IMUC-Chapter 187 The Challenger

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Two days had passed.

Tonight was the eagerly anticipated championship match! With just over half an hour to go until the opening, the entire planet’s alien residents were in festive spirits. They paraded through the streets with support banners or took off in Spaceships, all converging on the Interstellar Arena to vie for the best viewing spots.

In the Central Building, in the fitness area of the Challenger’s isolation room:

Kyle, with his shoulder-length silver hair now trimmed to a rugged crew cut, wore nothing but a pair of shorts. His muscular upper body glistened with sweat as he performed warm-up exercises.

The bulging muscles in his arms resembled those of Iron Man, and he effortlessly lifted a colossal barbell that weighed as much as half a ton, making it seem like a mere toy.

“Master, everything is ready,” Vis, transformed into a paralysis nerve control device on Kyle’s neck, reported.

“Good,” Kyle nodded, casually dropping the barbell, which made a deafening thud as it hit the floor.

As he opened the laser-protected door, Night Owl, who had just entered the isolation room, jumped in surprise and exclaimed, “It’s not mealtime. Why are you here? Aren’t you afraid of arousing suspicion from Grandmaster’s guards?”

“You’re quite daring, coming here,” Night Owl said, unimpressed, and rolled her eyes at him. Despite her seemingly youthful appearance, thanks to the longevity granted by her elf genes, it was impossible to determine her actual age.

“What’s wrong with being calm? Isn’t it better than being frantic?” Kyle raised his eyebrows and teased her, an unusual lightness in his tone.

“I thought you wanted me to provide information so you could find an opportunity to escape from here within these two days. And now, the championship match is about to start. Why are you still here?” Night Owl felt anxious for him.

Suddenly, she widened her eyes and said incredulously, “You’re not seriously considering participating in tonight’s championship match, are you?”

“Why not?” Kyle squinted, as if pondering something.

Night Owl shook her head. “You must be crazy. You haven’t seen how terrifying the Demon King is with your own eyes; that’s the only reason you’d have such thoughts.”

“No, quite the opposite. It’s precisely because I know his strength that I want to stay,” Kyle chuckled lightly. His expression became serious, and he clenched his fists quietly. It was not as easy as it seemed.

In the past two days, he and Vis hadn’t found a reliable way to breach the multiple layers of protection in the Central Building and get a glimpse of the champion, the Demon King, who was in another isolation room. Venom’s cohabitant’s messages were the only information they had.

However, after physically summoning the broken axe from that entity here, it seemed to have triggered a subtle divine response due to the short distance. There was a high probability that the true identity of the champion, the Demon King, was related to the Aesir, Thor’s people!

With this information in mind, even if it was dangerous, even if he had to stand against all the lifeforms on this planet, Kyle would stay without hesitation.

He had left Earth and ventured into the stars precisely for this day!

Aesir’s abilities had always been his top choice for Ability Cards. As long as he had Aesir genes, his physique would undoubtedly undergo another level of evolution. It would resolve the issue of his genetic breakdown due to radiation, once and for all.

This was a true make-or-break moment, where danger and opportunity coexisted!

“Everything depends on this one battle,” Kyle took a deep breath, his eyes determined and unwavering. His aura continued to rise and strengthen.

He had to win!

Even if the opponent was a God, it wouldn’t make him falter or retreat. He would wager everything on this fight!

Half an hour later, night fell as expected, casting a thick shroud of darkness over Sakaar City below.

At this moment, the Arena, illuminated by countless Spaceships and the venue’s projection lights, was as bright as day. Amidst the cheers of tens of thousands of lifeforms from various planets, the collective roar of the audience turned into a tangible wave of sound, crashing upon the fully repaired dueling ground below.

In the audience seats, Enri and her two brothers sat side by side in the front row.

“Big sis Enri, it’s been over two days since that day. Have you heard any news from Mr. Kyle?” Calvin’s face was heavy with concern, and for the past few days, he had been visibly troubled, his all-white fur appearing lackluster and lifeless.

“I don’t know much either,” Enri shook her head helplessly and sighed. “I was also chased away from the square that day. Although I’ve been trying to gather information from the Sakaar guards these past two days, as soon as they hear Mr. Kyle’s name, they all look terrified and won’t reveal much. I only know that Mr. Kyle is safe for now, but I don’t know where he is exactly.”

“What happened that day? Wasn’t Mr. Kyle just going to visit the challenger?” Calvin clenched his teeth and was about to say something when suddenly, along with a blink of the lights at the Interstellar venue, a dozen small aircraft flew into the dueling arena’s airspace.

“The match is about to begin!” Calvin changed the subject. He, along with Enri and her siblings, and the thousands of extraterrestrial spectators in the audience, focused their attention on the dueling ground.

Amidst the dazzling lights, the holographic projection of Grandmaster scanned the audience, welcoming everyone with open arms and a smile. “Ladies and gentlemen, good evening!”

The audience immediately responded with waves of enthusiastic cheers.

Grandmaster spoke slowly, “I know everyone has been eagerly anticipating tonight’s championship match. However, before the match begins and the challenger is introduced, I need to inform all of you about something very important.”

The audience lowered their enthusiastic cheers, looking puzzled at the Grandmaster’s projection.

Could there be anything more important than the championship match?!

“First, the semi-finals of this competition will be skipped.”

As soon as Grandmaster’s voice fell, the audience erupted into murmurs and expressions of confusion and frustration.

“Don’t rush to conclusions,” Grandmaster smiled and continued, “The reason for skipping the semi-finals is that two days ago, an intruder broke into the underground prison and killed all three of the challengers who had advanced to the semi-finals!”


This piece of news was like a bombshell, causing the extraterrestrial spectators in the audience seats to gasp in shock.

A single lifeform had killed three semi-final challengers by themselves? How was that even possible?

“Could it be…” Enri and Calvin exchanged a glance, their faces equally shocked beyond measure.

“The intruder’s record undoubtedly proves their ability to challenge the reigning champion. Therefore, tonight’s championship match will be a direct showdown between that challenger and the Demon King!”

Grandmaster took a deep breath and emphasized, “Now, with your applause, please welcome the only challenger for tonight—’Tyrant’ Kyle!”

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