OPTM-Chapter 152 First Meeting

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Marine Headquarters, Fleet Admiral Office.

“What?! Ace was rescued by Akagami (Red Hair)?!!” Sengoku stood up in shock and unconsciously pressed a palm print on the wooden table.

“Yes… I’m very sorry, Fleet Admiral!” On the Battleship, Mozambia spoke with a sad expression on his face as he stood up with the support of the soldiers and two lines of tears flowed down his cheeks.

Yonko (Four Emperors), “Akagami (Red Hair)” Shanks!

His Red Force appeared in just two minutes, stunning hundreds of ordinary soldiers in a few tens of seconds, knocking them to the ground with one move, and then he could only watch him draw his sword and cut open the cage, taking away Ace who had been on hunger strike for many days.

In this process, let alone fighting, they didn’t even make a decent resistance!

The gap between their strength is really too big!

Akagami (Red Hair) came and walked casually, and never looked at them directly!

He was not even interested in killing them.

After making everyone lose their fighting power, he ordered the sails to be retracted, made sure that he would not be chased, and then walked away.

“This…how is this possible?!” Sengoku sat slumped in the chair and frowned when he heard this news.

Shanks is indeed different from the other three Yonko (Four Emperors). He often appears in Grand Line First Half and even in the Four Seas. It can only be said that it is too unlucky for anyone to encounter him. But why did Shanks know about Ace’s arrest, and blocked Mozambia to save him?

More importantly, why did he save Ace?

Is there any connection between them?

After reassuring Mozambia, Sengoku hung up the phone and called the messenger: “Notify Tsuru, Garp, Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu that they need to come to my office for an emergency meeting!”

On the Battleship, after Mozambia hung up the phone, the look on Dante’s face sank, he walked out of the room and dialed someone on his Den Den Mushi.

Why did Shanks save himself?

Ace himself didn’t think about this question.

No, he already had a guess in his heart…

The Red Force, deck.

A group of people gathered together, and Ace sat in the middle, bowing his head in silence.

Beside him, a person smiled and asked for credit from the not-tall man opposite him.

“How about it Boss, I did a good job, right?!”

This is a thin man with a sallow complexion, wearing a Marine Valueless Soldier short-sleeved shirt.

Since Sky Island is confirmed to exist, there are many people who had come to verify such clams and the Akagami (Red Hair) Pirates are no exception.

Originally, he was only ordered to go to Jaya Island to investigate any information about the Sky Island ad to see if there was a chance to land on the Sky Island but he did not expect to encounter a Marine operation. In a critical moment, he relied on his disguise skills to sneak into Battleship to clean up chores and escaped unharmed.

Then he was shocked to find that Luffy’s brother, whom he met a few years ago in East Blue Windmill Town, was actually caught by Marine!

After notifying Shanks, The Red Force, who was supposed to meet him, rushed to rescue Ace.

It was also a coincidence that he got this piece of information. The biggest difference between Marine and pirates is that pirates are separated by thousands of miles after they go to sea. It is very normal for them to see each other once in a few years. 

Vivre Card is a special craft of Grand Line, and almost every pirate has a copy of it. On weekdays, Marines usually rely on Den Den Mushi to communicate with each other, and only generals and officers are equipped with Vivre Cards.

After all, it’s normal for pirates to rely on Vivre Cards to find people. If Marines can’t find people, that’s called “lost contact”!

He went out alone to inquire about the news, of course, he had a Vivre Card. After confirming that the intelligence was true, Akagami (Red Hair) who was wandering in First Half immediately came to rescue him.

“Hahaha, good job!”

Shanks laughed as he spoke. He is a well-proportioned, strong, and not bloated man. He has shoulder-length burgundy hair, which is soul-stirringly red. There are three scars on the left eye, a short beard around the mouth, and his left arm was bitten off by the Lord of the Coast for saving Luffy, and the wide cuff is fluttering.

At this moment, Shanks, with the famous sword “Gryphon” on his waist and hips, with a long black cloak fluttering in the wind behind him, wearing white cropped pants with printed patterns, and flip-flops at his feet, stood in front of Ace.

“Ace, this should be our first meeting!” Shank spoke with a small smile on his face.

Shanks knew that Luffy had an older brother named Ace and that their other brother Sabo “died” at the hands of a Celestial Dragon (Tenryuubito), and knew Ace’s true identity. But now is not the time to say it. A New Era is being conceived, and there is still a lot of time to prepare.

Moreover, he found that something was wrong with Ace’s condition. Although there was no serious skin trauma, those eyes were full of death.

“Thank you very much!” Ace spoke with a barely bright light in his eyes, and he slowly got up from the ground. He had been on a hunger strike for several days, and even this movement was slow, and he almost fell to the ground.

Standing up, Ace gave Shanks a full bow and said, “Thank You for saving Luffy and saving me this time, I apologize to have bothered you…”

‘This brat…wasn’t he being too polite?’ Shanks slightly frowned when he heard Ace’s words, then said with a smile, “You’re welcome! You are Luffy’s brother, so I naturally can’t just leave you alone.”

“By the way, prepare a banquet. It seems that he has suffered a lot!” Shanks spoke to someone on the side.

“Yo! Understood Captain!” On the side, the obese Lucky Roo gnawed on a large piece of flesh and walked towards the cabin with a promise.

“Thank you! Put me down on the next island, I can’t trouble you anymore.” Ace replied with a dead look on his face.

“What are you talking about Ace? You are a guest on my ship on my insistence, so there is no reason for you to think that you would trouble me!” Shanks said with a smile on his face before he turned towards his crew.

Shanks greeted Ace by leaning over and grabbing his shoulders, saying “Little ones, it’s time for the party!!” in a loud voice.

“Ohhhh!!!” Shank’s crew laughed and they continued to encourage each other to drink. 

“Hahaha! You should stop drinking! Remember what happened before”

Some of the crew members jokingly teased each other, “Damn you! Who was the one who vomited all over the floor and ran to the toilet to find water?”

Another crew member playfully responded, “Asshole! You want to fight?!”

The deck became lively and noisy with laughter and curses, and Ace’s expression grew dark as he thought about his former pirate crew, the Spades. They used to be like this, making noise and overcoming difficulties together.

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