OPTM-Chapter 185 Arrival Part 2

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Suddenly, Doflamingo’s nearly ravaged body burst forth with unimaginable madness and wickedness. The malice and arrogance on his face were undisguised. His overwhelming aura enveloped them, even momentarily freezing the air.

“Yes! I am a Celestial Dragon!”

“Even if I commit the gravest of sins, you Marines have no right to execute me! Not even the World Government can do so!”

“Come on, kill me if you dare!”


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One after another, sharp thread blades whizzed through the air, brimming with lethal intent. However, Doflamingo had already exited his Awakening state, and in the face of Rowen’s Thunder God Seal, he didn’t even need to lift a finger to deal with these attacks.

Electric currents naturally materialized in the atmosphere, effortlessly neutralizing the thread blades one by one.

Doflamingo faced Rowen, encircled by the formidable electric currents, seemingly fearless, and crawled toward him while laughing maniacally.

Suddenly, Rowen raised an eyebrow, and a trace of ridicule flickering in his eyes which soon transformed into unbridled mockery.

“You truly are detestable, Doflamingo…”

Rowen spoke indifferently.

“Hating your own lineage while craving its acknowledgment…”

“When denied, you act like a rabid dog, recklessly venting the sorrow within your heart! Tormented by the conflicting psychology of desiring acceptance but despising the wickedness that accompanies it, until it drives you to madness.”

“It’s truly is… unbearable to witness!”


As the words resounded, the sharp blades suspended in mid-air abruptly halted their trajectory.

“What… what’s happening?!”

Doflamingo’s eyes finally displayed an undisguised fear and unease in them. The mask of “Strength” that had concealed his true vulnerability was ripped away at this moment, leaving him exposed and helpless.

This kind of disdainful gaze, which made him feel utterly looked down upon, was reminiscent of the looks he received from those “Celestial Dragons” when he returned to Mary Geoise with the severed head of his biological father, Donquixote Saint Homing, hoping to reclaim his Celestial Dragon status.

“Zephyr Sensei once said that interacting more with a Devil Fruit Awakening Ability users like you would benefit my future development rather than harm it.”

Rowen continued speaking indifferently, but this time his eyes didn’t linger on Doflamingo. It was as if he was speaking to himself.

“Don’t look at me with that kind of gaze…”

“But honestly, your current state fails to captivate me… Your emotional weakness has rendered you as insignificant as dust and ants. I even regret learning Fruit Awakening from you.”

“I told you… don’t look at me with that kind of gaze…”

“Stripped of the glamour of the Celestial Dragons, casting aside the armor of a pirate! To be frank, Doflamingo, you don’t even possess the ambition of the lowliest pirates in the first half of the Grand Line.”

“With Dressrosa in your hands, you still play the role of a Black Market Emperor…”

“I used to believe you were like me, a true outlier, a genuinely formidable individual at heart! I apologize, I was mistaken… I am such a person… it’s just that you are not.”

“I warned you not to look at me with that kind of gaze!!!”


In an instant, Doflamingo roared into the sky, unleashing a terrifying Haoshoku Haki that swiftly engulfed the entire island.

The force of the Haki shattered his sunglasses, revealing his charred crimson muscles and bloodshot eyes, resembling those of a malevolent demon.

No one knew the extent of Doflamingo’s efforts to reach this point.

He possessed the “Qualities of a King” by birth, but he was not born a true king!

Even Arthas was more fortunate than Doflamingo. At least his father, Terenas, didn’t choose to relinquish his noble position and degrade himself to the status of a commoner. (From Translator- This reference is from World Of Warcraft)

From a young boy who narrowly escaped being burned alive to the Black Market Emperor he had become today, Doflamingo traversed a treacherous path paved with thorns.

It was his hatred towards the Celestial Dragons that propelled him to this juncture.

Rowen’s gaze reminded him of the most excruciating memories— the disdain, the revulsion towards wickedness, the gaze that regarded him as nothing more than an insect. It was a deeply ingrained recollection that Doflamingo couldn’t erase.

“Ah!!! Die!!!”

Doflamingo completely lost his sanity at this moment as he abandoned his most proficient Devil Fruit power and raised his nearly shattered arm and swung it at Rowen.

Observing this, Rowen finally ceased his incessant speech. However, the disdain in his eyes only intensified as he calmly uttered words.

“A lost dog should find another place to bark!”


A small black sphere gently materialized between Rowen’s fingers as he stared at Doflamingo.

“Decide your own fate, Doflamingo…”

“Let’s see whether you’ll remain a coward for the rest of your days or choose to be a hero for a fleeting moment. Whether you’ll descend into eternal darkness or shine briefly like a blooming flower!”

The speed at which the black sphere floated forward was not particularly swift, and even an ordinary person could easily evade it. However, Doflamingo seemed oblivious to the annihilating aura emanating from it as he charged directly at Rowen.


Upon contact with his forehead, the black sphere caused his muscles and bones to disintegrate rapidly, revealing the brain matter beneath his skull. Rowen’s gaze finally transformed, and a slow grin crept across his face.

“Sayonara, Donquixote Doflamingo!”


In an instant, the black sphere tilted 90 degrees to the left, transforming into a dazzling black streak that vanished into the distance.

“It seems you’ve arrived a little too late to the party, Big Guy…”

Rowen wasn’t taken aback in the slightest that his attack had been deflected. In such close quarters, he was even faster than Kizaru himself!

However, the upcoming person had been just a moment too late. The black sphere had obliterated Doflamingo’s head, snuffing out his breath and heartbeat in an instant. A dense aura of death emanated from his lifeless body, signifying that there was no turning back.

As Rowen held Doflamingo’s corpse, a towering figure, whose stature and strength resembled that of a fortress, remained silent. Slowly, the figure rose from a half-kneeling position on the ground.

“Vice Admiral Rowen, I believe you own an explanation to Admiral Aokiji,” The figure spoke with a commanding tone.

Huā Lā La!!

With those words, the surroundings of the G-10 branch were instantly engulfed in a bone-chilling whiteness. Another figure, no less powerful than Rowen, shimmered across the frozen sea before swiftly arriving at Rowen’s side.

“Oh my, Vice Admiral Rowen, you have truly gone too far…” Said the figure while donning a vest and draping his suit jacket over his shoulders. He playfully ruffled his explosive, fluffy hair as he gazed at the lifeless body cradled in Rowen’s arms.

“This is a grave offense that is nearly impossible to cleanse…”

The people who had arrived here at this time were none other than the Warlord of the Sea, “Tyrant” Kuma!

And by his side stood none other than Marine Headquarters Admiral, “Aokiji” Kuzan!

They had arrived at the G-10 Marine Branch, their presence instilling a sense of gravity and authority in the surrounding area.

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