OPTM-Chapter 170 Staggered!

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One of the future Eleven Supernovas, “Red Flag” Drake, is indeed a key figure.

His father’s name is Diés Barrels, a former Marine officer who later fell from grace and became a pirate.

Over a decade ago, Diés Barrels, who possessed the Ope Ope no Mi (Operation-Operation Fruit), received a lucrative offer from the Marines to sell the Devil Fruit to them.

However, the information leaked, and Corazon and Law planned to steal the Ope Ope no Mi (Operation-Operation Fruit) from Diés Barrels before Doflamingo could take it, in order to save Law’s life.

Corazon was Doflamingo’s older brother and also adopted son of Sengoku. He infiltrated the Donquixote Family as a spy.

Both Law and Drake, along with Luffy, are part of the Eleven Supernovas of the year 1520, with the former being a constant companion of Luffy from Punk Hazard to Dressrosa and now Wano Country.

Drake may seem insignificant, but he is consistently intertwined in these events.

Rowen believes this is not a coincidence. It’s typical of Oda’s style to plant foreshadowing that takes years to unfold.

Especially intriguing are Drake’s and his father’s betrayals, which are shrouded in mystery.

The specific reasons for their actions vary, but it is widely believed that the brutality and injustice of the Celestial Dragons, as well as the Marine’s inaction, led them to see through the so-called “Justice” and it was then that they decided to become pirates.

Rowen has some knowledge of the inner workings of the Marines. Many of those “Marine scum” and “traitors” he encountered on the Sabaody Archipelago and he also witnessed firsthand the true nature of the Tenryubito and the World Government, so he could understand why some of them would lose faith and give up on themselves.

If that is indeed the case, it would explain the defection of Diés and his son.

However, this is just speculation. The original story has a gap in Drake’s timeline between being saved by Tsuru and becoming one of the Eleven Supernovas, and Rowen is unaware of what transpired during that period. For now, there may be an opportunity to explore those missing pieces.

Especially considering the intricate causal lines entangling Drake, Rowen feels there might be unexpected discoveries to be made.

“What does Zephyr Sensei want? What does the Fleet Admiral say?”

“Sensei wants us to bring him back, and the Fleet Admiral orders the G-10 Branch to intercept and not let him escape to North Blue. The main force is on its way, and as long as we delay him for a day, we can catch up.”

Dante quickly responds, gripping his sword hilt tightly.

“When should we gather the troops?” Dante asked.

“Immediately!” Rowen answers, and in the next moment, he disappears from the room.

Staring at the empty office, Dante’s expression grows increasingly grave.

After a moment, he slams the table, roaring in anger with his sharp teeth bared at the empty seat in front of him.

“Dissapper after giving me the mobilization orders right away!”

“G-10 Branch is not listening to me now!”

On the Fourth Route of the Grand Line, an ordinary merchant ship sails bravely towards Jaya Island. It is a genuine trading vessel, owned by a certain Allied Kingdom Member under the World Government.

Meanwhile, the Marines are in pursuit of a Warship, chasing after a criminal, but it’s just a plan to divert their attention from Drake!

Although Rowen had forgotten about Drake during his time in the Marines, Drake couldn’t afford to ignore him. As a veteran Rear Admiral of Marine Headquarters, Drake fully understood Rowen’s power.

If he had stayed at G-10 Branch, there was no guarantee that something unexpected wouldn’t happen. So he deliberately split up from the rest of his crew and boarded the merchant ship, taking the opportunity to leave.

“Hope everyone stays safe…”

Leaning against the railing on the side of the merchant ship, Drake had a serious expression. His chin scar in the shape of an “X” was covered with special ointment, his hair was disheveled, his skin was dark, and his clothes were stained with unwashed mud.

He looked nothing like the proud and imposing Rear Admiral Drake of the past… It would be impossible to recognize him if not for those who were close to him.

On this ship, Drake’s identity was that of a deckhand.

This merchant ship heading towards Jaya Island was just passing by. Their actual Departure point was Alabasta on the Fourth Route. It was said that G-10 Branch is purchasing a large amount of soil, so the captain took the opportunity to carry a load of soil on the return trip.

With the characteristic opportunism of merchants, even if they didn’t pay much, it would still cover their daily expenses.

At the same time, it was also the main source of soil trade between G-10 Branch and Skypiea.

After all, even Sengoku couldn’t demand that elite Marine soldiers go play with mud…

“Hey, Recto! The horses are here, go and start working!!”

The captain, with a potbelly, stuck his head out of the room while holding a silver jug, and when he saw Drake on the deck, he impatiently shouted.

“Yes, captain!”

Drake withdrew his gaze and replied mechanically, then hurriedly ran towards the cargo hold.

“Truly… so foolish and clumsy!”

The captain took a sip of his drink and after a while, he let out a cunning merchant’s laugh and said, “But he sure is strong! One person can do the work of five people, and doesn’t even ask for payment!”

In the distance, G-10 Branch’s pristine fortress, built by Island Cloud, was clearly visible. The prepared Marines waved their flags, signaling the merchant ship to dock at the outer perimeter for inspection.

Port Fang, this was the most peripheral port of g10 Branch’s jaw. After the modification, the land area extending into the sea resembled the fangs of a beast, hence the name Port Fang.

The jaw area where the Aircraft Force was located prohibited any vessel with a draft greater than half a ton from entering. Only small boats were allowed to come and go, and any violation would be met with lethal force.

The merchant ship, having been here before, understood the rules and docked, allowing the Marines to board for inspection.

Drake, in the guise of Recto, mingled with the dockworkers, using a cart to unload bags of soil onto the open ground.

“Senior Officer Henry, this time I even cleared out the crew’s quarters! The whole ship smells like mud, and no matter how much we clean, it won’t go away! You better give us a good price for this!”

In order to load more soil, the fat captain disregarded the objections of the crew and sent them to sleep in the lower-level storage room, filling the freed space with mud. The amount of soil on this merchant ship was double or even triple that of other ships!

Ensign Henry was taken aback by this and, after confirming with Corporal, who was in charge of inspecting the merchant ship, he looked at the fat merchant with a hint of disdain in his eyes.

Indeed, they were businessmen!

Money mattered more to them than their lives!


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