IMUC-Chapter 88: Lucy

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Lucy’s delicate and adorable face turned pale, and her eyes grew more vigilant as she stared at the oddly dressed Kyle outside the door. Biting her lip, she said, “You must have the wrong place. I didn’t call for any door-to-door service.”

“Of course, I didn’t make a mistake. This is Seamist Street, number 199, and I know you’re Lucy Jane,” Kyle shrugged, smiling as he was about to enter the house. However, just as he took a step forward, the wooden door in front of him swiftly closed with a loud thud.

“Uh…” Kyle was speechless. He could still hear the sound of the main door locking from inside. Then, he heard Lucy’s warning words, “My house is not far from the police station. If you keep harassing me outside, the police will come and arrest you!”

Kyle sighed and began to explain, “Um, Lucy, I was just joking.”

“You bad guy, go away!” Lucy coldly snorted.

Kyle helplessly continued to explain, “It’s me, Kyle. Listen carefully, after not seeing each other for several months, have you really forgotten my voice?”

“Kyle?” Lucy exclaimed from inside the house. After a hurried sound of unlocking, the wooden door opened a crack again, and her amber-like eyes once again observed Kyle outside.

This time, Kyle didn’t play around. He had already removed the disguise of the hat and sunglasses, revealing his young and handsome face.

“Kyle, is it really you? You’re back?” Lucy was overjoyed and quickly opened the door wide, extending her hands excitedly as she rushed forward. Her skirt fluttered as she dove into Kyle’s embrace.

“It’s been months. I hope you’re doing well,” Kyle maintained a smile as he wrapped his arms around Lucy’s slender and soft waist, looking down at the person in his arms.

In the six months since they last saw each other, Lucy had turned seventeen, and she had become even more radiant.

Her golden hair was tied up in a high bun, and her delicate facial features were exquisite and beautiful. Especially her sky-blue eyes, like amber, were cute and mischievous with just a blink.

Not only had her appearance become more beautiful, but her figure had also become fuller. Truly, a girl undergoes a tremendous transformation when she comes of age…

Kyle sighed inwardly. Although he hadn’t visually confirmed it, the softness he felt while holding her indicated that she was no longer as skinny as before.

No wonder she was so cautious and careful. It wasn’t safe for a beautiful young girl to live alone during this war period.

“The newspaper today mentioned that you returned to the New York military base last night. I was wondering if you would come back, so I was afraid the room might not be clean, that’s why…” Lucy said softly, raising her head and looking directly into Kyle’s eyes. Her hands showed no intention of letting go.

She wore a homey wrapped long skirt, with a beige apron tied in front of her shapely chest. It was evident that she had been cleaning.

“On the battlefield in Germany, I even slept in open-air tents. So, even if the room is not clean, it’s better than a tent, right?” Kyle smiled and winked. “It’s not good for us to stand in front of the door like this. How about we go inside first?”

If people found out that his home was here, this entire street would probably be crowded every day.

“I won’t let go. You have to take me inside,” Lucy said stubbornly, pouting like a Persian cat, tightly relying on Kyle’s embrace.

“I can’t resist you.” Kyle affectionately shook his head, using one hand to support the girl’s hips as he carried her into the house. Lucy buried her entire body in his arms.

Inside the villa, the walls, floors, and furniture were all immaculately clean, and it looked as if they were brand new.

Lucy had transformed the guest room into her own decorated space, while Kyle’s original room, although still empty, was meticulously cleaned and maintained every day, showing no signs of being unoccupied for long.

Kyle first returned to his room, taking off the Venom Battlesuit that served as a light bulb and changing into a custom-made casual suit for lounging at home. After all, his genetically enhanced body, as a Super Soldier, had reached the perfect human physique, rendering his previous clothes unfitting.

In the downstairs living room, the fireplace crackled with flickering flames. The Christmas tree, adorned with decorative lights, had not been taken down yet. A flower vase and a fruit platter adorned the table, while a small box beside it was piled with black and white newspaper clippings.

Downstairs, Kyle sat on the couch, feeling slightly puzzled, and casually picked up a few clippings from the box. Glancing at them briefly, he saw pictures of himself and news articles from The New York Times, carefully cut and preserved with a protective film.

“Hey, don’t look at that!” Suddenly, Lucy’s panicked exclamation came from upstairs. Lucy, now wearing a white dress, hurriedly descended the stairs with quick steps.

Her pretty face was flushed, and she snatched the clippings from Kyle’s hand, returning them to the box for safekeeping. She explained, “I read those out of boredom. It’s only from those that I learned about your situation on the battlefield.”

Kyle’s heart warmed, and he patted the spot next to him on the couch, smiling as he said, “Come here and tell me about how you’ve been in New York.”

“It’s been so boring, you know,” Lucy pouted her rosy lips boldly, sitting on Kyle’s lap and resting the back of her head against his broad chest. She began to talk about the mundane and messy daily life she had experienced in New York over the past few months.

“There’s a terrifying big dog in the neighboring yard. Every time I pass by on my way to the market, it barks at me ferociously, so sometimes I prefer to take a detour…”

“Some old man who knows I live here often comes to bother me, but fortunately, Officer Joseph asked the nearby police station for regular patrols, so the police would come and arrest or drive away those bad people.”

She spoke in great detail, her words filled with the innocence and softness of a young girl, turning even ordinary and trivial matters into fables.

But Kyle didn’t show the slightest hint of impatience. On the contrary, he listened attentively, he even paid more attention to what Lucy was saying than he did when he listened to General Chester or Fury explain the frontline situation at the military base.

It had been a long time since he had obtained the abilities of a Super Soldier. He hadn’t experienced the common human thoughts of fear, worry, vulnerability, and so on.

Kyle lowered his head and looked at the beautiful girl in his arms, speaking softly and he suddenly realized something.

In this Marvel World, would be willing to sacrifice everything in times of absolute crisis, perhaps everyone, including Logan, Fury, and Steve, his comrades with whom he could trust his life would be sacrificed. But only Lucy couldn’t be easily let go or abandoned.

Because only Lucy could bring back the emotions he once had as a human, rather than evolving just to become stronger, resorting to any means necessary and being a heartless being without any bottom line.

“Compared to that ferocious dog next door, I actually prefer cats more…”

While Lucy was still muttering, Kyle took a deep breath and interrupted her, saying, “Lucy, listen to me.”

“Hmm?” Lucy turned around in surprise, meeting his gaze up close.

With a smile, Kyle gently asked, “Would you be willing to be my family?”

(End of Chapter)

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