IMUC-Chapter 40: The Eve of the Decisive Battle

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Kyle, Steve, and the hostage descended rapidly through the frigid wind and snowflakes from heights of several hundred meters above the glacial valley. Meanwhile, a dozen or so train cars tumbled and rolled down the mountainside, exploding as they went down.

Freefalling from such a height, even experienced parachutists would find it challenging. But this time, they had no parachutes or any other means of escape.

The physical prowess of a Super Soldier, while extraordinary, remained within the range of human perfection, a Super Soldier is capable of withstanding three to five times the amount of lethal stress compared to an ordinary person but plunging hundreds of meters from a cliff edge, this should have been a certain death scenario for anyone including them.

Just moments before jumping from the train car, Steve still couldn’t comprehend any means of survival in such a situation.

However, Steve didn’t hesitate to jump because Kyle had been creating miracles since their days in the training base. Kyle had always been at the forefront, leading and guiding him like a pioneer.

More importantly, Steve believed in Kyle, and that was enough. Kyle himself didn’t think as much as Steve did. After jumping from the train car, he raised his hands toward the sky, as if waiting for something.

At this moment, thousands of meters above the glacial mountain range.

“Swoosh!” A faint blue figure swiftly tore through the atmospheric clouds. Its sharp golden eagle eyes gazed downward as its massive wings, adorned with abundant feathers, abruptly folded, and its head pointed towards the ground, diving downwards.

It resembled an arrow, breaking the sound barrier within an instant and leaving a series of white shockwaves in the sky.

“It’s here.” Kyle’s lips curled into a smile as he witnessed the narrow opening in the cloud layer. He had already summoned the Blue Eagle during this period and had it patrol the sky within a few miles of his position, creating an exclusive airspace for himself.

After all, he had become a major threat to the German military and the Hydra organization. A month ago, enemy aircraft had been deployed to the battlefield, attempting to bomb him and Steve.

The Blue Eagle’s flight maneuverability was exceptional. In a one-on-one encounter with a single fighter jet, it could maneuver behind the opponent before they even noticed its presence and strike with its sharp claws.

The lifeform summoned by the Lifeform Card formed a close, obedient bond with the Cardholder, even establishing a subtle electromagnetic connection between them. However, maintaining the summoned state of the Lifeform Card for an extended period required providing it with daily sustenance.

“What’s coming?” Steve asked with a surprised look on his face. His gaze had been fixed on the ground as they continued to fall rapidly.

Kyle had yet to explain when, in the next instant, a massive shadow cast over them, accompanied by a powerful gust of wind.

“Chirp!” The Blue Eagle let out a clear cry as it swiftly approached, catching Kyle with its body first, and then using one of its claws to firmly grip Steve along with the hostage.

“Oh my, what kind of bird is this?” Steve was startled as he looked back at the Blue Eagle, with its wingspan of nearly ten meters wide and his mouth gaped in astonishment.

“Chirp chirp.” The Blue Eagle glanced at Steve with its clawed foot. Its wings flapped, tearing apart the wind and snow below, creating a localized hurricane as it ascended into the sky.

Steve was a little dazed and hesitantly said, “I feel like it’s looking down on me.”

Kyle, sitting on the Blue Eagle’s neck, said, “It’s a type of Eagle. He is very intelligent, with the mental capacity of a ten-year-old child.”

“I’ve never seen such a large eagle before.” Steve, knowing they had escaped the danger, relaxed a bit and chuckled, “By the way, how come you’re sitting on it while I’m caught in its claws?”

“Well…” Kyle paused as if lost in thought. He began to weave a story and said, “I met it when I was a child in the forests on the mountains. Back then, the Blue Eagle was the same size as a normal eagle. Later, it was infected by a radioactive medicament from a factory, causing its body to undergo mutations. Not only did its feathers change color, but it also grew larger.”

“I see.” Steve nodded, accepting Kyle’s words without doubt or further questions, simply trusting him.

“Steve, after we return, I hope you won’t reveal the Blue Eagle’s existence to anyone, including Agent Carter.”

Kyle gently stroked the feathers on the Blue Eagle’s head and got straight to the point. “The Blue Eagle won’t harm humans, and it only feeds on the beasts and wild animals in the mountains. If certain individuals with ill intentions were to learn about its existence, they might try to hunt it down.”

“Alright, I won’t say anything,” Steve promptly agreed.

Kyle also felt a sense of relief when he hears this. For the Marvel World, the appearance of lifeforms like the Blue Eagle was still a bit early.

In the 21st century and beyond, with various mutations and the constant advancements in technology, mythological beings like the God of Thunder and Loki would casually visit Earth. Coupled with alien technology and the existence of magic expanding the mindset of humans, the existence of the Blue Eagle would be less of a surprise.

After the Blue Eagle safely carried the three of them away from the valley, it gently landed them in the snowy terrain surrounding the mountains. Then, with a powerful beat of its wings, it disappeared into the high clouds.

Kyle and Steve, along with their captive, hurried towards the prearranged meeting point to rendezvous with Fury’s forces before returning to the base.

That night, in the underground war room of the base…

The large-scale operational map covered the walls like wallpaper, filled with markers and symbols. Six areas with flagpoles were marked with X’s, indicating they had been successfully eliminated.

“That’s the situation. Sergeant Bucky Barnes fell into the valley and died during the mission. The captive has been handed over to our specialists for interrogation.”

“The Hydra organization has now separated from the German military. According to our intelligence, Red Skull, the leader of Hydra, possesses a mysterious item that can generate infinite energy.”

“Do we need to seize that item? I haven’t forgotten about my grudge against Red Skull.”

“Of course, even if we don’t create infinite energy, we cannot allow Hydra to freely misuse it.”

At a spotlight-lit desk in the war room, Kyle, Steve, Agent Carter, and Colonel, the base’s commanding officer, sat on chairs, discussing and deliberating.

“Major Kyle, Lieutenant Steve, I need you both to be prepared!” The Colonel sternly looked at Kyle and Steve across from him and earnestly said, “If we obtain information on Red Skull’s whereabouts from the captive in this mission, it will be up to you two to strike as the shield and sword.”

The shield represented American justice and protection, while the sword represented American power and decisiveness.

Though Kyle and Steve held respectable ranks, they weren’t extremely high-ranking, yet their reputation and prestige within the country surpassed that of some Generals and Officers.

Therefore, the base’s commanding officer, Colonel, treated them with equal status and respect.

Steve nodded in response, “Understood. I will make the necessary preparations in advance and depart immediately once we receive any information.”

“As for Red Skull as the target, you don’t need to tell me twice— I will insist on going,” Kyle said coldly.

He still hadn’t settled the score from their last encounter!

(End of Chapter)

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