OPTM-Chapter 184 Victory? Loses? Part 1

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It was an Awakening showdown, an encounter of powers.

With his Thunder God Seal suppressed Rowen grasped this fundamental principle.

But actions spoke louder than words, no matter the circumstances!


Just as millions of feather spikes were about to miss their mark, Rowen unleashed a surge of Thunderlight, propelling himself high into the sky within the blink of an eye.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

“Haha! Did you think I wouldn’t anticipate your ‘Blink’ ability?!”

At that very moment, the Flap Thread (Feather Attack String), which should have veered off course, abruptly made a 90-degree turn, hurtling straight toward Rowen.

Doflamingo’s information regarding Rowen had originated from corrupt officials within the Marines, granting him an intimate familiarity with his opponent. He harbored no belief that Rowen could surpass him in sheer speed and had prepared a countermeasure well in advance.

Almost instantaneously after Rowen revealed his position, the barrage of Flap Thread (Feather Attack String) closed in on him with relentless velocity. Enhanced by Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki), they emitted shrill whistles, morphing into an unstoppable force!

However, in the face of these life-threatening feather spikes, a faint smile graced Rowen’s lips.

“I see… So what?”

“Who granted you the audacity to challenge me in terms of speed?”


Zi Zi Zi!

In an instant, formidable electrical currents erupted from Rowen, engulfing the sky in a rapid darkening. Amidst the resplendent Thunderlight, Rowen assumed an almost divine and imposing presence, emanating an aura too intense to be directly gazed upon.

One, two, three…

An endless array of thunder spears materialized from thin air, blotting out the heavens. Their number reached into the thousands, their pristine white forms resembling weapons wielded by gods, radiating immeasurable might!

These spears mirrored the very Meteor Spear that had nearly claimed Doflamingo’s life mere moments ago!

Each spear carried an intolerable specter of death, aimed squarely at Doflamingo!

With a slight tilt downward, they hurtled forward just as the Flap Thread (Feather Attack String) was on the verge of striking Rowen.

Rowen’s eyes remained fixed on Doflamingo amidst the undulating white waves below, and with each beam of white light and shadow that danced across his face, he wore an effortless grin.

“Have you ever witnessed… a Meteor Shower?”

The “Spear of Meteors– Gungnir,” known for its unparalleled speed capable of piercing through anything, was more commonly referred to by Rowen as the “Meteor Flash”… When it manifested and streaked past, the enemy was already impaled!

However, due to the resemblance of “Meteor Spear – Meteor One” to the number “7” and its ominous implications, and considering that the latter possessed about 75% similarity, it was officially renamed as the “Meteor Spear.”

This technique stood as the most devastating application Rowen had developed for the Thunder-Thunder Fruit!

Drawing inspiration from the Overload series’ “Thunderlight Fist” and utilizing the problem-solving formula provided by the “Military Wrist·Deep Peaks,” it harnessed the immense thunder power capable of instantaneously evaporating the sea.

Relentlessly compressing and condensing the power of thunder, the technique maintained a delicate yet stable equilibrium, resulting in the creation of an immensely destructive set of Speares!

For Rowen, without even considering the future possibility of fusing this attack with Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki), this move, along with Aokiji’s “Raving Pheasant Beak” and Akainu’s “Meigo – Nether Hound,” belonged to the same First Grade category of killer moves, possessing formidable power!

However, unlike his counterparts, Rowen did not emphasize the high temperature and explosiveness of lightning. Instead, he bestowed the Meteor Spears, formed through the continuous condensation and compression of electric currents, with the simplest and most direct attribute: “Sharpness”!

Meanwhile, The “Thunder God Seal Mode” granted Rowen extraordinary control over thunder, enabling this technique, which should have been a single-use killer move like the others, to materialize out of thin air.

It required no active body coordination but rather derived electric currents from the planet’s magnetic field, transforming into a large-scale Meteor Shower that blanketed the area.

This was the advantage of its attribute! The advantage of lightning!

Others couldn’t replicate it…

Sacred and tightly clustered Meteor Spears remained suspended in the sky, radiating an astonishingly dazzling light!

Their brilliance dimmed the sunlight, rendering it feeble. Each Spear exuded a terrifying pressure, causing the surrounding air to solidify like liquid. Electric currents flickered and rippled around it, even without any visible movement!

“Off White (Shield White String!)”

“Kumo no Sugaki (Spider Net Wall)!”

“Break White (Raging Waves White String!)”

Confronted with such a fearsome Meteor Shower, Doflamingo grew increasingly frenzied and began harnessing the power of his Devil Fruit Awakening.

The white strings, transformed from the harbor, writhed wildly, intertwining in the millions, tens of millions… billions of white threads.

Whether they were Devil Fruit Awakening techniques or non-Devil Fruit Awakening techniques, Doflamingo utilized every defensive maneuver he could conceive of, erecting a wall thicker than a hundred meters and sturdier than steel as a barrier before himself.

Simultaneously, a shield composed of special white lines materialized, encompassing Doflamingo completely.


Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki) spread throughout the shield unrestricted, suffusing the shield and turning it pitch black!

“Black Cocoon!”

Each of these white threads possessed a unique quality and were capable of withstanding electromagnetic blades. The shield they formed proved incredibly robust, to the extent that Doflamingo himself couldn’t discern anything or any power capable of shattering it. It stood as his ultimate trump card for survival.

However, these special white threads were irreparable!

Using one meant losing one…

To withstand Rowen’s terrifying assault, Doflamingo astonishingly released nearly all of these irreplaceable white threads!

“Oh? No sense of despair?”

Rowen’s gaze hardened as his Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki) allowed him to “See” Doflamingo’s defensive measures.

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Rowen’s mouth as he casually raised his hand.

“Well then, let’s put it to the test!”


The soft sound of snapping fingers resonated throughout the sky, and as if responding to a command, the Meteor Shower immediately descended!

Almost the instant Doflamingo completed his technique, the first Meteor Spear traversed several hundred meters in the blink of an eye, striking various defensive white lines!


Without any hindrance, only a faint sound permeated the air as the Meteor Spear penetrated the wall, and then…

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