OPTM-Chapter 108 Qilin Part 2

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Going back a few minutes ago. After hanging up on the Den-Den Mushi, Rowen stood up and slowly rose towards the sky.

Rowen felt that the clouds above his head were accumulating power, the positive and negative charges were constantly colliding against each other, and the faint thunder was gradually increasing in the sky. 

Even Rowen who is the Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit Ability User felt his heart getting shiver when he felt the power contained in the clouds.

“The wind is blowing in the east direction now. Is it going to rain?”

Rowen penetrated through the clouds while keeping his Elementalization Form propelling his lower body. 

Looking at the dark clouds in front of him, Rowen suddenly remembered Enel’s unique trick “Raigo-Thunder Greeting”, which is to gather the natural current accumulated by the dark clouds and hit the ground with a lot of destructive power with the help of Rumble-Rumble Fruit. 

The power of Thunder and Lightning condensed to the extreme, if not for Luffy’s attributes which restrained Enel, plus the golden ball wrapped in his hand which was conducive to the lightning, the entire Angel Island would have been destroyed by Enel’s attack!

However, Enel created enough current to condense into a unique trick “Raigo-Thunder Greeting” with the help of a dark cloud manufacturing machine. 

Enel wouldn’t normally be able to do this with the high voltage of up to 200 Million Volt, and the current in this cloud could not be replicated with his current strength alone.

Rowen can crush Enel in physique, but he is still inferior to Rowen in terms of Devil Fruit development. 

After all, his current is basically physical strengthening that drives the current strengthening. If he really wants to classify it, Rowen’s effort to develop his Devil Fruit ability is not as good as his training in Rokushiki.

Rowen is a genius, but the time he gets is also 24 hours a day which is the same as other people.

Rowen, who focuses on his physique, can only shelve the development of his Devil Fruit, and he had only succeeded in creating the “Overload” Form.

He has mastered Rokushiki now, and the only thing that he needs to learn is Life Return (Seimei Kikan) and he needs to go back and consult with Zephyr about it. It is a method that stupid people would think of behind closed doors on the technical aspects. 

Armament Haki needs to be “Polished” slowly, and personal training in it is also unrealistic. 

Both of these things require a lot of time to build up. Rowen has decided that once the Mission is over, he would take advantage of this blank period between the Mission to find a place to study his Devil Fruit Abilities.

The Scientific Force Base is a good place to go, it would be better if he could communicate with the Genius Vegapunk.

Although the Dark Cloud in front of Rowen does not have such a powerful current to display Raigo-Thunder Greeting, but once the attack breaks out, its power cannot be underestimated!

Bang rumble…!!

Suddenly, the Dark Clouds flickered with silver light, and the electric current spilled out and hit Rowen.

“Finally finished?”

Rowen raised his head, and the surging current quickly rushed out of his body and his eyes became white. 

Several lightning currents floated in the air, and the gathered lightning formed a beautiful and dangerous Armor around Rowen’s body, making him look like the Thunder God in the myth.

After that, Rowen slowly pulled out the Thunder Cloud Blade from his waist.



Once the Blade appeared in Rowen’s hand, the dark cloud shot out a dazzling Thunder Pillar, and hit the surface of the Thunder Cloud Blade, making the air dry. The effect of the Thunder Cloud Blade being used as a lightning rod is still so powerful.

Holding the Thunder Cloud Blade in his hand, Rowen jumped into the dark cloud, and the surrounding electricity quickly moved closer to his body, wrapping around him. 

But this is not his Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method, and he did not take the initiative to abolish his Elementalization. The damage caused by these bolts of lightning is close to nothing to him. 

But the surrounding Thunderlight Cover filled the sky and made it so bright that Rowen couldn’t see things clearly.

Fortunately, Rowen had previously determined his location and knew that directly below him was the camp of the Pirates United Army. 

He placed the Thunder Cloud upside down and held his hands on the hilt of the Thunder Cloud sword, activating the lightning stored in the Thunder Gem. 

At once, the entire dark cloud was wrapped in Thunderlight, the sound of the thunder was deafening, and the pirate on the ground raised their heads in disbelief and looked to the sky with gradually demented expressions.

“Is that a cloud? Why is it glowing?”

“What a weird thing!”

“It’s going to rain, right …… Come on people! Go check the gunpowder, don’t let it get wet!”

One Piece World has a lot of strange climates. Glowing clouds are unique to them, but it’s not a big deal. After brief confusion, the Pirates went back to their work and prepared for the upcoming showdown.

But at this time!

Someone suddenly rubbed his eyes and screamed.

“Not good!! That Dark thunder cloud is getting near us!!!”


The crowd looked back, and as expected, the cloud was gradually enlarging, and because the height was too high so they found the end suspicion.

At the same time, in the dark clouds, Rowen roared, and the current spread out from his body, completely detonating the disturbing thunder and lightning in the area around him and Rowen shouted: “Come on Thunder Cloud! Let us give them a show… Heavenly Punishment!!!”


The dark cloud suddenly exploded, transforming into a four-legged Holy Beast that resembled a horse and a dragon in the air. 

It opened its mouth wide and roared! Rowen stood at the center of the white thunder and lightning behemoth, holding the Thunder Cloud upside down, and with an extremely terrifying speed, he wrapped the behemoth and fell from the sky!

This is another act of Rowen launching himself as a Cannon Shell, but the destructive power far exceeds Rowen’s body! At the same time, it also has a nice name:

Billion Volt· Qilin!

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