IMUC-Chapter 45: Kyle Arrives

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Steve Rogers, Captain America.

As a veteran hero in the current stage of the Marvel World, he possessed the perfect physique of a Super Soldier, a superior mind for making tactical decisions, proficiency in a dozen combat techniques, and the indestructible and functional Adamantium Shield.

To some extent, his strength was unparalleled even during World War II, making him the most glorious warrior.

Unfortunately, the sudden appearance of Kyle, who possessed the Extracting Card Ability, put Steve in an awkward position of being overshadowed.

After all, Kyle’s brilliance was too dazzling. Despite both being soldiers and Super Soldiers, when it came to personal strength, combat record, rank, and even the influence and intimidation as an American hero, Steve would always be in Kyle’s shadow.

This made Steve strive even harder during his missions. He wanted to prove himself as Captain, constantly trying to take the lead and pave the way ahead of Kyle.


Steve coldly watched the enemy motorcycles rapidly approaching from behind in his rearview mirror. As he accelerated, he pressed a button on one of the devices on his motorcycle, and instantly, iron cables shot out from both sides of the motorcycle.

Three or four enemy motorcycles in the front immediately met their demise. Those entangled by the iron cables tumbled and crashed into the snow, burying themselves in the ground with a heavy impact.

The remaining enemy motorcycles avoided the cables and continued their pursuit. Soon, they faced the flames shooting from the rear of Steve’s motorcycle and wailed as they fell into a small area engulfed in fire, followed by continuous explosions.

Easily shaking off the pursuers, Steve lifted his head and saw the main gate of the Hydra base in his sight. Guards wielding energy weapons rushed out to confront him and he positioned his shield in front of the motorcycle as a defense.

Under the bombardment of energy tank cannons and the dense laser beams from energy firearms, Steve, riding at full speed, fearlessly charged through the main gate of the base!

This motorcycle had been modified by Howard’s hands and was equipped with various advanced technology devices. Not only did it have the ability to shoot grappling hooks and spew flames from the rear, but it also had a self-destruct mechanism.

As soon as Steve leaped from the motorcycle after crashing into the Hydra base, the motorcycle continued forward and crashed into the main gate before exploding. The powerful explosion instantly blew open a hole in the door that was halfway open, obliterating a dozen guards in the vicinity.

“Bring it on!” Steve shouted while holding his shield, single-handedly charging into the group of guards, engaging in combat with dozens of them.

At the same time, on the side of the main gate of the Hydra base, just a hundred meters away on the snowy mountains, thousands of American soldiers lurked in silence, awaiting the opportune moment according to the plan.

At the forefront of the army, Kyle crouched on the edge of the snow with Fury, using binoculars to observe Steve’s bloody battle.

Fury exclaimed, “This guy, although he’s just serving as bait, he’s really starting to fight more like you.”

“No,” Kyle shook his head gently and said slowly, “This should be his true fighting style.”

Due to being seen as a symbol of American justice and protection, Steve was often underestimated in terms of his offensive abilities.

In fact, as the lonely vanguard charging ahead in every war, defending everything with his shield and countering enemies from all sides, that was the true essence of Captain America.

Next, following the predetermined plan, Steve was eventually defeated under the continuous siege of armed guards and was captured and taken into the base.

Seeing the base doors fully open, Kyle nodded and gave the command, “Lieutenant Fury, lead the troops and attack the main gate of the base directly. Annihilate and destroy all the internal facilities. Quickly surround this place and don’t let a single member of the Hydra organization escape.”

“Understood,” Fury nodded, looking thoughtful as he watched Kyle. “Are you going to infiltrate directly using the pulley system?”

“Of course. I can’t afford to be slow; otherwise, Red Skull might escape. I must enter the base as quickly as possible and intercept him,” Kyle said, his azure eyes gleaming with a chilling light, emanating a barely perceptible aura of killing intent. “It’s also time to settle the old scores from last time.”

Meanwhile, inside the final underground base of Hydra, in the second-floor hall.

Steve was being held captive by two armed guards and brought directly into the hall, where he stopped in front of a man with a hideous crimson skull face.

The man in front of Steve, with a hideous crimson skull-like face, was none other than Schmidt, the founder of the Hydra organization, also known as Red Skull.

He stared coldly at Steve, standing just a few steps away, and said with a contemptuous tone, “You truly inherited the arrogance of the Americans and went overboard. To think that you would come here alone to meet your demise.”

“Dr. Erskine managed to escape from me and gave everything to you and that Kyle,” Red Skull sneered.

Speaking of this, Red Skull gnashed his teeth, his expression twisted with anger to the point that his face appeared even more repulsive. As a Super Soldier like the two before him, he fell short and was disfigured to this extent.

“Dr. Erskine told me that you are nothing but a complete madman, unworthy of the things he bestowed upon you,” Steve taunted with a smile.

“Shut up! He’s just jealous of my innately gifted abilities! What do you have that’s so special?” Red Skull growled, clenched his fists, and delivered a powerful blow to Steve’s stomach.

“Cough.” Steve coughed in pain, dropping to his knees in the grand hall.

Red Skull looked down at him before he drew a modified energy pistol from his waist, and said, “Captain, let me end your pitiful life.”

In the face of life and death, Steve unexpectedly chuckled and said, “Didn’t you ask what’s so special about me? Sorry, I’m just a guy from Brooklyn, New York, but I have a brother.”

Before he finished speaking, a black figure descended along a suspended cable from outside the window on the second floor of the base and crashed through the glass window and into the grand hall.

The two guards standing at the window noticed the intrusion, but before they could react, the black-clad youth rolled on the ground, dissipating the impact, swiftly rose to his feet, and drew a sharp single-handed sword from his left hand, slashing diagonally in a swift motion.


Like cutting through a watermelon, the fully armed heads of the two guards flew high into the air.

Everything happened so suddenly. From the intrusion of the black-clad youth to the swift execution of the two guards, it was all completed within half a second.

When everyone in the second-floor grand hall looked over, all they could see was the emotionless and ruthless youth in black armor, holding the sword, coldly gazing at them, accompanied by the four severed bodies lying behind him, creating a bloody backdrop.

“Kyle, it’s Kyle from the US military!” Someone in the second-floor grand hall exclaimed, followed by a suffocating sense of panic that engulfed the hearts of most people there.

The members of the Hydra organization had all been brainwashed and were absolutely loyal to them and they didn’t fear death. However, that didn’t mean they had lost the ability to feel fear.

And in this world, the only enemy who could truly make them feel fear was the youth standing before them.

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