IMUC-Chapter 19: The End of the Battle

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In the final stages of the raid, Kyle had already pushed his body beyond its limits. Excessive blood loss from being shot, coupled with prolonged high-intensity combat, had taken its toll on him As soon as he allowed himself to relax, he swiftly fell into a unconscious state.

Fury commanded several soldiers to transport Kyle and the rescued girl back to the temporary camp for urgent medical attention, while he continued the assault with the remaining ninety soldiers.

Thanks to Kyle’s massive explosion, the once formidable base now stood defenseless, its organizational systems riddled with vulnerabilities.

The hundreds of surviving German soldiers found themselves without commanding officers to lead them into battle. Their initial plan had been to rescue their injured comrades from the explosion area, but now they were faced with a fully armed and well-prepared American force joining the assault, resulting in their swift collapse.

The battle raged on from late into the night until five o’clock in the morning. As the sky brightened, resembling daylight, Fury and his troops finally completed their “clearing” of the large base. Despite their overwhelming force, they had still lost twenty-seven soldiers.

However, the outcome was extraordinary. Alongside Kyle’s remarkable accomplishments, their unit had successfully annihilated approximately 1,200 German soldiers stationed at the base, effectively seizing control of the enemy’s major military stronghold.

This marked the first time the American military had achieved such a stunning victory in battle!

Of course, Kyle remained oblivious to these developments. He slumbered soundly for an entire week while in his comatose state.

When he finally regained consciousness, it was the morning of the eighth day.

Kyle opened his eyes and found himself lying on a spacious white hospital bed. His left shoulder was bandaged from his waist down, and an IV tube was connected to his wrist. Various medical instruments and probes adorned his bare upper body.

Was it really necessary for such extensive measures due to a gunshot wound?

Kyle couldn’t help but smile wryly, realizing that he had been unconscious for quite some time. After all, during his period of unconsciousness, his mind had been trapped within the confines of the Card Space.

But now, he felt mentally and physically revitalized. His body must have undergone significant recovery.

With his hand, Kyle disconnected the IV and probes, gently pressing against the wound on his left shoulder. He could still discern a faint ache, but he comfortably reclined against the headboard.

The tables on either side of the bed were adorned with flowers and fruits. A gentle breeze stirred the gauze curtains, offering glimpses of the serene blue sky, forest, and grassland beyond. The atmosphere exuded tranquility.

“Where have I been transported to?” Kyle pondered. Clearly, this was neither the frontline combat zone nor a training base.

But ultimately, it didn’t matter where he was. As long as he was alive and in good health, that was all that truly mattered.

Kyle, ever adaptable, felt a pang of hunger in his stomach. Without delay, he reached for an apple on the table, biting into it and relishing the satisfying crunch as it quelled the surge of hunger.

As he reached for a third apple, the door to the ward suddenly swung open, and instinctively, Kyle looked up while still munching on his apple.

The sight that greeted him left him astounded.

Before his eyes stood a face as exquisite as an angel’s, with large, clear, aquamarine eyes and soft, pink lips. Golden curls cascaded down her shoulders.

The young girl donned a sky-blue knee-length dress that accentuated her graceful curves, her youthful body exuding a lovable and enchanting charm. Her exposed arms were slender and fair.

This was the second top-tier European and American beauty that Kyle had laid eyes on since his rebirth. The first had been Agent Carter from the training base, although Carter exuded a more mature and glamorous beauty, while the girl before him radiated a captivating and endearing appeal.

Observing Kyle biting into the apple, the girl blinked in surprise before excitedly calling out from the doorway, resembling a lively rabbit, “Doctor, doctor! Kyle has awakened!”

“So, it’s her,” Kyle murmured in astonishment. Hearing that familiar voice, he recognized her as the girl he had rescued from the German base.

At that time, the darkness had shrouded their surroundings, and the girl’s face had been pale and bloodless, her body tied up in a pitiful state. She had appeared entirely different from her present appearance.

“Hey, hey, you shouldn’t eat the apple like that. You have to peel it,” The girl informed the doctor before swiftly returning to the ward and snatching half of the apple from Kyle’s hand.

“Why are you here…” Kyle began to speak but quickly realized his mistake, correcting himself, “Um, where am I?”

The girl replied, “We are at the First Military Hospital in New York. After your rescue at the frontline temporary base and stabilization of your condition, you were transported here via a military transport aircraft for further recovery.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is,” Kyle nodded thoughtfully, taking in the gravity of the situation.

“You have no idea. That bullet didn’t just hit your left shoulder; it was only a few centimeters away from your heart. It really scared me during the rescue, but luckily your physique is incredibly robust and superior,” The young girl said as she approached Kyle, reaching out to adjust his white bandage.

“What are you doing?” Kyle looked at her in surprise, noticing the faint fragrance of her golden hair as she drew near.

“I’m helping you change the bandage. My parents were doctors and nurses, so I’m quite adept at these things,” The girl explained with a touch of sadness flickering across her pretty face.

Kyle understood that as a captive, her family and friends in the area must have fallen victim to the invading German forces.

Sensing the tense atmosphere, Kyle compelled himself to find a topic of conversation. “By the way, I never expected… that you would also take care of people.”

“Of course. You have to understand that when you desperately rescue yourself from an enemy base, it’s not just a matter of salvaging a bunch of supplies,” the girl replied, sticking out her pink tongue, a faint blush spreading across her face as she reminisced about the night she had been tied to Kyle’s back. “And, I do have a name—Lucy Jane. Just call me Lucy.”

“Got it,” Kyle smiled, allowing Lucy to skillfully change his bandages.

Before long, the doctor, who also held the position of deputy dean, hurriedly arrived at the ward to examine Kyle’s injuries.

“Doctor, how is he?” Lucy asked anxiously.

“He’s fine,” The doctor smiled, adjusting his glasses as he addressed Kyle. “I never expected that an ordinary person would take about a month to recover from such injuries, but you have already made significant progress in just a week. In about three more days, you can officially be discharged.”

“Three more days?” Kyle shrugged helplessly. While others might consider his physique to be at the top level, he still felt considerably weak.

With the assurance that his injuries were not a cause for concern, the doctor left the ward, leaving behind a remark, “By the way, there’s an officer who asked me to inform him once you woke up. I just called him, so he’ll probably come here to visit soon.”

An officer coming to visit him?

Kyle scratched his head, his mind racing. It wasn’t difficult to guess who the coming officer would be as he was acquainted with fewer than ten officers, and only one or two of them shared a close relationship with him.

After some time…

When the officer knocked on the door and entered the ward, Kyle wore a completely predictable expression, but he still feigned surprise and asked, “Major Joseph, why are you here?”

Indeed, the officer who had come to visit was none other than Major Joseph, the combat instructor from the training base who had given Kyle several physical Green Cards.

“You bastard, why wouldn’t I come!” Officer Joseph, without a hint of pretense, laughed and scolded Kyle at the same time. However, when he noticed Lucy in the ward, he cleared his throat and straightened up, assuming a more serious demeanor. “Oh, so there’s family here?”

Lucy, peeling an apple, shyly lowered her head, refraining from retorting.


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