OPTM-Chapter 187 Shock Part 2

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But I should feel sorry for him not having served as a Base Head. Among the Marines, being a Base Head is considered the most relaxed and comfortable position!

Garp could return to East Blue whenever he pleased to see his grandson because he was the G-3 Branch Base Head. With the sky above and the Fleet Admiral far away, no one dared to interfere with him.

The distance from the G-3 Branch to his hometown in East Blue was shorter than the journey back to Marine Headquarters!

If he stayed at the Marine Headquarters then Sengoku could still prevent him from playing truant. But once he returned to the G-3 Branch, who would dare to manage him?

The G-3 Branch, renowned for their exceptional combat prowess and fearlessness, revered Garp like a god!

They followed his orders without question!

The situation in the current G-10 Branch wasn’t much different.

“Enough talk, I should be on my way,” Aokiji declared, straightening his suit and preparing to leave.

“As for Drake and Doflamingo, you…”

“Admiral Aokiji, have a safe journey. There’s no need for me to see you off,” Rowen interjected, his smile appearing forced on his face which made him appear somewhat abnormal.

“Tch, what a hassle!” Aokiji exclaimed, rubbing his hair in frustration. He then turned to Kuma and said, “Thank you for your assistance, Kuma. I will inform Headquarters to provide assistance halfway through. Be cautious during this time, as I’m afraid someone might attempt to harm them.”

After all, Daflamingo was a Celestial Dragon!

If someone with ill intentions discovered Doflamingo’s current condition, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to launch an ambush during the journey. Base Heads held significant authority and occupied high positions, answerable only to Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

The Admirals had no jurisdiction over them. Since Rowen had made it clear he didn’t want to get involved, Aokiji had no choice but to entrust this weighty responsibility to Kuma.

Due to Rowen’s height, the G-10 Branch Office had been renovated with a ceiling height of ten meters which was enough to accommodate Kuma’s towering six-meter stature. He silently nodded in response to Aokiji’s words and departed alongside him.

“In the future, you will understand, Kuma.”

“Consider it my first gift to Dragon.”

“Hehehe… Hahaha!”

As Kuma walked out of the office, a resounding and arrogant laughter echoed in his ears, audible only to him.

Behind his sunglasses, Kuma’s calm gaze finally wavered, filled with disbelief. He turned around, his eyes as wide as ping-pong balls, his expression filled with astonishment.

“Have a safe journey, both of you!” Rowen’s faint smile lingered, exuding a carefree and relaxed demeanor.

A few days later, a shocking piece of news spread throughout the seas.

“Doflamingo attacked the Marine G-10 Branch and was defeated by the Branch Base Head, Vice Admiral Rowen. The World Government has stripped him of his Shichibukai position and he is now imprisoned in Impel Down, awaiting further punishment!”

“Doflamingo… the former Shichibukai, the madman who held Heavenly Tribute hostage, the King of Dressrosa, has been imprisoned in Impel Down?!”

The news of Doflamingo’s defeat and subsequent imprisonment reverberated throughout the Grand Line, the Four Seas, and even within the territories of the Yonko in the New World. The impact was so significant that the capture of the Marine renegade Drake went completely unnoticed in comparison.

Following Crocodile, this is the second Shichibukai to be defeated by Rowen! What does the Marine intend to do? Are they finally going to take action against the Shichibukai system?!

With this thought, each of the remaining Shichibukai became apprehensive, fearing for their own safety. For a moment, they didn’t even dare to show their faces.

In the Florian Triangle Sea, at the Ghost Ancient Castle…

“Damn it! Are those Marine mad dogs not afraid of plunging the world into chaos?!!” Moria looked at the newspaper in his hand with utter horror on his face. The World Government’s judgment on Doflamingo left him trembling in fear.

The Shichibukai, along with the Yonko and Marine Headquarters, were the three major powers that maintained the balance of the Grand Line! It was only thanks to the sudden influx of powerful new recruits brought by the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device that the aftermath of Crocodile’s downfall was finally settled. But now, Doflamingo has been arrested…

Are the Marines disregarding the balance and finally starting to deal with them?

“No, I think this is just an accident.”

As soon as the words were spoken, a slightly magnetic female voice came from beside Moria. The speaker was equally shocked by the World Government’s decisiveness, but clearly, she had more thoughts on her mind.

“Moria-Sama, haven’t you noticed? After Crocodile’s downfall, although the Marine forcibly smoothed things over with their increased strength, the World Government actually intended to invite new Shichibukai to take his place…”

“This shows that they don’t currently have plans to target the Shichibukai system… Neither Crocodile nor Doflamingo should be part of their agenda.”

By the glow of the candlelight, a well-proportioned woman with jet-black hair and a noble temperament sat behind a desk, calmly closing the book in her hand.

A charming smile adorned her face which made her look gentle and refined, but with a hint of distance in her face that couldn’t be ignored.

Different from Kaya’s innocent smile, Nami’s cheerful smile, Vivi’s slightly strong smile, Domino’s polite smile, Boa Hancock’s arrogant smile, and Sadi-chan’s spoiled smile… Her smile made people feel at ease, but also involuntarily created a sense of unfamiliarity and distance between them.

This person… is none other than Nico Robin, who disappeared after Crocodile’s downfall!

No one expected her to have taken refuge under Gecko Moria’s banner. With her ability to decipher the Poneglyph, Moria, who had the intention of seeking revenge against Kaido, couldn’t possibly refuse her loyalty.

“So what you mean is… we should be cautious not of the Marines, but of Vice Admiral Rowen?” Moria pondered for a moment before he spoke and he also realized that was indeed the situation.

“Yes! He… is too terrifying!” As Robin spoke, she couldn’t help but shudder.

First, it was Crocodile, and now Doflamingo! Both of these notorious pirates had fallen at Rowen’s feet, which was completely beyond Robin’s expectations!

The cruel treatment of Crocodile, being left mutilated before being imprisoned in Impel Down, made Robin wary of this Marine Officer who claimed to represent “Justice.”

In her eyes, compared to other dangerous criminals in the sea, Rowen resembled more of a pirate than a Marine!

A pirate of “Justice”!

A pirate is labeled with “Justice,” history has shown that seven terrifying individuals have emerged with such manners. While the surface may seem calm, an undercurrent of turmoil lurks beneath with their appearance.

But those individuals were never truly trusted by the World Government, and their capabilities were limited.

A “Marine like Justice Pirate,” however, is someone entirely trusted by the World Government, and such a person is capable of achieving far greater feats than the Shichibukai.

“Vice Admiral Rowen… What exactly do you want to achieve?” Robin murmured to herself as she sank into contemplation.

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