OPTM-Chapter 160 Nibelung Orrick

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Passing through the main fortress, between it and the nearby family town, there is a building complex that extends out like a comb.

This is the courtyard area prepared for High-Level Marine Officials, where most of the Marine officers who remain stationed at Headquarters reside. It is also the most heavily defended area in the entire Marineford.

Because unless there is a special event that requires the deployment of a large number of officers, there are always one or two Admirals, a Marine Fleet Admiral, seven or eight Headquarters Vice Admirals, and more than twenty Rear Admirals stationed here at any given time!

In other words, if you sneak into the main fortress or stroll into this small courtyard area in the middle of the night, you are safe!

The one taking a stroll might survive, but the one sneaking in is undoubtedly doomed!

After arriving at Marineford, Zero did not stay in the fortress but instead went to Rowen’s courtyard which had been repaired with the compensation money that Rowen had extorted from Garp.

At this moment, he took off his mask and sat in a rocking chair, slightly swaying back and forth, with pastries and tea on the table.

“Gē Zhī……”

The sound of the door opening and closing woke Zero from his nap. He slightly opened his eyes and noticed the purple-haired old man walking in, furrowing his brow imperceptibly.

“Mr. Zephyr, didn’t Rear Admiral Rowen come back with you?”

The visitor was indeed Zephyr. He often came to Rowen’s house and was familiar with the area. He took off his Justice cloak and hung it on the side, then brought a chair over and sat in front of Zero.

“He stayed on the deserted island to train more. You know his style…”

“That’s true…Shanks is at least a Yonkō (Four Emperors). After being defeated in a battle, one couldn’t help but lose his heart and will. But Rowen, as I know him, is different.”

Zero picked up his teacup and took a sip before suddenly saying, “By the way, Mr. Zephyr, do you have Rowen’s Den Den Mushi number? Nibelung Orrick wants to see him, and I don’t want him to wait too long.”

“That’s exactly why I’m here!”

Suddenly, Zephyr’s expression became serious, and his exaggeratedly muscular body, coupled with his tiger-like dignity, exerted immense pressure on people that would make any individual with weak will kneel down.

He stared at Zero intently and asked, “Why does Nibelung Orrick want to see Rowen? They shouldn’t have any contact, right?”

The matter of Lirisk had already been sealed off, and only a few people knew about it.

Although Zephyr sensed that something was amiss, he didn’t know the details.

It’s not that Sengoku doesn’t trust Zephyr, but the fewer people who know about this, the better it would be for anyone involved with this!

Even if there’s only a one in ten thousand chance that it could leak out, that is still a chance he is not willing to take so he wouldn’t say it out loud!

So besides the party involved, Rowen, only Sengoku, Garp, Tsuru.. .and Dante know about it in the Marine Headquarters.

As for the Tenryubito, it goes without saying that Zero, who was threatened by Rowen, can only choose to keep it hidden, and no one knows except for Nibelung Orrick.

However, Nibelung Orrick was very satisfied with this way of handling things… In his eyes, only he, Saint Nibelung Orrick, could deal with the enemy who hurt his son and the benefactor who saved his son.

This domineering and unruly man even looked down upon the rest of Mary Geoise’s Tenryubito Families!

Zephyr, who doesn’t know the whole story, doesn’t think too much about it. He only knows what kind of person Nibelung Orrick is and he is worried about Rowen being invited to meet him.

Zero sees through Zephyr’s thoughts and after a two-second silent exchange and he can’t help but feel sorry for him at this moment.

He knows exactly what kind of person Zephyr is. “The Admiral who doesn’t kill” is even worthy of praise in CP0. Later, when he retreated to the Recruit Camp, his teaching ability and love for his disciples were impeccable, making him a model for the Marines!

But such a gentle man actually taught such a reckless disciple!


God save them all from reckless fools!

“You’re making it quite difficult for me, Mr. Zephyr, I…”

Zero had just spoken when his Den Den Mushi rang in his arms.

He immediately stopped talking and took out the Den Den Mushi, respectfully placing it on the table.

“Your Holiness, Saint Nibelung Orrick! May I ask what your orders are?”

Nibelung Orrick…!!!

Zephyr took a cold breath and looked at the small Den Den Mushi.

The face that was simulated by the Den Den Mushi was somewhat different from what Zephyr had imagined. The Tenryubito considered themselves noble and didn’t want to breathe the same air as ordinary people.

Most of them chose to wear a glass bubble over their head, and if it was a Den Den Mushi, it could only simulate the round shape of the glass bubble. However, the other party was not wearing a glass bubble, but showing their true face boldly.

Their appearance was not imposing, and their long and slender eyes added a hint of delicacy to their appearance. Even in the simulated appearance of the Den Den Mushi, one could still see the faint, elegant, and luxurious aura in the air.

It’s hard to imagine that the infamous and tyrannical Celestial Dragon, Nibelung Orrick, also known as the most powerful Celestial Dragon, would actually look like a mild-mannered scholar!

Through the Den Den Mushi, a calm and magnetic voice could be heard: “Where have you gotten to?”

“I am very sorry, Saint Nibelung Orrick-sama! The traineeship did arrive today, but Rear Admiral Rowen stayed behind on the deserted island for training purposes and did not come back with them.”

Zero was sweating slightly. He had only found out about the return time of the Zephyr traineeship, but he had not expected that Rowen would not come back with them!

As the chief of CP0, Zero could not escape the blame for this intelligence oversight.

But who knew…

“Hmm, I see.” Nibelung Orrick’s calm response left Zero and Zephyr speechless. Was his tone good or bad?

But soon, Nibelung Orrick continued: “Tell Sengoku that in six months, Lirisk will fight against Rowen. Let the result be determined by the battle itself.”

“Lirisk? Fight with Rowen?!” Zephyr exclaimed.

“Six months?!” Zero added.

Suddenly, Zero thought of something and couldn’t help but tremble with excitement: “Saint Nibelung Orrick-Sama, could it be…?!”

“Just now, he regained his sanity… for the next six months, I want you to personally train him. Do you understand?!” Nibelung Orrick’s calm voice couldn’t hide a hint of excitement. What does it matter if he is a noble Tenryubito? He is still a father.

“I would be extremely honored!!” Zero immediately half-knelt on the ground and spoke with a face filled with ecstatic joy.

“That’s it then… The Nibelung Family is not like other useless Celestial Dragon families. We must take revenge ourselves!”

Kā Chā…


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