OPTM-Chapter 131 Knock Up Stream Part 2

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“The dangerous voyage of life or death”, That’s the name that Cricket said to Straw Hats.

At this moment, on the Western Coast of Jaya Island, dark clouds obscure the sky, and the sun is completely blocked out. It was early morning, but the light was as dim as dusk. The deep dark clouds seemed to be within reach of the sky. 

The dark clouds pressed down on the City, and the sight of a Doomsday-like scene made countless birds and fishes perceive the danger and they fled from this place in a panic.

This is something that is called the Stored Emperor Clouds and they are formed at a high altitude. But unlike ordinary clouds, no matter how thick they get, they will not produce air currents, and they will not turn into rain and fall down.

Whenever it appears, it means that there is a Knock Up Stream not far behind.

Even the Marine Battleship stationed in Jaya Island dared not approach this dangerous climate zone at this moment, but many Pirate Ships spread their sails to braves the waves and leans straight toward the heart point of this dangerous climate zone.

If you don’t consider their purpose and identity, this scene is enough to move anyone and say this sentence:

‘The hymn of mankind is the hymn of courage!’

“Hump! Reckless Pirates!”

Vice Admiral Mozambia is the one responsible for the Marine Battleship stationed here, he stood on the deck and put down the telescope in his hand before he coldly snorted.

He was stationed on Jaya Island by Tsuru. Although he successfully contained more and more hyenas, he was still unable to eradicate them all. 

The strength of the Marines stationed here is not worth mentioning in front of the entire Jaya Island thieves’ den. In addition, the situation has been in stalemate due to the balance of the various forces present on the island.

Mozambia asked after he thought about something.

“Adviser Cricket, what do you think about this?”

Mont Blanc Cricket is standing behind Vice Admiral Mozambia he was also the Last Boss of the Saruyama Alliance, but now he is working as an Adviser for the Marine Aircraft Force.

Tsuru wanted to go to Sky Island but even with the help of Airboats, it was not a safe journey all safe. As the man most familiar with Jaya Island, Cricket had the privilege of boarding Angel Island with Tsuru.

After seeing the other half of Jaya Island which is also the so-called “Holy Land” in Skypiea Upper Yard, this unyielding, persistent man who never bowed his head to fate cried like a child.

After that, Cricket disbanded the Saruyama Alliance and promised to work for the Marines. He begged Tsuru to dismiss the Bounty of Masira, Shoujou, and others, and he assumed the role of Aircraft Force Security Consultant.

He expressed his support for Marine’s idea of ​​establishing a branch here.

The biggest dispute between the Shandians and the residents of Angel Island is this land. 

But if there is a safe way to bring the soil into the sky then the conflict between the two that has lasted for four hundred years, not to mention a complete solution, can at least temporarily be alleviated.

So Cricket doesn’t have a good impression of this group of Pirates who is going to mess up the situation.

Hearing Mozambia’s question, Cricket answered truthfully.

“The closer the Stored Emperor Clouds is to Jaya Island, the stronger the power of Knock Up Stream will be and it is also possible that it would reach halfway into the Sky… 

That kind of power will instantly destroy these fragile and thin Ships of the Pirates, and it is almost impossible for them to safely reach their destination!”

“So they do have a chance of arriving in the Sky Island?”

Mozambia frowned when he heard that. Tsuru and the ruler of the Sky Island had gone to the Marine Headquarters. 

Although the remaining Sky Island God’s Officer team that they left behind was still strong but if they really went ahead to deal with one group of murderers then their back would be exposed to the others and the criminals may find some loophole in their defense and kill many Marine Soldiers.

“Is there anything we can do to stop them? Can we break the Knock Up Stream if we disperse the Stored Emperor Clouds?”

“The specific principle behind the Knock Up Stream is still unknown, but the general perception is that the Knock Up Stream is caused by a submarine cavity which is a result of the eruption of the sea current. 

So breaking up the Stored Emperor Clouds simply does not make any sense. And…… How can human power interfere with nature!”

Cricket shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. He naturally knew what the consequences would be if this group of people managed to rush towards Angel Island, but he really couldn’t do anything about it.

The Knock Up Stream that occurs this close to the coast is extremely terrifying, and he doesn’t even feel safe here.

“No… maybe someone can do that!”

Mozambia suddenly said as he looked at the sky in the distance.

There, a light exploded out from a cloud, and a dazzling and brilliant Thunderlight flashed between the clouds, connecting the clouds in series. 

It is the special weather phenomenon that pulled the attention of half of the Grand Line First Half before, the Zipper Thunder!

The person who appeared with Zipper Thunder is known as Marine’s Super Rookie, and he is also a Monster capable of confronting nature!

Cricket just wanted to ask a question but in the next moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Am I late? Vice Admiral Mozambia.”

Rowen wore the Thunder Cloud Sword around his waist, he is wearing a black suit, and the Justice Cloak behind him is freely surfing the air. He looked like a Giant at the height of two and a half meters, and Mozambia and Cricket only reach up to his shoulders. 

The hard look on his face is not coordinated with the strong muscles, and his appearance is not sunny, but it has an inexplicable calm temperament. 

A deep, peak-like atmosphere unconsciously rose from his body, and the power behind his thunder was terrifying!

At this moment, Rowen sneered as he looked back at the Stored Emperor Clouds in the distance… and the Pirate Ships that were gradually gathered under the Stored Emperor Clouds.

“It looks like I am just in time!”

Touching the hilt of the Thunder Cloud Sword, Rowen suddenly grinned but his smile was filled with Killing Intent.

“Sensei said that you shouldn’t stay in the open in such thunderous weather…!”

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