IMUC-Chapter 80: Return and Card Extraction

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High above the Atlantic Ocean, the wings of the gigantic transport plane tore through the clouds, leaving white scars in the blue sky.

After more than a month of warfare, the officers who participated as the vanguard forces were physically and mentally exhausted. They quickly fell asleep even in the uncomfortable seats of the cabin.

The scientists, who were important hostages, sat under the guard of armed soldiers, their faces heavy with concern, maintaining silence among themselves.

As a result, the interior of the transport plane was quiet, with only faint sounds of internal equipment and external airflow.

Kyle sat in a window seat, eyes closed, gradually sinking his thoughts into the vast Card Space.

After the large-scale Allied occupation of Germany, he was probably the biggest winner of this war. The amount of loot he obtained from the battlefield and the underground arsenal/treasury was astonishing!

In the expansive Card Space, countless Item Cards floated in the Material Card Area, radiating different shades of White, Green, and Blue, shining like the stars in the night sky.

In fact, the proportion of White Item Cards was the smallest, mostly consisting of cheap and common equipment. These were the items Kyle had casually extracted during the early stages of the campaign. Later, as Green-Grade weapons and equipment became ubiquitous on the battlefield, he couldn’t be bothered to even look at White-Grade items, let alone extract them.

Kyle first organized the cards in the Material Card Area. The gold, gemstones, and valuable collectibles were all transferred to the Item Card area for storage, becoming the wealth foundation for his future power development.

The majority of German weapons items remained in the Material Card Area. For him, these outdated pieces of equipment were useless to keep but a waste to discard. As usual, he would treat them as material cards for sacrifice.

Card Tributing—

With a thought, over ten thousand Green Item Cards designated for sacrifice floated up. One by one, they disintegrated and disappeared, and a thousand new cards of various types replaced them.

A thousand consecutive draws!

“You sacrificed 【Mauser Pistol】×1023, 【German Rifle】×2046… 【Mauser 98K】×59, 【Light Machine Gun】×49… 【Reconnaissance Equipment】×26, 【German Grenade】×186…”

Although they were all Green Item Cards, it was still the first time he had consecutively drawn such a large number, causing a slight tremor of excitement in Kyle’s heart.

“Extraction succeeds. Congratulations, you’ve obtained 【Life Increase】×34, 【Piranha】, 【Golden Lion】, 【Galactic Alliance Language Mastery】, 【Military Tank】, 【Laptop】, 【Unhatched Monster Egg】…”

As thousands of Tribute Extraction cards appeared, emitting a dense green light, a deep blue card flew out from among them.

“It’s not easy. After a thousand consecutive draws, I finally got a Blue-Grade item,” Kyle sighed with emotion as he reached out and received the new rare Blue Card.

【Unhatched Monster Egg】: Obtained a genetically mutated giant egg. Rare Blue Lifeform Card.

It appeared to be a hybrid egg of ancient reptiles and dinosaurs, not yet fully hatched. It needed to be placed in a warm and stable environment for a long period of time to incubate.

Current Status: Can be materialized, but cannot be summoned.

“What the heck is this?” Kyle was a little confused when he saw the egg. It was the first time he had drawn this type of Lifeform Card.

Whether it was the summonable 【Blue Falcon】, 【Ancient Colossus Dragon-Turtle】, or the one-time summon 【Toxic Hornet’s Nest】, they were all in their mature stages upon being drawn. Only 【Primary Venom Symbiote】 started as a newborn baby.

But this time, he was given an egg and told to hatch it over time.

“However, even if it’s just a lifeform egg, being a Rare Blue-grade, the lifeform that hatches from it should be quite powerful, it could be a dinosaur monster, or an extraterrestrial lifeform, right?” Kyle pondered, stroking his chin, before storing the card at the top of the Lifeform Card area.

Who knew how long it would take for this egg to hatch? It would be comical if it took a century or two to crack open.

Kyle once again organized the thousand new Green Cards, dividing them into categories such as Ability Cards, Lifeform Cards, Item Cards, and Material Cards. Finally, his gaze fell upon the fifty blue-grade 【Cube Fragments】.

It was proven that relying solely on low-grade Item Cards for Tribute Extraction was unreliable. The probability of drawing a higher grade card was pitifully low.

To obtain high-grade cards, one must sacrifice items of the same grade!

“This time, it’s up to you again.” Kyle’s eyes were filled with anticipation as he sacrificed all the 【Cube Fragments】.

“You sacrificed 【Cube Fragment】×50!”

“Extraction succeeds. Congratulations, you’ve obtained 【Wall Climbing】, 【Extraterrestrial Bomb】, 【Elf’s Divine Protection】, 【Life Increase】, 【Aerial Dash】.”

Five new cards appeared, radiating a clear blue light, silently floating in the air within the Card Space.

“It seems like they’re all good things. Has the Goddess of Luck finally sided with me?” Kyle licked his dry lips in excitement and quickly examined the other four Blue Cards, except for the familiar 【Life Increase】 card.

【Wall Climbing】: Enables free wall climbing on any cover. Blue Ability Card.

Within half an hour of activating the skill, even the smooth glass walls of tall buildings could easily be scaled through wall climbing, allowing free movement in any direction. The cooldown time for the skill was three hours.

Current Status: Skill-type Ability Card, does not affect physique or genetics.

“This is similar to the ability of that little spider from the future.” Kyle pondered. However, since it was drawn as an independent skill, wall climbing seemed to be even stronger than spider crawling, as it allowed free movement on walls as if they were flat ground.

The only downside was that skill-type cards required a cooldown period. However, Venom, who was capable of learning the host’s abilities, happened to compensate for this drawback.

Kyle stored 【Wall Climbing】 and proceeded to examine the remaining three new cards.

【Extraterrestrial Bomb】: An extraterrestrial bomb derived from outer space technology. Blue Item Card.

A small round bomb containing destructive explosive power. After pressing the activation button, the bomb irreversibly begins a ten-second countdown. After ten seconds, it will consume and destroy everything within a hundred-meter radius.

“A mini-nuclear bomb?” Kyle’s eyelid twitched when he read the description. If he were to be even slightly affected by this thing, he might end up not dying but he would definatly be skinned alive.

【Elf’s Divine Protection】: Blessing bestowed by a grand Nature Elf. Blue Lifeform Card.

Summon a Nature Elf and bestow its blessings upon others. The blessed individual gains a natural affinity and the favor of nature.

Current Status: One-time use, can be used on one target. Cannot be used on the card’s owner (the killing intent is too heavy).

“After the strange egg, another peculiar Lifeform Card.” Kyle frowned and placed it alongside the egg card.

He then turned his attention to the last new card. His heart trembled, and a look of excitement appeared in his eyes.

【Aerial Dash】, the third skill-type Ability Card!

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