OPTM-Chapter 143 Forcefully Part 1

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Rowen, who is assigned by Fleet Admiral for this mission can ignore Garp, but he cannot ignore Tsuru, who is the real decision-maker in the Marines Headquarters.

“Well, Understood.”

Anyway, Rowen would still get his Military Merits, so what else is there for him to say?

Tsuru is worthy of being the Marine Great Staff Officer, she could easily see through his thoughts thousands of miles away and put everything in order.

Rowen nodded and prepared to go out but he suddenly turned around and smiled: “But Vice-Admiral Tsuru, I think there are some things that you think too much about.”

It’s clear what role Garp played in turning Ace into Shichibukai. Tsuru was right to ask him to clean up the escaped Pirates for the sake of public opinion.

But there is still a major problem waiting to be solved…

And that problem name is Ace, would he even accept becoming a Shichibukai?

Bang Rumble!!

A Thunder strike reverberated in the sky of Jaya Island, and the dazzling Thunderlight fell from the sky like a waterfall, illuminating the sky! 

The pirate group, who had already fled to the far side, looked up at the sky in horror and was then banged into powder by the “far away” Thunder God verdict.

In the office, Tsuru was relieved after hearing that Rowen would solve the problem and she turned her face through the Den Den Mushi and said to Ace.

“Portgas· D· Ace, as Marine Headquarters Great Staff Officer, I officially invite you to become a Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea). Do you accept this offer?”


Ace gritted his teeth and no one could tell from the expression on his face whether it was from anger or grievance. Two lines of blood and tears flowed across his cheeks again and the people could only listen to Ace’s whispering.

“Each and every one of you are like this, talking to yourself, not caring whether others can stand it or not!”

Suddenly, Ace raised his head and roared.

“Do you even know what happened?”

“My crew, my brothers, were killed by you!!”

“And now you want me to become the running dog of the World Government…”

“Are you f*cking kidding me right now!!”

“Who the hell is joking? !” Garp was suddenly short of breath due to his anger and tears burst into his eyes.

“Ace!! Do you want your grandpa to watch you walk away on a road of no return?!”

“The road of no return is the road I chose myself!!”

Ace immediately choked back without timidity: “Rowen is right! Becoming a Pirate is not a game! I have chosen to walk on this road and I will face everything that happened on the road!”

“What damn thing are you talking about you damn brat!”

Garp scolded, “I don’t remember teaching you to be a lawless asshole!!”

“That’s because of the blood flowing in my veins…”


The Den Den Mushi suddenly turned red in the face and violently exploded with unprecedented volume. In this small office, even the windows slightly trembled due to the voice. 

Ace was taken aback and looked at the black and red face simulated by the Den Den Mushi.

“I will wait for you at the Marine Headquarters, Ace.”

“You are my grandson and no one can change that!!”

“Iron Fist” Garp spit out with a furious expression on his face.

Jaya Island, in the Sky.

An uninvited guest broke into this empty cloud layer today.

Rowen hovered in the sky and shot Thunderlight with his Thunder Cloud Sword, slowly inserting it back into the scabbard.

Zī Zī Zī Zī… Clang!

The sword’s jaw hit was crisp and clear, announcing that all the pirates that had fled had been killed.

At this moment, Rowen slightly tilted his head and thought something with a smile on his lips.

“Interesting, not bad for a seventeen-year-old!”

Ace almost spoke that he was the son of Pirate King Roger in front of Tsuru. Garp would not be able to protect Ace if the Marine knew that the bloodline of that man is still living in this world.

This has nothing to do with the affinity of a friend or an enemy, it’s only about faith!

But unfortunately, Garp cried and stopped Ace from speaking anything at the critical moment.

If the World Government invited Ace to become Shichibukai because they saw the power of his Logia Mera-Mera Fruit (Flame-Flame Fruit) in the beginning. 

Then afterward, they invited him because of some suspicion and they also wanted to control Ace in disguise.

After all, the time and age are exactly the same, and the other party’s surname is not “Monkey”, all revealing Ace’s special nature, and make people think about it as the inevitable outcome.

Akagami (Red Hair) and Whitebeard are aware of this, that’s why they were alerted in the future, Shanks took the initiative and asked Whitebeard to take Ace, eliminating the possibility of Ace being captured by the World Government.

“But now that old asshole wants to protect you, so what?”

This is a different time with a different vision.

Without Rowen in the One Piece World, Ace had the bloodline of Rogers which was a sin in the eyes of the world. But now with Rowen’s presence in the One Piece World, Ace is nothing more than a handy Piece.

“Let me see how far you would go for an Ace, Garp!”

“Hahaha… Hahahaha!!!”


With wild laughter, the electric light in place disintegrates, and looking back, Rowen’s figure had also disappeared in place.

Inside the office, the cage was still where it had been, and the Ace sat on the floor with his head down. 

At the desk, the pale yellow Den Den Mushi is drinking water from Mozambia’s teacup. Rowen comes in with a very human expression on his face and closes his eyes pretending to sleep without saying a word.

“Get me some clothes and a draw a bath… And food! The most important thing is food!”


The soldiers who returned to the room to watch over Ace stood up and saluted, and answered by pushing the door to leave.

Rowen glanced at Ace but he did not say anything, Rowen pulled the chair behind the desk to himself and leaned back before he tilted his feet on the table.

Zī Zī Zī Zī!

He lit up the cigar with the electric current and the air was immediately filled with a strong cigar aroma. Rowen picked up the stack of newspapers on the tabletop and he flipped through them while smoking his cigar.

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