OPTM-Chapter 118 Nibelung Lirisk Part 2

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Fortunately, the clouds in the sky were wiped out by Qilin with Rowen’s previous trick, otherwise, he would have to hack it by using Thunder Cloud Sword in this way!

“The Enemy… Die!!”

There was no fear in the lizardman’s eyes. It could see Rowen’s Killing Intent and the threat that Thunder Cloud Sword brought to it at the moment but he had no fear in its heart.

With a roar, The Lizardman rushed towards Rowen. It has lost its reason and gained great power, and the fighting instinct of wild beasts can make it fearless. This is the true face of the Zoan Fruit Ability User. After Awakening, they can live as a real beast!!

Rowen raised the Thunder Cloud Sword with an expressionless look on his face.

In front of his Observation Haki, the Lizardman’s movements at the moment were all in his eyes. When the Lizardman rushed towards him, Rowen’s eyes froze and he ruthlessly slashed down the Blade in his hand.


There is no flashy name, no excessive sound effects, this is just an ordinary Vertical Slash Sword Move. The only praiseworthy thing about this attack is Rowen’s control of power as this ordinary attack eas able to display his maximum strength!

At the same time, because of the Sharp Electromagnetic Blade, the power behind this attack is enough to split the mountain and create a crack in the valley!


But at this moment, a dazzling white figure rushed towards this location.

The figure gave a violent shout and quickly came between them at a speed that Rowen couldn’t even understand. This figure spread out his arms on the left and the right side to block the figure of the Lizardman. 

Rowen didn’t know who he was, but he wanted to laugh at his actions. 

Leaving aside the Lizardman’s attack that was coming from behind the figure, the Electric Blade Slash created with the help of the Thunder Cloud Sword was also slamming down on him but this guy wanted to block it. 

If this guy isn’t strong enough to completely overpower the attack then he wouldn’t leave this place alive!

But soon, Rowen couldn’t laugh.



A soft and pleasant sound reverberated in the surroundings as the Thunderous slash and the Wild Beast’s fist knocked on those hands wearing sea animal leather gloves with two crisp sounds. 

And then everything was blanked out as those attacks were easily blocked by the unknown person.


Rowen drew in a cold breath as his pupils shrank in disbelief.

“This is impossible!!”

His attack was blocked by the unknown figure and not to mention the prime force of the attack, there wasn’t even a trace of the aftermath which should have affected a very large range!

However, the moment his attack touched that palm, all the power behind the attack completly disappeared! Potential Energy, the power of Thunder and Lightning, all disappeared without leaving a trace. 

It was as if his attack with all his strength was just a fluttering feather and it wasn’t even worth mentioning in front of this figure!!

This is simply unreasonable and unbelievable!!

Fortunately, Rowen quickly came back to his senses with his fighting state, he glanced at the figure who had suddenly appeared between him and the Lizardman and he couldn’t help but say:

“Oye, Oye, I had just killed Jino so there shouldn’t be another Seal-Seal Fruit Ability User! Is this thing getting Mass-Produced?!!!”

This level of dissolution of an attack really looks familiar!!!

He had happened to see this scene when his attacks were sealed by Jino some time ago!

The Figure heard Rowen’s words for a second and then he shook his head and released the Thunder Cloud Sword he was holding in his left hand so that Rowen could retract the sword into its sheath. 

At the same time, he pushed out his right hand and a force of ingenuity followed the Lizardman’s arm, squeezing the muscle scale armor all the way and rushed into the opponent’s head. 

The mad Lizardman wailed in pain and directly passed out and his figure was caught in the stranger’s arms.

The CP0 Senior Official wearing the Fukuro mask carefully discerned the Lizardman’s breath and then heaved a sigh of relief before he turned to Rowen and said.

“Although I don’t know what you are talking about and what kind of misunderstanding you have of me but let me formally introduced myself… I am the Senior Official of the Espionage Organization Named CP0, Code-Named ‘Zero’. 

I am the strongest shield of Celestial Dragons and I am also Obliterate-Obliterate Fruit Ability User, not like Jino’s half-hearted Seal-Seal Fruit…”

Paramecia·Obliterate-Obliterate Fruit Ability user!

Tenryubito’s Strongest Shield!

As well as……


This is the reason why Rowen became interested in this voice because this is the same Monster who he had once met in the Marine Headquarters when he had taken the Core of the Hell Island Crab, he was the same person who came at that time from CP0!

Rowen, who aims at the pinnacle of power, doesn’t want to provoke these troublesome guys at this time, let alone…

The strength of this opponent is unfathomable!!

But that is just an idea, and sometimes, the situations he finds himself in have nothing to do with the idea.

Rowen didn’t disperse his Overload Form, Rowen sneered and spoke with a voice full of Battle Intent: “So? As the Senior Official of CP0, are you going to cover for the Rear Admiral Scante who attacked me? This is our fight and I won’t concede, even if I were to die for it!”

However, to Rowen’s surprise, Zero didn’t scold him but seriously thought for a moment, and suddenly realized: “So that’s how it is! Is that the reason Scante was caught by Crocodile?”

Then, under Rowen’s shocked gaze, the CP-0 Official patted him on the shoulder and said: “Good job, Rear Admiral Rowen! This time, I was able to save Saint Nibelung Lirisk and I will repay your credit as it is… As for the matter of you hurting him. I will report the things as it is.”

Obviously, the CP0’s Boss “Zero” was a little dissatisfied with Rowen’s tone, but instead of cursing like a shrew, he pointed the main problem to Rowen!

Bang Rumble!

A shock of thunder passed by, and Rowen had no other thoughts in his head as he could only stare at the Lizardman with a dazed expression on his face.

Saint Nibelung Lirisk…

Holy Shit!!

So I attacked and hit a Tenryubito and was caught on the spot by the Boss of CP0?

What the F*ck!!!

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