OPTM-Chapter 113 Damage

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Boom… Bang Long!!

Along with the firelight, the meteor-looking object fell to the ground, and the terrifying heavy blow made the earth tremble as it wailed and fall apart! The ground was tattered because of two people’s meetings. 

Spider-Shaped pits were scattered everywhere on the ground, but this time it was particularly powerful! 

In the desert created by Crocodile, sand waves with a height of tens of meters suddenly burst out and the air was discharged in an outward direction, blowing a strong wind.

“This is… what power?!”

Even Rowen was shocked by the bursting power of the opponent. He can conclude that Jino’s power is definitely not inferior to his own under his Violent Ape of Hell Form, and his speed is equally scary.

But he soon discovered that the situation was more than that.

“How is it possible? My Stomach!!”

A large hole was broken open at the center of Rowen’s body and his internal organs were clearly visible to the naked eye.

Rowen knew that Jino could use Two-Color Haki, and he was ready for his Elementalization to be useless in front of him and that is also the reason why he chose to use Tekkai (Iron Body) to enhance his defense. 

But the sense of loss of power in that second made Tekkai (Iron Body) almost useless and he suffered the full brunt of Jino’s power!

However, it doesn’t stop there. The situation is obviously not right. Rowen wouldn’t have cared about the blood dripping from his pierced belly in the past, but right now, his body’s self-healing ability seems to have disappeared, and it can’t heal the wound at all!

“These red mist…”

A faint red mist continuously emerged from the breach in his stomach and dissipated in the air.

Rowen could feel that it was these weird red energies that caused the wound to fail to heal. Even the pain in this part of the area was not noticeable and it was as if it didn’t exist anymore!

Rowen thought as he recalled the name of the move that Jino had called out.

“So, these are my life force? Does he have a Devil Fruit that can seal the blocked life force?”

Without the support of Vitality or Life Force, it means that this doppelgänger body is “Dead”, and “Dead” can’t heal naturally. 

Thinking of this, Rowen smiled bitterly and shook his head

“Huhh… This Sea really has all kinds of mystery in it!”

The fact that someone was able to restrain this self-healing energy, which he himself could not identify the cause of, was indeed beyond Rowen’s imagination.

In front of his Observation Haki, Jino had nowhere to hide and Rowen had already discovered him when he hid behind that sand curtain. 

As a result, it was his own mistake that caused Jino to get this close to him and the current result was because of his self-confidence and arrogance.

He stretched out his hands and stood upon the ground this movement almost cause his body to stumble because the part of his Internal Organs had disappeared.

But Rowen took a step forward and firmly stood on the ground, he slowly straightened up and a frantic smile came up at the corner of his mouth as he spoke in a low voice: “But because it is like this… that it’s fun to be alive!!”

On the other side, after Jino landed, he quickly spoke to Crocodile.

“Damn it! I didn’t attack his heart, help me contain him in the same place for some time!”

Having said that, Jino immediately rushed towards Rowen.

The Thunder-Lighting Human is flexible and agile and he doesn’t know when he moved from left to right or from up to down as the speed of his move was too fast. 

This fast speed is not clearly visible to the naked eye as it leaves a phantom behind which causes Jino to hit Rowen’s stomach with his punch that was originally aimed at the heart because of the height.

And he can only last for one minute in this state and he will change back to his original state in one minute. Although there are no after-effects, Jino doesn’t think he can find a second chance to get close to Rowen at his usual speed.

At the same time, once Rowen goes mad, Jino knows that he won’t be able to resist Rowen’s lightning.

The lethality of Logia, whether it is Rowen or Crocodile has been fully revealed in the previous match!

But at this moment, under Crocodile’s shocked gaze, Jino just stepped his feet, and his blood vessels burst out like firecrackers, bursting out with dazzling blood. Jino couldn’t have made a mistake while running but he still slipped on the ground with a scream.

“What’s the matter? What happened?!”

Crocodile was frightened and flew over and asked, it was Jino who had obviously beaten Rowen into the air so why was Jino seriously injured?

“It’s Thunder!!”

Jino endured the unimaginable pain running across his body and he vomited blood and climbed up with difficulty and explained: “He placed a thin needle of thunder and lightning around his body that was invisible to the naked eye. I rushed ahead to punch him last time and didn’t see it so that Thunder Needle entered my body. My blood vessels explode as soon as they move!”

“I was careless, I didn’t notice it!!”

Jino ruthlessly gritted his teeth as he spoke while being ashamed of his carelessness. As the former “Assassination King”, traps and poisoning were his housekeeping skills. 

But even then he didn’t find the enemy’s traps at the moment. One has to say that this was indeed a shame.

Rowen did not expect Jino to counteract his self-healing ability, so he laid a trap in advance and waited for Jino to hook himself upon it. 

In the case of his body filling with electricity to disrupt the environmental factors, the air was filled with thin Thunder Needles, if not carefully observed, no one would be able to spot them even with Observation Haki.

Rowen paid a heavy price for his carelessness, yes, but Jino also didn’t get out without a scratch!

The blood vessels burst all over his body and the blood was flowing out like a stream. 

This kind of injury would have been deadly for Crocodile but Jino tenaciously resisted these injuries with his strong and brutal physique. Luckily, he was not dead, but he was hurt.

“How can it be?!”

Hearing Jino’s words, Crocodile’s eyes suddenly widened, and his saliva spits in all directions as he spoke: “It would be obvious that he knows my existence, but how could he know that you were here!!!”

Rowen has never used this kind of defensive move with his thunder and lightning needles around him before. Obviously, Rowen specifically used this to defend against Jino’s sneak attacks!

So the question is, if Rowen knows that his real body is already incredible, why is even Jino in the calculation range?

Could it be that……

“Ah, I suspect that…”

Jino had a gloomy and scary expression on his face and he pressed the thick, calloused knuckles of his palms to his chest. 

In the next moment, the wounds all over his body quickly disappeared, and the effect was comparable to Rowen’s Self-Healing Ability! After doing this, Jino breathed out a sigh of relief before he gritted his teeth and said the second half of his sentence.

“I suspect that Scante had betrayed us!!”


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