OPTM-Chapter 138 Manipulator Part 1

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Mock Town, Casino.

The name of the casino is “Casino” and it’s a favorite hangout for the Island Pirates. 

Every day, there was a constant stream of people coming and going, and from time to time, many people would see many men dressed in black, their whole bodies covered by a hood, they would go in and then go down to the Underground room.

It stands to reason that the Black Market should be hidden in the dark, with a variety of security at the entrance, and there should be an identity password to prevent it from being discovered by the officers and soldiers.

However, in Mock Town, Black Market is open to all people in plain sight. Everyone knows that the casino Underground is the Black Market, and even children can go in and buy murderers.

Pirate Paradise, Jaya Island is a place where wicked criminals run amok and lawlessness prevails!

However, the atmosphere of the Casino today is a bit different. The closed doors and the extinguished lights all announce that the Casino is closed today.

On the street, a large number of Marine Soldiers kept flooding into Mock Town and they kept catching pirates. In the Underground room, a group of Black Market members were terrified, for fear of Marine breaking in.

“Master Cisko, Mox and Juke’s Vivre Card are burned out.”

In a luxuriously lit study, servants dressed in formal attire nodded their heads in salute towards the people sitting on the sofa and reported the situation.

The first thing to notice was the amount of oil in the hair of a Middle-Aged Man, I don’t know how much wax was put on his hair. Hearing this, Cisko frowned and glanced at the others.

“It looks like… Marines doesn’t want to talk to us?”

“Two wastes, they died too soon!”

An old man stamped his cane angrily and made a muffled noise. 

Regardless of his weak body, he is actually the leader behind dozens of Large-Scale Black Markets in many Islands, and he has a position in the World Government, so he can be called a powerful figure!

They wanted to talk about benefits with Marine, so naturally, they need people with enough weight to support the Black Market but the Marines killed Mox and Juke, which was like a slap in his face!!

“Now is not the time to discuss this, Mr. Tepula.”

Cisko stood up and looked around at his allies, and suddenly sneered: “Since the Marines doesn’t want to talk then let them pay the price! Is the departing ship ready?”

“The Ship is parked at the Underground Port, it is ready to go.”

A man in a suit replied.

“Well, good job.”

Cisko straightens his clothes and goes to the door. He turns around and says, “You have already seen what Marine did. I hope we can work together on the G-10 branch issue.”

“Humph! You don’t need to remind me, kid!”

Tepula also stood up with his cane and snorted coldly.

After all, he pushed Cisko aside and put his hand on the doorknob.

In the next moment……


In front of the surprised, shocked, and dumbfounded eyes of everyone, a large hand stained red with blood broke through the door, and between the wood splinters, it plunged straight into Tepula’s chest.


As if the owner of that hand didn’t realize that he had killed anyone, he hung Tepula’s body on his wrist and groped along with the door. After touching the door handle, the hand twisted open the locked door.


The wind blew into the study, and suddenly a sickening, wicked, pungent smell came. Rowen, covered in blood, stands outside the door, letting go of the old man’s body, then smiles at them.

“Yo, everyone. Today is a good day, isn’t it? It’s not a good day to open a market or get married, it’s a good day for …… sacrifices and housebreaking!”


Not being able to see the situation?

That’s something that only this group of losers should consider.

In the Sea, the Strong is respected!

Faced with a strong man who can easily kill them, the first thing is not to be afraid of cowardice as that is normal. But these people tried to provoke said strong person to discuss the benefits, how ridiculous is this?

Would anyone try to convict Rowen on the basis of his unscrupulous gang?

Would Marine Fleet Admiral Sengoku care about them?

Or would the Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) from Mary Geoise intervene in this matter?

No, none of them would do anything.

If anyone lets them know about this, Rowen will not only not be punished but he will be rewarded! For them to blatantly defy Gorōsei’s (Five Elder Stars) will, their ending would be quite tragic…

What reason would they have to fight Rowen when they had lost their greatest leverage?

This is why Zephyr knows that Jaya Island is like a quagmire but doesn’t care about the result at all, because he has that much confidence in Rowen! If someone dares to jump out and cause trouble then Zephyr believes Rowen will kill them all. As for who he kills…

It doesn’t matter. They are all the same.

Power will not only corrupt people’s hearts but also blind them.

When they get used to thinking they are giving orders, they would forget how much influence they really had… 

It was so obvious but they couldn’t figure it out, instead, they hoped that the Marines would be blinded by the immediate interests and it would become their weakness.

Dead people can blame no one.

Pū Tōng…!

Tepula falls to the ground while his body was still warm but a hole has been pierced through his heart. His eyes open like an Old Boss and his mouth open and close like a fish dying on a chopping block. 

All the people present were shocked by the merciless, indifferent eyes Rowen had after killing someone, he is fearless and arrogant which caused a chill to appear in their hearts.

This is a lunatic!

He is a madman who wanted to kill them all!

Cisko abruptly regained his senses and he pointed to the person who came and shouted: “You… Do you know who he is?!”


Rowen turned his head to look at him, he swept him down with his icy gaze, and suddenly sneered, “Could it be that he is your father? You don’t look alike at all!”


Cisko flushed and shouted, “Guards! Where did the guard go?! Kill him!!”

The death of Tepula, one of their most senior members is not something that can be tolerated by Cisko, he was also one of the unabashed managers of Jaya Island’s Black Market. 

Only by bringing the murderer to justice… With the laws of the Underground World, they would still have a chance to withdraw from the Tempest that had suddenly come to them.

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