IMUC-Chapter 37 Renowned Nationwide

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Over a month later.

New York, Brooklyn, Seamist Street.

The winter-wrapped streets gradually came alive under the morning sun, and it was the time shortly after the Christmas season and just before the arrival of the new year. Despite being in the midst of World War II, the bustling economic metropolis of New York remained untouched by the war’s smoke and flames.

On a wintry morning, people bundled up in coats hurriedly walked the streets, busy with their work and livelihoods. From time to time, one could see children wearing hoods and clutching stacks of black and white newspapers, darting through the bustling streets and shouting:

“Latest edition of The New York Times! Major Kyle and Lieutenant Steve once again annihilate the German Bases with their troops!”

“Wall Street Journal! Two American heroes shine again as the German front retreats twenty miles due to insufficient resources!”

“Indomitable and victorious, the iron-blooded officer who turned the tide of the war. Today, we present to you the glorious path of Major Kyle, the enemy of ten thousand men!”

During this period, the newspapers were mostly filled with frontline combat reports, especially those highlighting victories. Once published, they would be snatched up by eager citizens in no time.

Sure enough, within half an hour, the rosy-cheeked newspaper boy, whose face was freezing in the cold, sold out two stacks of newspapers on the windswept street.

It proved that even though the surface of World War II had not affected New York, it was enough to make people worry about the American troops on the front lines, and they hoped and prayed for the war to end soon.

“Can I have one, please?” A golden-haired girl wearing a purple scarf smiled and waved at the newspaper boy running past her on the street and spoke. The boy immediately ran over and took the change, placing the last copy of the newspaper in the girl’s basket.

His eyes widened as he looked at the girl whose face resembled that of an angel, unable to resist praising, “Big sister, you’re really beautiful.”

“Such sweet words. Thank You.” The golden-haired girl’s beautiful eyes curved as she smiled warmly, her smile capable of melting the surrounding snow, causing countless passing gentlemen to accidentally bump into lampposts.

“I should head home now.” Lucy exhaled a breath of cold air and elegantly carried her basket of groceries and newspapers as she walked back home.

Although it was referred to as “home,” it was actually the house where Kyle used to live. Located at 199 Seamist Street, it was a classic Western-style duplex villa with a balcony garden.

Lucy took off her boots upon entering and was greeted by the warmth of the fireplace. The temperature inside was much cozier than outside, so she removed her thick coat, revealing her graceful figure beneath the woolen sweater.

After placing the basket on the table, Lucy’s elegant and poised demeanor outside quickly changed. She hurriedly unfolded the newspapers from the basket with an excited look on her face and laid them out on the table.

The newspapers all had headlines and picture sections, and the heroes in these newspapers differed greatly. They were either a stern young man wielding a round shield and commanding the soldiers, or a cold-looking young man in black combat attire brandishing a long sword charging towards the enemy.

Beneath the pictures in the newspapers were detailed character introductions.

“Steve Rogers, 23 years old, Captain America, Lieutenant Officer.”

(Steve Rogers, in his first battle ventured deep into the enemy’s rear area alongside Major Kyle, breaking through the factory base, rescuing 500 American soldiers held captive there and successfully making a breakthrough to come back.

His soldiers call him Captain America and he lead his team and charged at the forefront with his shield, capturing five German Bases within a month and minimizing casualties on our side.

He is a patriot, a Super Soldier, the embodiment of American justice!)

Lucy quickly glanced over Steve’s personal profile, but her eager eyes quickly fell on the other side, where a longer and more detailed personal profile was written.

“Kyle Doffer, 23 years old, the youngest Major in military history.”

Upon reading this, Lucy’s face lit up with satisfaction, and she gently opened her lips to recite Kyle’s subsequent achievements:

“Major Kyle is the youngest recipient of the rank of Major in the history of the United States. In a counterattack operation, he infiltrated the enemy base despite overwhelming odds, annihilated the German commanding officer and the main force, and successfully turned the tide of the frontline battle.

To this day, Major Kyle’s military campaigns have always ended in resounding victories. He has achieved extraordinary feats by single-handedly taking on entire enemy squads. According to incomplete records, he has surpassed ten thousand kills, earning him the title of a true nemesis of ten thousand enemies!

He is a symbol of American power and a hero feared by the German Army. He is known as the ‘Devil’ and the ‘Executioner’.”

The latest news reveals that the President of the United States has awarded Major Kyle with an honorary medal for his services.”

Lucy finished reading smoothly in one breath and her face became radiant with happiness. Although such extensive and praising reports about Kyle were frequently published during this period, she would buy these newspapers every time and spend days exploring and reading them.

“Just a few months ago, he was just a rookie who infiltrated enemy bases, and now he has become a Major Officer. He represents the power of the United States, a true hero!” Lucy pouted her rosy lips as she spoke.

She was under immense pressure now. Not only in New York City but young women across the entire country were infatuated with the cold and handsome-looking young man depicted in the newspaper.

After all, movie theaters in some major cities would occasionally screen propaganda films showcasing battlefield operations.

Kyle and Steve could be considered Heroes in these past few months, just like characters in war documentary films. Their perfect figures, daring actions, and youthful handsomeness were all on display.

A single gesture of them raising an arm or looking into the camera on the projection screen was enough to elicit ecstatic screams from some infatuated teenage girls.

“Anyway, I was the first one to know Kyle. Lucy, you have to stay strong. There’s no reason you would lose to those women.” Lucy silently encouraged herself as she curled up on the sofa.

She resembled a woman waiting for her husband to return, and finally muttered with a touch of melancholy, “It’s almost the New Year, I wonder when Kyle will come back…”

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away from New York, in the glacial mountains of an enemy-controlled area. A rugged railroad track extended from the snowy mountainside below, surrounded by snow-capped peaks with fierce winds and falling snowflakes.

On the top of one of the snowy peaks, a team of several dozen American soldiers clad in military coats lays in wait, using listening devices to intercept messages transmitted from the rear base.

Fury spoke with certainty, “It’s been confirmed without a doubt. The approaching train carries an important figure from the Hydra organization, a newly appointed middle-aged German scientist named Arnim Zola.”

“Alright, let’s board the train. Since we only need to capture a prisoner this time, we don’t need too many people,” Kyle quickly said while looking towards Steve at his side.

Steve nodded and replied, “It’ll be just the two of us, along with Bucky. The three of us are skilled solo operatives, and we don’t need to fear the number of guards on the train.”

“OK,” Kyle nodded in agreement. In truth, he could handle this mission alone without fearing any danger.

Kyle, Steve, and Bucky.

The three of them prepared themselves, standing side by side on the freezing cold edge of the peak, looking down several hundred meters of the steep slope, patiently awaiting the arrival of the enemy’s train.

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