OPTM-Chapter 132 Heavenly Punishment Part 2

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In the past half a year, the two biggest news in the Sea are about Rowen. Although there are many people who don’t care about this but the legend of Rowen has spread everywhere in the Sea.

Now that he finally saw the real person, Cricket’s surprise can be imagined!

“You are overpraising me Vice Admiral Mozambia, I cannot shirk away from my duty without bringing dishonor to me!”

A Vice Admiral had taken the initiative to salute a Rear Admiral which is a rare sight in this world where strength is respected but it also shows the discipline installed in them by the Marines. 

Rowen hurriedly responded, and then asked: “By the way, no one of us is lurking over there, right?”

“Over there” refers to the Pirate-infested area that is now swarming toward the Stored Emperor Clouds. 

The Marines have suppressed the Four Seas for many years and they believed in the principle of stopping danger in the bud. When so many pirates are gathered together, it is normal for the Marines to send someone to lurch around them.

“They have withdrawn a few days ago. Ms. Tsuru said that you have come here to…”

Speaking of this, Mozambia had a premonition in his heart and asked, “Uh, do you want to ……”


Cricket was startled and opened his mouth wide and said: “What?! What are you going to do? We can’t get close to the Stored Emperor Clouds right now, or we might get involved!”

“It’s not that troublesome…”

Rowen slowly shook his head before his thumb cocked and the Thunder Cloud Sword slowly came out from its sheath!

Zī Zī Zī Zī Zi!!

The Thunder Cloud Sword that had just been exposed by an inch suddenly surged with dazzling white Thunderlight. At the same time, a muffled thunder sounded in the sky, and a depressing atmosphere enveloped the earth.

During these three months, Rowen was not only strengthening his body, but he also gradually strengthened the process of learning Deep Peaks for his Devil Fruit development and application.

After Zephyr’s careful teaching, Rowen realized how rough his previous use of Rumble-Rumble Fruit was. 

The most important point is that he completely abandoned the mobility of thunder and lightning, and believed in his own flesh instead of choosing thunder and lightning that should have been his main focus.

So much so that “Billion Volt·Qilin” looked domineering and mighty, and there was no grass growing for dozens of miles under one blow.

As a result, the “Billion Volt-Qilin” looks overwhelming and powerful and not a single blade of grass would grow for ten miles around the area where this attack strikes.

But all he did was simply activate it.

But in reality, the thunder and lightning in the clouds are far more powerful than that…

Therefore, in addition to improving his control of thunder and lightning and playing Over-The-Horizon’s “Thunder God Judgment”, Rowen has also developed another set of application methods that are unique to Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability User.

With the goal of controlling the thunder and lightning in nature, Rowen laid the foundation of the Devil Fruit Ability Awakening ahead of time!

This is a set of endless growth moves, similar to his “Overload” series.

Its name is…

“Borrowed Thunder”!


With a soft sound, the Dragon Contracting Sword·Thunder Cloud was pulled out in an instant, and the dark cloud of thunder could no longer bear it as they converging into a dazzling Thunderlight, and smashed towards him. 

The mighty thunderstrike was suffocating and it was enough to bring despair to anyone. Cricket looked at the sky to see the Thunder Pillar and he lost his ability to speak. 

This kind of majestic attack was almost unstoppable and Mozambia also frowned, but he didn’t believe that Rowen would attack aimlessly.

Sure enough, at this moment, Rowen held the Thunder Cloud Sword in his hand and cut it forward!

Boom… Kā Chā!!

A crescent-shaped thunderbolt instantly flew out of the sword and collided with the Thunder Pillar in the distance. 

Then in front of the eyes of everyone, the Thunder Pillar was suddenly cut by the crescent-shaped Thunderbold, and divided into countless thunder and lightning snakes, which seemed to dissipate in the next moment. 

However, it didn’t stop there. The glass-like broken Thunder Pillar suddenly flew towards the crescent-shaped thunder surface, and the dense electric current illuminated the sky, it looked vast and mighty, pulling out a hundred-meter-long thunder and lightning cloak.

Then the mighty looking strike took this opportunity to plunge into the Stored Emperor Clouds.

“It’s going to start soon…” Rowen suddenly spoke in a faint voice.

Mozambia said, “What?”


The Thunder Cloud Sword was put into the scabbard, and the sword jaw hit was crisp and sweet.


It’s going to start!

Bang Rumble!!

As soon as his words fell, the sky exploded with a bang, and dark clouds layered upon each other as the Thunder Snakes tumbled and surged in it, and then…




Thousands of thunderlights came crashing down and thunderlights flooded the sea!

The terrifying electric current blew in waves and made most of the people on the Battleship fall on their faces. Cricket rolled around before he got up and looked at the sea flooded with thunderstrikes in front of him and he muttered with eyes full of fear.

“So this is… the power that can fight against nature!”

The Stored Emperor Clouds covered a large area and the Thunder has flooded in every place in that area. In the face of this mighty heavenly might, the power of human beings is so small. 

The Pirate Ships jammed on the sea, they fled, collided, and were subsequently destroyed by the Thunder Strikes. More than a dozen Pirate Ships were sunk every second, and every second, hundreds of pirates were killed. 

However, their tragic calls were hidden behind the gorgeous ear-shattering sound of the thunder, and their voices did not attract any attention.

This can no longer be called a massacre, but a Heavenly Punishment as magnificent as some myth!

‘Borrowed Thunder·Heavenly Punishment!’

“As I said, don’t stay out in the open in such thunderous weather, little guys!” Rowen sneered and spoke with an indifferent expression on his face.

In the next second, a column of water rushed straight out of the sea! The seawater in all directions formed a terrifying vortex about half the size of Jaya Island, and it engulfed countless Pirate Ships!

The Knock Up Stream has finally begun.

But at this time, the pirates have no chance of relying on their luck, every way they could go is blocked and there is no escape, the Knock Up Stream brings not hope, but the last straw that broke the camel’s back!

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