OPTM-Chapter 151 Saved Part 1

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However, the battlefield is different from the training ground. On a battlefield where artillery fires and corpses are everywhere, it depends on luck and God’s Will to be able to show some strength.

Three days later, the entire group arrived at their destination, Newland Island. This is an ordinary small island, where the residents have been fishing for a living, planting and picking to support their families for generations.

This is a poor island. The only noteworthy thing is that the island has a lake. The shellfish produced at the bottom of the lake is widely acclaimed in the wealthy towns of the island, and it can barely make a living for the townspeople. 

But because of this, the island was occupied by the Scissorhand Pirates and they forced the townspeople to venture down to the lake to pick shells for them, and then they will sell them to make a fortune.

The lake is connected to the sea, and the seawater flowing between the caves makes the undercurrent surge inside the lake filled with danger. 

Every time a fisherman goes down, he risks death, and only five out of ten people come back alive. Because of the high price of the shells, only those who are desperate for money will risk fishing in the lake.

Now, all able-bodied people in the town have been driven down, this kind of direct slaughter is even crueler and that was the reason why Zephyr targeted them.

The War Behemoth did not rashly approach Newland Island but hung back to observe and gather intelligence from a distance, then stopped by a deserted shallow reef behind the island in the dark.

“This is the location of the Scissorhand pirate group!” After the battleship stopped, Shuzo, as a veteran, stood in front of the recruits with Ain and spoke with them with a serious expression on his face.

“Now the residents of Newland Island are being driven away by them, others have to risk their lives to go down to the lake to pick shells. There are many people who die every day, and the whole island is suffering under these pirates and every household is affected!”

“Tell me, what are we going to do?” Shuzo asked while the recruits glanced at each other and swallowed nervously. Not long after, one of them raised his hand and answered doubtfully.

“Kick them out?”

“No! Next one!” Shuzo shook his head.

“Kill them all!”

“Not completely right! Next one!” Shuzo continued to shake his head.

“I see!” Suddenly, a recruit shouted: “On the premise of protecting the safety of ordinary people, bring the pirates to justice and kill them if necessary to deter others!”

He thought he had given the most standard answer, but Shuzo still shook his head and sneered: “The idea is good, but what’s the point of saying it so loudly? Are you planning to announce our arrival to the enemy?”

Afterward, Shuzo looked up at the dark and secluded forest and looked at the end of the forest where the town was located.

After he pondered for a moment and then he said to the recruits: “What you’re going to do….”

“Is Maintain and Deliver Justice!!!”

“Combat training is not just about protecting the people or punishing pirates. It’s about finding your own understanding of justice in the midst of battle, to establish one’s own concept of Justice through blood and fighting. That’s the true purpose, isn’t it, Zephyr Sensei?” Rowen said as he poured tea for Zephyr. “After all, the soldiers already have the determination they need to fight under the banner of justice.”

It is essential for individuals undergoing survival training to have a solid understanding of justice and its principles. Without this understanding, the training will only produce individuals who are physically powerful but lack the rational and moral compass to use that power responsibly. This could lead to a breakdown in discipline and ultimately harm the well-functioning and organized structure of the Marine organization.

Zephyr did not respond to Rowen’s statement on the importance of understanding justice in survival training, instead, he asked Rowen a question of his own. “What is your Justice?”

Rowen’s fingers, which were pouring tea, froze slightly as he smiled. “Justice will never be absent,” He said confidently. 

“I won’t be late!” He added, with determination in his voice. 

“I am Justice, the one who is never late,” He declared, emphasizing his belief in the importance of being punctual in upholding justice.

Outside, Shuzo was still calling the shots.

“As a recruit, your task is straightforward. Join the veterans in your team from yesterday, eliminate pirate threats, and safeguard civilians. However…”

As Shuzo spoke, his tone shifted and a hint of deadly intent could be heard in his words, causing the recruit’s heart to race with fear.

He emphasized, “However, fighting against pirates is vastly different from the small-scale confrontations you had in your training. A single mistake can result in instant death, not just defeat.” 

He stressed, “No one will be there to protect you, and no one will have reason to protect you. Every decision you make is yours alone, and subjective.” 

He concluded, “When you step onto the battlefield, your life is in your own hands. You must use it to gamble on the odds.” With this, the room fell silent.

After Shuzo finished speaking, the scene was quiet.

Although the soldiers who graduated from the Headquarters Recruit Camp were all highly trained, they couldn’t help but feel a chill run down their spine upon hearing such a dramatic and violent statement.

Indeed, if they still relied on the assistance of Chief Instructor Zephyr and Rear Admiral Rowen even after leaving the battlefield, then what was the point of their existence? 

Actual combat exercises were not a game, but a serious test of life and death, involving guns and swords, and the struggle between marines and pirates.

Shuzo was pleased with the expressions of the recruits, even if some trembled with fear and their legs shook but there was no anger on their faces. He knew that fear was the worst enemy on the battlefield.

If they are not careful, they can easily lose their life and be forever separated from loved ones. It is not something to take lightly.

It doesn’t matter if one is scared to death or peeing their pants now, as long as they can vent their fear and calm down. Just like a baby who cries themselves to sleep, when one is too scared, other emotions will take over.

Seeing that the recruits had begun to process his words, Shuzo paused for a moment before waving his hand. “Now, according to each team’s mission, let the action begin!”

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