

For some reason, at this moment, Violet felt a sense of uneasiness and chaos in her heart.

Although she held the initiative, facing Doflamingo’s wicked and arrogant smile, she felt like the powerless little girl she used to be, with no possibility of resistance.


“Because… you are more powerful than us!”

Trembling, Violet uttered these words and her expression growing solemn.

Yes, weakness is the original sin.

Some people possess great power but don’t consider themselves special and continue to live ordinary lives. But the strong enslaving the weak, the weak submitting to the strong, this is the rule that continues in the world, this is the path of life’s evolution!

It’s like humans slaughtering animals for consumption, and no one finds it unethical.

Because animals are weak, they are not regarded as equals.

As she spoke these words, Violet suddenly felt a sense of desolation.

Even if there was no Oka Shichibukai system, there would still be other organizations that would appear in Dressrosa.

Even if there was no Doflamingo, other pirates would set their sights on Dressrosa.

Because Dressrosa was too weak, so weak that no one would regard them seriously. They would only treat them as livestock, slaughtering, enslaving, and exploiting them while laughing and joking.

It’s only natural!

“Congratulations! You’re correct!” Doflamingo applauded with a clap of his hands, his delight unconcealed in his words. “That’s the reason, Violet! You are weaker than me, so I stripped away everything from you. You are weaker than me, so you must submit to me!”

“That’s the truth this world lives by!”

Then, as he looked at Violet’s increasingly heavy expression, Doflamingo spoke softly.



Violet instinctively snapped back to reality, wanting to throw the lighter into the explosive barrel. However, at this moment, a small hand touched her smooth ankle. After a soft “thump,” Violet transformed into a purple toy bear and sat dazed on the ground.


A white thread pierced through her head from above. Doflamingo held the lighter in his hand, his expression growing solemn for a second.

“Sugar, did you bring this lighter in? Don’t you know it can easily cause a fire?”

“It wasn’t me, it was it!”

Sugar shook her head and pointed at the toy bear in a daze. “Young Lord, didn’t you arrange for a third person to come in?”

“Toy bear?”

Doflamingo’s eyes slightly widened as he looked at the lighter in his hand, as if he had understood something.

He crouched down and looked at the bewildered toy bear, saying, “Fufufufufufufuf! I don’t know who you are, but it seems like your plan to ignite the explosives and kill us has failed!”

Across from him, Violet’s face froze, filled with despair and unwillingness.

(End of this chapter)

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