OPTM-Chapter 157 Recognizing Himself Part 2

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Ain’s real age is unknown, and she is not particularly gentlemanly in her behavior, but her appearance is very young, and her well-proportioned figure makes her look delicate and lovely, like a young girl who has not yet fully matured.

Now looking closely, this leg is even more tender and white than any female Marine Rowen has seen before, without an ounce of excess flesh. With the ability to regress fruit, no one knows how long Ain’s lifespan is, and how eternal her youth is.

At this moment, Rowen is pressed against the wall, and Ain is kicking with one leg high, stomping near his ear, looking like a wall slam. But his hand is pressed against Ain’s raised chest, preventing this beautiful leg from kicking him.

“Cough cough, sorry, I didn’t expect… I’ll take the things and go!”

Suddenly, Shuzo appeared embarrassed and walked past the two, swiftly entering his own room, picking up a document, and leaping away on Geppo (Moonwalk).

Rowen swears to the heavens and cursed this coward in his heart!

He only subconsciously reached out to stop Ain from getting too close to him.

After all, he has the advantage of height, and with his arm stretched out, Ain, who is about 1.7 meters tall, cannot get close to him at all. This is the best way for a tall person to fight!

But Ain’s control of strength is not as advanced as his. In anger, she kicks out, but when she finds that her attack is blocked, it’s too late to take it back, so she directly hits him…

Under her soft and supple blue wave head, her pretty eyes shimmer with tears. After a moment, Ain grits her silver teeth and reveals a killing intent: “How does it feel?”

Rowen sighs heavily.

“What a disaster!!!”

A few minutes later, in Zephyr’s room.

“Hahaha! It’s okay, as long as you’re back, Ace or whoever doesn’t matter!”

Zephyr sits in his chair, feeling overjoyed.

Just a few minutes ago, he was still worried about Rowen’s safety, but now Rowen not only appears in front of him but also seems to be completely unharmed! This joy from hell to heaven completely distracted him from the fact that Ain has been locking her murderous gaze on Rowen’s back.

Rowen is uneasy, but he does not agree with Zephyr’s statement: “In the end, the gap between our strength is too big. I have no rival in the First Half of the Grand Line, but against the Peak powerhouse of this sea, I have no chance! These hands…”

“Are unforgettable to me!”

Rowen’s palms and the skin on his wrists were several shades lighter than usual, and the calluses he had developed from rigorous training had all disappeared. His newly formed muscle organization and bone strength were no different from when he was normal, but his skin was now delicate and fair, comparable to Ain’s calf.

Subconsciously, Rowen followed the shadow behind him and found Ain looking calm as if he wasn’t looking at him. But as soon as he turned around, that killing intent gaze reappeared, leaving him speechless.

Aside from his head, which was a forbidden area, Rowen was sure that no conventional means could kill him. His quick healing ability, which was like a movie being played backward, made him fearless, and it was also what gave him the confidence to stand in front of Shanks. His earlier words were not just idle talk but his true intention!

In order to rule the world and challenge the existing order of Mary Geoise, he wanted to incorporate all of the Marine’s fighting force in his palms!

He was planning to take down Vergo in Dressrosa, Garp was next, followed by Kizaru, Aokiji, Akainu, and even Caesar from the Scientific Force Base, or Vegapunk!

However, Shanks’ actions directly disrupted his follow-up plans and allowed the biggest threat, Garp, to slip out of his control. He could take revenge for this later, but he had to do something for now!

Otherwise, what would differentiate him from those schemers who stirred up the winds and clouds in the sinister underworld?

Since he had decided to stand in the forefront, Rowen would not allow himself to retreat!

At the same time, with his self-healing ability, he wanted to see for himself how much of a gap there was between himself and the top-level fighters on the sea…

However, the answer was somewhat despairing…

Zephyr still hadn’t noticed anything unusual about the two of them, and when he heard Rowen’s words, he looked serious and nodded, “Indeed! You have great talent and have worked hard in your training, but you cannot underestimate the strength of every ranking fighter in the Sea!”

“Don’t even mention the ‘Yonkō (Four Emperors)’ Shanks who reign over the Sea as one of the Four Emperors!”

“This time you were lucky to have seized the opportunity while they were distracted, but the next time they’ll be prepared, and you won’t be able to escape!”

With that, Zephyr rubbed his chin and said, “When we get back, I’ll rearrange your training schedule for you. Before you go to the G-10 branch, you need to reach at least the level of Momousagi and Chaton!”

“Wait a minute!” Rowen was shocked as he said. “Am I not as good as them yet?”

Those were just two Vice-Admirals!

He had already fought against a Yonkō (Four Emperors), yet he was still not as good as them? How could that be possible?

“Don’t underestimate the Vice Admirals of Headquarters, Rowen! If it’s just a sparring match, with your speed advantage, you have a 70% chance of winning… but in a life-or-death battle…”

With a rare serious expression on his face, Zephyr wanted to say that Rowen was “certainly doomed”, but hesitated when he remembered Rowen’s self-healing ability.

So he skipped the evaluation and started explaining.

“Although Momousagi and Chaton are only Vice-Admirals, the power they wield is terrifying, second only to the three Admirals who asr the strongest Marine forces! They are the top fighting force of the Marines, hailed as ‘Admiral candidates’! Even I… dare not say I can beat them!”

Zephyr, who had not been weakened by internal injuries and asthma, knew how strong Rowen was. If he was a rushing river, then Zephyr was an unshakeable mountain, unmoved by anything!

But One must take a detour in the face of raging floods!

The fact that Zephyr could make such an evaluation speaks volumes about Momousagi and Chaton’s levels!

“Right now, you only have the advantage in speed and recovery power over them. But in a life-or-death battle, that’s not going to be enough!”

Rowen took in a sharp breath, but as his rapidly expanding mindset eased, his demeanor changed, becoming calm and restrained. He nodded solemnly and clenched his fist.

“I understand, Zephyr-sensei!”

Shanks opened a door for him, and Zephyr paved the way.

What he had to do was to tread this path and conquer everything!

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