IMUC-Chapter 38: The Rampaging Train

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“Wuwuwu, clang clang—”

The steam whistle of an old-fashioned train echoed faintly through the snowy peaks, surrounded by pristine white snow-capped mountains.

A long steel cable hung from the peak, spanning a hundred meters of vertical drop, with its other end tied to the slope of the opposite snow-covered mountain, directly above the railway tracks.

“This is what it must feel like swinging on a swing.” Kyle shrugged as he stood at the edge of the peak, tightly gripping the iron ring apparatus that slid along the descending cable.

“Be careful. If we miss the ten-second window, we’ll be run over by the train,” Steve warned.

“Alright, I’ll find the right timing,” Bucky nodded. Unlike the Super Soldiers, he carried an energy weapon as his primary means of engagement.

“Everyone ready!”

Fury had been observing the situation through a telescope. When he saw the approaching enemy train on the tracks below, he raised his voice, “It’s moving fast. Get ready—”

“3, 2, 1, GO!”

As soon as Fury’s command fell, Kyle leaped off the peak, grabbing the iron ring and sliding rapidly down the cable. Steve and Bucky swiftly followed behind.

“Swoosh!” The biting wind mixed with snowflakes blew against their faces as Kyle, clad in black tactical gear, broke through the wind and snow.

He watched as the train’s locomotive zoomed past beneath him on the tracks, then released his grip and effortlessly landed on the roof in the middle of the train.

“Thud!” Steve and Bucky also landed on the train roof one after another. The train continued its high-speed journey, with the snow-covered valley just beside the tracks, creating a nerve-wracking drop of several hundred meters.

“Kyle, what’s your plan?” Steve asked aloud, knowing Kyle’s preference for solo missions despite his rank as a Major.

“It’s simple. I’ll enter the train from the middle car to divert the enemy guards’ attention. You two go ahead and rush to the front car, to the driver’s cabin, and capture the mission target,” Kyle explained and without waiting for Steve’s response, he swiftly climbed down the side of the train car, forcefully breaking through the door with a twist of the handle.

Within seconds of Kyle entering the train car, the interior echoed with intrusion alarms, the laser bursts of energy weapons, and the agonized cries of enemy soldiers.

Bucky on the roof shook his head as he spoke, “As expected, he is straightforward and brutal.”

“Let’s go,” Steve said casually, waving his hand forward. He crouched low, using the train roof as a pathway as he moved toward the front car of the train.

Inside the middle car of the train, under the bright lights, lay the corpses of five fully armed German guards. Some had their hands directly severed, while others were cut at the waist. The more visually appealing deaths were those with their hearts pierced directly.

Several energy weapons, emitting a dazzling blue glow, were scattered on the ground, stained with blood. Most of the German guards hadn’t even had a chance to use these high-end weapons against the intruder before losing their lives.

“Tic-tac—” Kyle, with a cold and expressionless face, held a blood-dripping long sword in his left hand, while his right Vibranium Bracer emitted a faint smoke. His military boots stepped slowly onto the crimson and viscous pool of blood on the floor.

He surveyed the stacked supplies in the car and suddenly noticed a surveillance camera in the corner of the car, with a dim red light indicating its active state.

“Have you noticed me?” Kyle’s lips curled into a cold smile as he spoke. He lowered his body and picked up a blue-glowing energy pistol from the ground. Taking aim, he pulled the trigger, and a small blue laser shot out from the muzzle, reducing the surveillance camera to dust.

On the other end of the monitoring equipment was the main driver’s compartment of the train where a middle-aged professor with a bald head and glasses, along with the train driver, showed a genuine fear emanating from the depths of their souls.

“The Executioner has truly arrived! We’re doomed, absolutely doomed… The guards on the train won’t be able to stop him,” The train driver’s tongue seemed frozen as his voice trembled uncontrollably.

Kyle, the U.S. Army Major, was not only nationally renowned in the United States but had also reached a very high level of infamy in Germany!

His reputation was built upon the countless corpses of German soldiers. The German military bore a deep hatred for Kyle and even contemplated carpet-bombing and annihilating him through frontline bombing operations.

He was like a nightmare haunting the minds of the Germans. Even the most fearless soldiers would be filled with trepidation at the mention of the name “Kyle.”

“Shut up! Deploy more guards to secure this main driver’s compartment!” The bald professor slapped the train driver across the face before he gazed at the flickering surveillance screen.

Madness flickered in his eyes behind the lenses of his glasses as he muttered under his breath, “Hurry, come at the right moment! Even if it means death, I will drag you down to hell with me!”

After disabling the surveillance camera, Kyle surveyed the train car, searching for valuable items to scavenge. One of the reasons he preferred solo missions was that he carried many secrets related to the Card System and didn’t want to expose himself too much, even to someone like Steve.

The other reason was that only through solo combat could he encounter high-quality enemy military supplies and extract them as Cards.

Especially with the independent development of Hydra within Germany, he had amassed a considerable number of military weapon supplies of Blue Item Card quality after Hydra had developed new energy weapons.

The 【Charged Laser Gun】, 【Enhanced Energy Pistol】, 【Cube Fragment】…

Within a three-meter radius of Kyle, his field of vision was filled with Extractable Blue Item Cards.

“An actual Cube Fragment Box!” Kyle blinked his eyes in pleasant surprise. This was an unexpected gain. A box of Cube Fragments typically contained around Twenty-Five Blue Item Cards.

Sometimes, even after capturing an entire base or factory, it took time to find half a box of Cube Fragments as raw energy material.

“With Steve and Bucky, these two should easily be able to deal with the guards in the driver’s cabin,” Kyle murmured softly. His thoughts didn’t pause as he continued extracting Cube Fragments at a rate of three seconds per fragment, converting all the energy blocks in the box into cards and storing them in his Card Space.

Over a minute had passed, and during that time, not a single enemy guard had arrived to interrupt his card extraction rhythm. With the extraction complete, Kyle stood up just as the train suddenly shook violently, causing him to stagger and almost fall to the ground.

“What’s happening?” Kyle furrowed his brow and quickly opened the train car door, sticking his head out to observe the front of the train.

He saw that a massive breach had been blasted open in the front car of the train and billowing smoke was pouring out from the driver’s cabin. He could even catch glimpses of red flames flickering within.

More importantly, the train was accelerating, quickly exceeding the speed limit. Sparks flew from the wheels beneath the train, splashing a large number of sparks onto the tracks!

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