OPTM-Chapter 171 Exposed Part 2

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No one would expect him to boldly come to Branch G10 like this, completely evading the search for him.

As long as he reached Alabasta or any other kingdom, he would be able to easily find a hiding place or take the opportunity to conceal himself. The Marines would have no way of finding him.

As a former Marine Rear Admiral, Drake was well aware of the capabilities of the Marines.

But when Drake believed that the main Marine forces had completely missed him, he didn’t know that Rowen already had his eyes on him.

But since Rowen didn’t recognize Drake, and Drake had disguised himself, Rowen didn’t discover his true identity. However, the resonance emanating from his vigorous blood and robust muscles caused by his vibrant vitality was like a tiger’s roar that couldn’t be ignored by Rowen’s Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki)!

Thus, unbeknownst to Drake, Dante had already set up a blockade line and slowly approached him with his men after Rowen gave him the command.

The battleships in the harbor continued to set sail as if nothing had happened. However, they would encircle the area from the outside, preventing the target from escaping.

The only vulnerable spot for the opponent to break through was the branch fortress, where Rowen was stationed. That was also the most dangerous place.

“Lieutenant Commander Dante!”

Ensign Henry saw Dante approaching him and immediately led the soldiers to stand at attention and salute.

“Well, how is it? Is everything normal?” Dante walked to the side of the mound of mud and picked up a handful of it, kneading it in his hand.

Mud was probably the least counterfeited “commodity” in this world. It was abundant everywhere. If it weren’t for half of Jaya Island disappearing, resulting in a small land area, they wouldn’t have needed to purchase supplies from merchant ships in the early stages. They could have been able to manage it on their own.

As he asked, Dante scanned the team of workers from the corner of his eye, specifically looking at the strong man pointed out by Rowen.

At that moment, Drake turned back with great vigilance, his eyes flickering with a sharp light.

However, Dante had already retracted his gaze, and Drake naturally didn’t notice anything unusual. He simply regarded Dante as a high-ranking officer from the G10 branch who came to inspect the cargo and didn’t pay much attention to his actions.

“Yes! Everything is normal, Lieutenant Commander!” Henry replied with an eager expression on his face. He was very dissatisfied with being assigned to this position.

Why could others go out to sea and engage in battles while he could only stay at the camp? But as a soldier, obeying orders was his duty, so he gritted his teeth and accepted it even though he complained.

Now that Dante had appeared here, it was an opportunity for him. As long as Dante nodded, he would be able to “escape from this misery” soon!

“Very well… You must remember that the establishment of the G10 branch was too rapid, and it hasn’t been able to showcase its might. There might be someone who infiltrates the merchant ships to gather intelligence on us, and the merchant ships will directly enter the harbor, threatening the safety of the fortress. So, this checkpoint of yours is the most important for the branch’s security. Don’t be careless!”

This was a direct call-out!

In the military, you could be insignificant as long as you obeyed orders. But if even the Senior Officer didn’t remember you, then it would be a problem.

Henry’s dissatisfaction immediately vanished from his heart, and he saluted with an excited expression on his face.


“Very well! Then…”


Suddenly, there was a loud bang from the side of the merchant ship. There were no flames, indicating that it wasn’t caused by explosives. Dante looked at the Marine soldier who was thrown out, coughing up blood.

He had sent out a scout to search for the location where the workers lived, hoping to find some clues. Now, seeing him coughing up blood, it was clear that something had happened.

Immediately, Dante drew his sword, and a chilling light flickered in his eyes as a strong killing intent filled the air.

“Everyone, prepare for battle! Battleship cannons, get ready!”

Under Henry’s bewildered gaze, the soldiers who had been patrolling around suddenly transformed into a combat-ready state and it was as if they were awakening from a deep sleep.

Their demeanor changed drastically like a group of old tigers coming back to life. At the same time, the battleship slowly turned around, its cannons aimed at the merchant ship. They only awaited the command to unleash a saturation bombardment!

In just a few seconds, the peaceful and bustling scene transformed into a battle-ready state, with swords drawn and cannons ready to fire!

What had happened?

Henry was at a loss…

Forget about it! Didn’t you hear the order to prepare for battle?!

Henry gritted his teeth and put on his Iron Fist gauntlet.

“First squad, prepare for combat!”

After saying that, Henry turned around and confidently asked, “By the way, Lieutenant Commander, who is the enemy?”

Dante: “…”

But Dante didn’t have time to pay attention to him. Instead, he focused his attention on the tall figure that emerged from the breach in the merchant ship, with torn clothes and an “X” on his chest. Noticing the figure, the expression on Dante’s face turned solemn, and he asked with a hint of surprise.

“Diez Drake, why are you here?!”

Why am I here?

Why did this happen?

I also want to ask this question!

Didn’t I infiltrate the base perfectly?

Didn’t you go out to the sea to intercept me?

Why did a Marine sneak into my sleeping quarters and rummage around?!

The expression on Drake’s face turned dark and he cursed under his breath.

Luckily, due to the suspicious looks he had received earlier, Drake became alert and went back to his room to retrieve his weapons for self-defense. Otherwise, he would never have noticed Marine’s actions and would have remained unaware of why he was exposed!

Once the Marine Soldier discovered his weapons and revealed his true identity, it would only be a matter of time before Rowen arrived at the scene.


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