OPTM-Chapter 189 A Difficult Decision Part 2

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“But his blood still carries the lineage of the Celestial Dragons! That’s something you can’t deny, Sakazuki!” Vice Admiral Tsuru sat in the position just below Sengoku, her hands crossed under her chin. “The Celestial Dragons don’t care about Doflamingo’s life or death; they only care about our actions and whether we can threaten their status!”

“Ah, the main point doesn’t seem to be about that, does it?” A cold breeze dispersed the sulfurous smell and Aokiji leaned back in his large chair, his gaze fixed on Sakazuki as he spoke. “We are worried about what will happen to Dressrosa and the Underground World if we completely detain Doflamingo.”

“In these past few days, officials from Dressrosa have already requested the World Government to release their King… I’ve looked into it, and they are indeed just officials, they are not even part of the Donquixote Family.”

As Aokiji said this, a hint of mockery flashed in his eyes. “A pirate who has won such deep popularity and respect from the people, truly…”

“That’s why we need to detain him completely! We can handle Dressrosa’s officials for now, but in the future, there may be more Allied Kingdom members getting involved in this matter! They won’t care about the impact on the sea as long as it benefits them!”
Akainu argued based on reason.

“And then the Nation Lords of the Allied Kingdom Members will be filled with anxiety, fearing that the Marines might turn against them one day and take their precious kingdoms from them… Are you sure the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) would allow that situation to happen?!” Aokiji also refused to back down.

Among the three Admirals, two had clearly taken a side, while the remaining one, Kizaru, sat in a corner, casually trimming his nails with no regard to the current situation.

“Ah!” Seeing all the arguments before him, Sengoku, sitting in the main seat, let out a sigh.

“How to handle Doflamingo is up to you, Marines…”

“The Celestial Dragons and the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) don’t recognize his status… Do you know what to do, Sengoku?”

Remembering the response he received when he immediately went to Mary Geoise to meet the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), Sengoku had the strong urge to punch each of them in the face!

Do I know what to do?

I’d be damned if I knew what I should do in this situation!!

Sengoku knew very well about the secret connection between the World Government and Doflamingo. The Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) wanted to use the Marines to eliminate him and prevent the information from leaking out into the World.

At the same time, the Celestial Dragons also subtly revealed their desire for Doflamingo’s death…

The Celestial Dragons’ status which made Doflamingo do whatever he wants, now wants him dead

Isn’t it laughable, or rather, isn’t it ironic?

The Marines were still taking care of this and that, and they were still trying to minimize the effects of Crocodile’s arrest, and the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) above has now sentenced Doflamingo to death early. What the f*ck?

However… even if there are people expressing their opinions, the Marines cannot act in such a manner! Once they do, it would be all over for them! Throughout history, those responsible for taking action in power struggles have never met a good end. It’s a bloody lesson!

“Dirty politics!” Sengoku, who held a high position as the Commander-in-Chief of the Marine Headquarters and was one of the most authoritative characters of the time, let out a sigh of frustration.

Today, they still haven’t reached a conclusion. Neither side can convince the other, and seeing that it was already late in the day, Sengoku let out another sigh.

“Let’s end it here for today. The final deadline is still far away. Let me…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the door of the conference room suddenly knocked.

Knock, knock, knock…

Everyone stopped their discussions simultaneously and turned their heads, casting skeptical gazes at the young man who had entered the room.

Yes, the young man entered!

He courteously knocked on the door and without waiting for a response from inside, walked into the room where the highest level of the Marines officers have gathered!

“Who are you?!!!” As Sengoku stared at the newcomer, his pupils shrank, and his expression became unexpectedly serious.

“I heard that you were discussing how to deal with Doflamingo. Can I participate in it?” Dressed in a peculiar white robe with golden edges, the young man smiled faintly as he spoke.

Protected by four CP0 Members emanating a powerful aura from their bodies, he walked to the end of the conference table and calmly sat face-to-face with Sengoku.

“Saint…… Nibelung Lirisk!”

Marine G-10 Branch, Base Head’s office.

Rowen sat behind the desk, calmly smoking a cigar. Across from him, Dante was sweating profusely as he constantly flipped through documents.

Exhaling a smoke ring, the air gradually filled with the unique fragrance of a high-quality cigar before Rowen looked at Dante, whose face was turning pale, and smiled.

“What’s the matter? Can’t believe it?”

The papers in Dante’s hands contained information about Dressrosa and the Donquixote Family. It detailed the chaos created behind the scenes by the Donquixote family and how Doflamingo defeated King Riku, scheming to seize the throne.

It was normal for Dante to have an exaggerated reaction to such a significant secret being presented to him.

However, Dante’s agitation was not due to the suddenness of the Information but rather because he was pointing at another plan on the table, knocking on it.

“Are you kidding me right now? Tell me you’re joking!!!”

“That’s Dressrosa! An Allied Kingdom Member of the World Government!! This would be an illegal invasion, illegal plundering!!”

“Do you truly believe that we won’t be tossed into Impel Don after we pull this stunt off?! You’re really playing with your life by doing this!!!”

Dante’s fearfulness and anxiousness were not without reason. This elaborate plan could be summarized in one sentence.

Plunder Dressrosa’s Black Market!

“Don’t speak so harshly, Dante. How can Marine’s actions be called illegal plundering?”

“And we have to do this or…” Rowen calmly extinguished the cigar in the ashtray, picked up a teacup, took a sip of tea, and then suddenly roared. “How can we bring out the money to rebuild the Aircraft Force!! And for that matter why the hell did you bury our money in Port Fang?!! Why didn’t you hide it in such a large fortress?!! Are you a mole? Did you only know how to hide the money by burying it?”

Rowen’s assets were divided into two parts. One part of his private funds was given to Caesar during their time at the Marine Headquarters, providing him with enough research funds to simplify the Super Electromagnetic Cannon, reduce its power slightly, and bring down the cost.

The other part of the funds was brought by Dante to the G-10 Branch. As it was his private property that should not be seen in the light, Dante hid the conveniently transportable Belly in the fortress, while other jewelry and gold were buried underground.

That location… happened to be Port Fang!

Which is now known as Sharp Fang Bay!

(End of this chapter)

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