OPTM-Chapter 141 Asking For Help Part 1

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What is the purpose of the Shichibukai system?

First, a Shichibukai can use his power and reputation to suppress the pirates and many hidden powers who crazily flooded into the Grand Line looking for treasures.

Second, the name of Shichibukai binds certain pirates with special threats to their legal status, so as not to cause greater damage.

This is a good way to reduce the pressure on the Marines and the World Government to deal with the pirates.

As for Marine’s pride…

Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) never considered this.

The fall of Crocodile caused a massive storm to rise in the already turbulent waters, and the wave of the times reached a new peak. The Marines had to spread their troops out to suppress the aftermath. 

Fortunately, they have got their hands on the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Device, which caused Marine’s low-end combat power to skyrocket by more than 30% compared to the past year. 

It was only because of this that the Marines had enough power and sufficient troops to cope with the situation.

Therefore, after seeing the situation is getting stabilized, the World Government conducted an audit of the current strong pirates in the Sea and decided to fill the Shichibukai vacancy.

At this time, Ace’s name entered their field of vision.

“Logia”, “80 Million Belly”, and “Young”, were some of the keywords that were used with his name!

And the Gorosei realized that Ace could be a copy of Crocodile.

And unlike Crocodile and Ace’s brother Luffy, who will go to sea in the future, Ace has never actively shown any hostility towards the World Government during his voyage.

Moreover, he had the mysterious “D” in his name, which means…

Therefore, in the selection list of the new Shichibukai handed over to Tsuru, Ace’s name was on the top of it. 

The Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) attaches great importance to him and they believe that failure to deal with Ace as soon as possible will inevitably lead to a disaster! 

They would either recruit Ace as a Shichibukai or they would send someone to arrest him and put him in Impel Down for the rest of his life!

If Rowen knew what Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) were thinking then he would have given them a thumbs up and said, “Have you seen the future by any chance?”

It was more than just a disaster!

Marines and one of the Yonkō (Four Emperors), Whitebeard Pirates fought against each other over Ace which led to Whitebeard and Ace’s death. Blackbeard got more powerful by taking Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit and he took over the Forth empty Emperor throne of the New World. 

Sengoku abdicated from his position as the Marine Fleet Admiral. Aokiji left the Marines. A World Military Draft was opened in which Issho joined the Marines and became an Admiral. 

Jinbe withdrew from the Shichibukai position. And a New Age opened for all after Whitebeard confirmed that One Piece is indeed real and that it exists which caused the pirate population to rise in the sea. All of these troubles were because of Ace!

Last night, they focused on Ace and thought that it was feasible so Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) decided to notify Sengoku of the news shortly so that he would arrange a way to contact Ace and invite him to become the new Oka Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea).


During this critical period, Ace was caught by Rowen!

“So Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) was going to let Ace become a Shichibukai?”

Garp breathed out a sigh of relief, unconsciously buckling up his booger.

“What the hell! I wouldn’t have come here if I have known that!”

“That’s not the point, do you even understand the situation Ace is in right now?!”

Sengoku was furious and he slapped the table before saying, “Now he’s not a pirate, he’s a prisoner! It’s only a matter of time before he’s disposed of and no longer qualified to serve as a Shichibukai!!!”

A defeated Shichibukai has no value to the World Government and the Marines!

The World Government and Shichibukai use each other to their advantage, and the one who loses value is discarded by the other without mercy!

Now that Ace had been defeated by Rowen, he is naturally not qualified to serve as a Shichibukai.


This matter is concealed and not reported!

Garp closed his mouth and he looked at Sengoku with a solemn expression on his face.

And in front of Sengoku and Tsuru’s surprised gaze, he suddenly stood up, bent over with a “Boom”, and hit his head heavily on the tabletop. 

A spider-like crack web was created on the hard hardwood tabletop by Garp, and scarlet blood flowed out from his head and got mixed with the scattered wood fragments.

Garp spoke while holding his position.

“Please, Sengoku! This is the request of my life!!”

At this moment, Garp was not the revered Marine Hero, nor the Iron Fist, he is not a Marine veteran either, he is only a grandfather who is worried about his grandson and is begging for help.

Garp is called the Iron Fist and people say that his bones are filled with Iron which would never bend!

Every bone in Garp’s body is a hard bone poured out of hot steel! What he is today is because of his hard work and talent and not because of some Devil Fruit.

However, for Ace, Garp personally bowed down those Iron like bones and lowered his head, which never gave in.

Sengoku and Tsuru had never seen Garp showing such a weak side in front of others, they did not see him showing any weakness when his son, Dragon, betrayed the Marines back then and created the Revolutionary Army. It was a little hard to accept.

Sengoku was so distraught and angry that he lifted Garp up and threw his sandbag-sized fist at his face.


With one punch down, Garp didn’t fly upside down. Sengoku found that Garp had a death grip on his other arm and let his fist hit his face, refusing to let go.

“Garp, you are an asshole!!!”

Sengoku was so furious that he again threw out his fist at Garp’s face and he continue to punch him.




With one punch after another, Garp’s old face was beaten down and blood splattered from the corner of his mouth, but Garp didn’t use Armament Haki to block it even once.


Tsuru sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

Perhaps tired of fighting, Sengoku tiredly threw away Garp, who was bruised and swollen, with not a single piece of good flesh in his face, and he sat on the ground with him. Both of them stared at each other with indifferent expressions on their faces.

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