IMUC-Chapter 48: Sky Hunt

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In the skies above the Alps, under the intense midday sunlight, the massive transport aircraft roared as it steadily gained altitude. It quickly pierced through the layers of clouds and soared above a kilometer high.

It headed in the direction of New York City, embarking on its journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

At the rear wheel of the transport aircraft, Kyle held tightly onto the Carbonadium Sword nailed to the landing gear, while his other hand firmly grasped Steve. The two of them were suspended beneath the aircraft, connected to each other.

“Kyle, are you okay?” Steve shouted loudly, their voices barely audible amidst the tremendous wind pressure at high altitudes.

“I’m fine, but you should lose some weight,” Kyle quipped, exerting force with one hand to throw Steve upwards toward the frame. Once Steve had a firm grip on the frame, Kyle himself placed his feet securely on the wheel.

Just beneath their feet was the continuously ascending sky, a sight that sent shivers down their spines.

“I know the basic structure of this transport aircraft. Follow me,” Steve waved his hand, taking the lead as he climbed upward.

Kyle relied on the Carbonadium Sword to anchor himself to the fuselage, ensuring his safety as he climbed behind Steve.

As Super Soldiers, their agility and dexterity were extraordinary. They ascended from the rotating wheels of the airborne transport aircraft without any danger. In no time, they reached the lower rear compartment of the aircraft and opened the safety hatch at the bottom, completely entering the interior of the transport aircraft.

The rear compartment of the transport aircraft was spacious, filled with technology-laden equipment. Dim lights maintained sufficient visibility.

“Kyle, take a look—” Steve’s face turned solemn as he seemed to notice something. He lowered his voice and gestured towards a particular spot in the rear compartment of the transport aircraft.

Following his gaze, Kyle saw two peculiar-looking single-seat aircraft parked in the rear compartment of the transport aircraft. These aircraft had a smaller size than typical single-seat fighters, with an elliptical shape and a deep green paint.

Strangely, there were no obvious gun muzzles on the exterior, but the lower half of the fuselage was three times larger than the upper half.

There was no need for speculation; the identification message of the Item Card quickly appeared.

[Atomic Bomber]: A single-seat transport aircraft equipped with a nuclear bomb. Its power to deploy nuclear explosions can easily destroy a large city. Rare Blue Item Card.

Current Status: Unavailable for extraction. A one-time-use item.

Kyle’s heart trembled as he saw this. He finally understood why Red Skull was confident enough to annihilate the entire western coast of the United States.

These were two atomic bombers! If they were allowed to enter the country’s territory, even a superpower with strong military forces would be overwhelmed.

“Steve, find the device in the rear compartment of the transport aircraft and drop these two planes directly into the ocean,” Kyle decisively commanded. At this point, the transport aircraft was likely flying over the Atlantic airspace.

If Red Skull succeeded in delivering the atomic bombers to New York, the consequences and the loss of life would be unimaginable. Steve also understood this so he nodded in agreement, and just as this happened, a squad of armed Hydra guards rushed over to the rear compartment of the aircraft.

“We’ve been spotted?” Kyle raised his eyebrows and raised his Carbonadium Sword with a cold expression on his face, and went to confront them while urging Steve, “Hurry up, I’ll hold them off.”

“Enemy attack! Open fire!” The squad of armed guards saw Kyle swiftly charging toward them and quickly opened fire with energy weapons.

In an instant, the rear compartment of the transport aircraft was illuminated by dazzling blue laser beams.

“These idiots—” Kyle frowned. He wasn’t afraid of the laser shooting him, but rather the indiscriminate firing of lasers that could potentially ignite the atomic bombers behind him.

‘I don’t want to be buried here with you cannon fodder!’ Kyle silently cursed these idiots in his mind.

“Die!” The expression on Kyle’s face grew colder, and with force, he threw his Carbonadium Sword, directly impaling the captain of the guards who was firing most aggressively, firmly pinning him to the metal wall of the rear compartment.

Faced with the imminent danger, Kyle chose not to evade but instead raised his right hand adorned with the Vibranium Bracer. He continuously blocked the incoming energy lasers, preventing them from reaching the atomic bombers behind him.

“Kyle, catch!” Steve shouted as if he knew Kyle’s predicament, throwing his Adamantium Shield towards him.

Kyle leaped into the air and caught the circular shield, holding it in his left hand and using it to block the dense laser beams while swiftly closing in on one of the guards.

The guard raised his energy laser gun in fear, but in the next moment, Kyle’s right palm blocked the barrel of the gun. The laser shot bounced off the Vibranium Bracer, disintegrating the energy laser gun and the guard’s arm on the spot.

“Nice!” Steve’s voice rang out just as he operated the device buttons. The compartment of one of the nuclear bombers opened first, and it was dropped into the ocean thousands of meters below the transport aircraft.

The opening of the compartment caused the air inside the rear compartment to rush out, sucking in several guards toward the opening.

A demonic smile appeared on Kyle’s face as he calmly looked at the guard writhing on the ground, he held him up with one hand as if he were a small chicken and threw him towards the open compartment where the transport aircraft had been dropped.

In the following moments, each guard who dared to resist was treated by Kyle and Steve as cargo, and they were all thrown down from thousands of meters high in the air.

“Kyle!” Steve suddenly yelled, but it was too late. An approaching guard had managed to reach the second nuclear bomber, opened the cockpit, and sat inside.

Both of them couldn’t stop it in time, and the second nuclear bomber was dropped.

“We can’t let him get away!” Steve said as he was about to rush out of the compartment. But at the last moment, Kyle intercepted him and pulled him back, watching helplessly as the guard flew away in the nuclear bomber.

“Don’t worry, we won’t have to deal with him,” Kyle said confidently, calmly looking at the vast blue sky outside the compartment.

As if to confirm his words, beyond the visible high altitude of the rear compartment, a massive blue bird of prey tore through the clouds, dragging a series of shockwaves behind it as it swiftly pursued the departing nuclear bomber.

“So, you called in the Blue Eagle,” Steve said while looking at the silhouette of the Blue Eagel from a distance, feeling relieved in his heart.

“It’s the final battle on the European front. We can’t afford to be careless,” Kyle shrugged and tossed the shield back to Steve. He retrieved his one-handed sword from the metal wall and wiped the blood off the blade on the clothes of one of the guards.

“Alright, Hydra is left with its final leader,” Steve took a deep breath as he stood side by side with Kyle, and with renewed determination, they turned their gaze toward the cockpit door of the transport aircraft.

From hundreds of feet underground to thousands of meters above the sky, it was time to bring about the final end.

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