OPTM-Chapter 187 Shock Part 1

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Rowen’s lips curled into a sinister grin after he heard Aokiji’s words and he spoke while exuding an unsettling aura. “So, you’ve already noticed our presence…”

Aokiji’s gaze turned piercing, and his countenance, typically devoid of seriousness, exhibited an unusual gravity.

In the midst of their exchange, the massive figure of Kuma slowly withdrew his massive palm from Doflamingo’s head, leaving the spectators astounded. What they witnessed defied all logic— Doflamingo’s head remained completely unharmed!

Just moments ago, Doflamingo had suffered a severe loss of brain matter, yet now, he was inexplicably breathing once again!


A dark red, nearly black, spherical membrane protruded from the back of Doflamingo’s skull and, guided by Kuma, sank into the ground.

Zzzt Zzt crack!


In an instant, a substantial surge of electrical current materialized out of thin air, causing the ground around Kuma to cave in. The epicenter turned pitch-black, and within the blink of an eye, a spiderweb-like depression spread across its surface.

Witnessing this astonishing display, Rowen couldn’t help but be awestruck. “What an extraordinary power! Can it even restore the wounds of the deceased?”

“No, Rowen,” Kuma replied while shaking his head silently, his expression devoid of any emotion. “The scars on a living individual are referred to as injuries, and they possess the ability to heal and mend themselves.”

He continued, “The scars on a deceased person’s body, however, are known as wounds, and they are incurable. What I extracted just now was a ‘wound,’ not an ‘injury’…”

Having said that, the bear gently placed Doflamingo, who was gradually regaining stability, on the ground. His body wavered, and his complexion paled significantly and it looked as if he had lost a considerable amount of blood.

“The remaining wounds must heal naturally. His body can no longer endure the power of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit)…”

This statement was directed towards Aokiji. Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit) had its limitations, after all.

While it possessed the ability to resurrect the deceased from fatal wounds, utilizing this power placed an immense burden on both Kuma and the recipient. This “Return to Life” method exacted a substantial toll on their stamina and even their lifespan with each use.

Furthermore, each person could only endure the brink of death once through the intervention of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit). Any subsequent encounter with its power would prove unequivocally fatal.

The reason for this was that their bodies had already absorbed the power of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit). Consequently, when new power entered their system, it would displace the old power, causing the “Wounds” to resurface.

Aokiji and Rowen locked eyes in silence. Aokiji had pondered why Rowen hadn’t made a move when the outcome seemed apparent. Yet, he only unleashed that menacing black sphere when they were on the brink of arriving, allowing Doflamingo to face death right before their eyes.

At one point, Aokiji even entertained the notion that Rowen was openly betraying the Marines.

However, he swiftly dismissed such thoughts…

If Rowen intended to betray them, he would not have afforded Aokiji the opportunity to get close. Aokiji’s Kenbunshoku Haki, the Headquarters’ upper echelons, had some inkling of it.

Now, everything became clear…

Rowen had calculated that Kuma’s Devil Fruit power could save Doflamingo! As a Marine, he held no authority or reason to kill a Celestial Dragon.

But simultaneously…

What if the target he sought to eliminate was Kuma? When an Ability user perished, their Devil Fruit power…

Just as Kuma had stated, what he extracted was the “wound” of a deceased individual, not the “injury” of a living one! Injuries could heal on their own, but wounds could not.

“He’s a terrifying little guy…”

Aokiji ran his hand through his hair, displaying his unease, and thanked Kuma, saying, “I appreciate your assistance, Kuma.”
“It’s nothing. It’s what I should do.” Kuma maintained his calm expression throughout and it looked as if the cycle of life and death and the machinations of Celestial Dragons were of no concern to him.

Observing this, Rowen continued to grin from the sidelines, steadily unsettling both Aokiji and Kuma, leaving them wary and cautious, and they never dared to underestimate him at this moment.

Marine Headquarters, Fleet Admiral’s Office.

“That’s the situation, Fleet Admiral,” Aokiji reported through the Den Den Mushi, awaiting Sengoku’s reaction.

Sengoku, sitting in his office, listened attentively, his expression unchanged. “I see. Everything is fine as long as Doflamingo is still alive,” He replied calmly, surprising Aokiji with his nonchalant response.

It seemed Aokiji had underestimated the depth of Sengoku’s thinking. It appeared that Sengoku had no intention of investigating Rowen’s involvement in this matter.

But Sengoku didn’t stop there. He continued, “Have Rowen compile a detailed report on the battle and submit it to me. As for you, head towards the Triangular Sea. The Donquixote family’s pirate ship and Vice Admiral Momonga’s forces pursuing Drake have encountered each other and are currently at a standstill.”

Sengoku sighed as he read the information about the clash between the Marines and the Donquixote family’s ships. “This era grows more tumultuous by the day…”

Meanwhile, at the Marine G-10 Branch Fortress Office.

“Did you hear that? Make sure to write the report,” Aokiji instructed, ending the call and rising from his reclining chair with a leisurely pace.

“I have such a laborious fate! I’ve traveled across three islands in a single day without even having a proper meal. And now I have to deal with the remnants of the Donquixote family… I envy you Base Heads. You have the sky above you and the Fleet Admiral is so far away, you guys are free from the nagging of the Fleet Admiral,” Aokiji muttered, complaining to himself.

“You guys?”

“Admiral Aokiji, weren’t you a Base Head yourself?” Rowen asked with his cigar held between his fingers as he looked puzzled by Aokiji’s statement.

“No, not at all! Kizaru and Akainu served as Base Heads, and I had planned to as well. However, the base I was assigned to was destroyed by Golden Lion Shiki… You must be aware of the chaos that plagued the seas over a decade ago. There was never a convenient time to rebuild, and it kept getting delayed… and so, I ended up becoming an Admiral,” Aokiji explained.

“Hehe, that’s quite… unfortunate,” Rowen replied while forcing a polite smile on his face.

Damn this guy to hell!

‘I became an Admiral just like that!’ This statement… it sounds so much like Sakamoto!

Their invisible boasting is the most deadly!

But I should feel sorry for him not having served as a Base Head. Among the Marines, being a Base Head is considered the most relaxed and comfortable position!


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