OPTM-Chapter 144 New Thing

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Ace’s shouts went from full of anger to hoarseness, to faintness, to muttering.

But these are not things Rowen wants to know.

It doesn’t matter what the process is, what matters the most is what Ace is going to do in the future.

The seed will grow into a giant tree one day, or it may die and be destroyed by a storm.

Rowen is looking forward to the future.

Two days later, after a good night’s sleep, Rowen flew and suddenly appeared in front of the Fleet Admiral’s office in the Marine Headquarters Fortress at noon on the fifth day.

It is worth mentioning that after so many things happened, the Qilin ship led by Dante is still “riding the road to get here”. As for the Senior Officials of Dante who have completed the Mission, they just gritted their teeth and got used tothe situation.

Rowen’s speed is so fast that it exceeds everyone’s imagination!

The severely injured Mozambia could not withstand the destructive power of “Supercharged Travel” so he chose to lead the team from the sea to recuperate while escorting Ace. 

It is estimated that he could meet Dante and others halfway through his journey. Rowen’s new trick seems to be a movement technique, but the destructive power behind this technique cannot be underestimated!

The magnificent Marine Headquarters fortress looks solemn and the newly recruited soldiers are full of vigor as they sweat on the training ground. 

When Rowen came to the corridor, Caesar, who was walking out of the office saw him and he couldn’t help but rush towards Rowen with an excited expression on his face but he looked like a creeped-out ghost in Rowen’s eyes.

“Rear Admiral Rowen, hello, hello!”

Seeing a big man with thick purple ink on the corners of his lips, dressed like a ghost cowboy, rushing towards him with a seemingly happy or seemingly angry expression of sorrow on his face, Rowen could not help but shiver and retreated half a step.

“Caesar Clown? What are you doing here?”

Noticing Rowen’s resistance, Caesar stopped dry and explained with a smile, “Uh …… the new Blueprint needs new materials, I’m here to apply for funding from Fleet Admiral Sengoku. “


Rowen’s mouth twitched as he remembered what Caesar had done when he was kidnapped by Big Mom to finish his research within two weeks. 

Caesar knew that it was impossible for him to finish his research within two weeks but he still asked for a large number of experimental funds so Rowen subconsciously said: “Oye, Oye, don’t tell me you completed the third phase of Blueprints so quickly? You aren’t swindling funds, right?”

“How… how could that be?!”

Caesar blushed, and the blue lines on his forehead were blooming as he argued, “Funds can’t be cheated… funds!… scientists, how can they swindle the funds?”

Then Ceasar spoke some incomprehensible words like “quantitative analysis” and many other such words. He also spoke something about “check and review” and so on and then he proceeded to laugh like a madman with a guilty expression on his face!

Rowen was shocked by this behavior and he silently stared at him.

‘Looking from that hideous expression on his face, does he really swindle funds from the Marines?’ Rowen silently thought in his heart.

Rowen didn’t know when Caesar and Vegapunk went to Punk Hazard to start their work. 

But because of Rowen’s involvement, there is still no sign of Caesar being transferred away in 1517, and the Punk Hazard gas accident is naturally impossible to talk about at this time.

With Caesar’s scientific research level standards, even if he was immediately thrown to Punk Hazard, he would not be able to complete the poisonous gas accident on time as shown in the Orignal books.

Not to mention that Caesar has now found a new direction to suppress Vegapunk in the form of the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device.

Rowen was watching and Caesar was sweating.

After a while, Ceasar gritted his teeth and leaned in and whispered: “This, Rear Admiral Rowen… I am currently developing a new type of artillery and once it succeeds, it can increase the power of Marine’s existing artillery by more than three times! “

“Then why can’t you directly tell that to the Fleet Admiral?”

Rowen felt even more strange when he heard Ceasar’s words and he leaned back a little and said: “Wouldn’t Fleet Admiral be happy with this kind of thing!”

“He would be but the I am stuck! I need to experiment repeatedly to see where the problem is…”

Caesar was extremely depressed, and suddenly he heard Rowen’s “Oh” sentence.

“So you really didn’t tell Fleet Admiral!!”

Caesar: “…”

Why are people so dangerous in their hearts?!!


Just as Caesar was speechless, Sengoku’s impatient voice came from the office.

“What are you muttering about out there? Get your ass in here!”

Rowen’s Supercharged Travel came with a huge threat to people and Sengoku was the first to spot him after his Observation Haki warned him about Rowen.

“Hai (Yes)!” 

Rowen responded, then he raised an eyebrow at Caesar and said.

“I’ll come to you later, if the thing you are developing is good then I will keep my mouth shut, if it’s not… hehe!”

When talking about his professional project, Caesar patted his chest and replied: “Don’t worry! There absolutely won’t be any problem!”

“I hope so…”

Rowen shook his head inconspicuously and he didn’t say much before he pushed the door and walked in.

Around the corner, Kizaru manicures his nails and leans against the wall, muttering to himself: “New artillery? Isn’t it the semi-finished product?”

“But why do I get the feeling that Rowen is a little afraid of Caesar? Is it true that he is afraid of ghosts?”

That Rowen?

Afraid of ghosts like a child?!

Kizaru looked shocked and puzzled at the same time.

The office is empty.

Unless something big happens, the only thing that’s normal in this 30-square-meter large-scale office is a Sengoku, a frog, a sheep, and a seagull.

Rowen went in and stood on the other side of the table before he saluted and said. “Reporting to Fleet Admiral! Jaya Island has been cleared out. This is the Mission report!”

After that, Rowen passed a stack of papers towards Sengoku.

The report is written by Mozambia’s Corporal, detailing the whole process of clearing Jaya Island.

Only a few generals will write reports by themselves unless there are major secrets involved. 

Most of the senior officials will never write reports for every mission and would take a more direct approach and the old-school Vice Admirals like Momonga will do it by themselves.

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