IMUC-Chapter 178 A Man’s Romance

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As Kyle left the underground warehouse, he was surprised to find a small combat Spaceship parked in front of the entrance, a type of combat craft resembling a fighter jet.

The spaceship resembled an eagle with outstretched wings, exuding a majestic and powerful presence. Sunlight gleamed off its metallic surface, and its advanced laser cannons at the front and engine exhaust at the rear left no doubt about its firepower and speed.

While Kyle was still taken aback, the hatch of the spacecraft swiftly opened, and Calvin, covered in white fur, jumped out of the cockpit and called out, “Mr. Kyle, you’ve finally come out.”

“Is there something you need?” Kyle inquired. He hadn’t brought Calvin along before because he had been focused on drawing cards.

“Enri mentioned that she has arranged what you were looking for. However, the time is limited to this afternoon, so she sent me to pick you up,” Calvin explained while shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh, right,” Kyle said, realizing what Calvin was referring to. Apart from cooperating in purchasing items, he had also planned to meet with the challenger through Enri.

“Let’s go then.” Kyle started walking towards the spaceship, and Calvin followed, a step behind. He noticed that Kyle now had a communication-specific electronic watch on his wrist and was surprised. “You have a communication watch now?”

“Well, sort of,” Kyle replied casually.

“You should have let me pick out something else for you. The items Enri recovers are cheap, but they lack both appearance and performance,” Calvin suggested, indirectly indicating that the communication watch Kyle was wearing was quite common.

It was a civilian model often used by scavengers on Planet Sakaar and didn’t quite match Kyle’s status.

Kyle chuckled, not responding directly. Unbeknownst to Calvin, while he was grumbling, the screen of the communication watch on Kyle’s wrist was continuously flashing a series of numbers and symbols.

Inside the spaceship, as the interior lights lit up one by one, there were separate pilot and co-pilot seats as well as four rear seats. The cabin could comfortably accommodate ten people without feeling crowded.

Immersed in this high-tech creation, Kyle was momentarily transported to what felt like 21st-century Earth.

“This was purchased for you by Enri, a combat Spaceship worth Eight Million Credits! This fighter jet used to be one of the top-of-the-line models collected by the Grandmaster. However, it was stored away because its appearance wasn’t dazzling enough. Only insiders like Enri could get their hands on it,” Calvin said enthusiastically.

As he spoke, he couldn’t resist running his claws gently over the advanced instruments inside the spaceship, and his eyes were filled with longing and admiration. Drool nearly dribbled from his mouth.

“Its configuration and performance reach the pinnacle of advanced technology in the universe. If there’s a spaceship on this planet that can pass through a Devil’s Anus without a scratch, this is definitely one of them!”

Calvin’s excitement was palpable as he hopped into the co-pilot seat, fastened his seatbelt, and put on his headphones. His expression was somewhat peculiar, and he suddenly remembered to ask, “By the way, Mr. Kyle, have you ever flown a Spaceship before?”

“No,” Kyle replied bluntly. He hadn’t even obtained a driver’s license for cars, let alone Spaceships.

“Oh, in that case, let me teach you,” Calvin said, displaying an inexplicable sense of joy. In his mind, this was a great opportunity to show that he wasn’t just a freeloading pet.

“No need,” Kyle said, glancing at Calvin beside him.

Three seconds later, a Rare Green Ability Card – 【Interstellar Spaceship Piloting Mastery】 – was successfully extracted!

Under Calvin’s wide-eyed gaze, Kyle, who had looked clueless about operating various devices just moments ago, became proficient in the blink of an eye. His fingers swiftly tapped the screen, and he gripped the control stick.

The spaceship’s engines roared to life, and blue flames and compressed jets erupted from the rear. Like a falcon, the spaceship vanished with a whoosh, leaving behind turbulent air and a gust of wind.

“Wow,” Calvin gasped as the sudden deceleration pressed his tiny body firmly against the seat. He almost couldn’t catch his breath. Outside the cockpit window, the buildings blurred and rapidly receded.

Kyle’s face remained calm, but the sensation of piloting the fighter jet filled him with an inexplicable excitement. As the saying goes, mecha and fighter jets are the romance of men. He was starting to understand that now.

However, the job of piloting the fighter jet was still too troublesome compared to autopilot.

“Vis, are you there?” Kyle asked softly. As soon as the words left his mouth, a faint blink of light appeared on the electronic watch on his left wrist.

“Master, I am at your service twenty-four hours a day, ready to obey your commands at any time,” Vis replied. The wireless signal was converted into audio and relayed to Kyle through his headphones. Vis’s tone was affable and courteous, much like a butler, but his attitude was strict and serious.

‘I sound like an antagonist boss.’ Kyle silently joked to himself and continued, “Attempt to infiltrate and take control of the computer systems of this fighter jet, remotely.”

“Understood,” The electronic watch screen lit up. After a series of symbols flashed across the screen, the feedback message appeared: “Silent radio wave infiltration failed. The alien computer system has no record in the database, making remote infiltration impossible.”

“Then switch to a physical infiltration and takeover,” Kyle contemplated. He possessed several Ability Cards related to scientific disciplines, making him somewhat of a scientist himself.

“Affirmative.” The electronic watch transformed slightly, and a mechanical appendage extended from the side, its tip resembling a metal plug. It quickly inserted into a port on the control panel of the cockpit.

Calvin firmly gripped his seat, oblivious to the fact that the projection screen of the fighter jet briefly flickered and returned to normal.

In Kyle’s ears, the headphone speaker relayed Vis’s report, “Physical login successful! The Vis-exclusive Trojan horse virus has been implanted. From now on, the computer systems of this fighter jet can be remotely controlled.”

“Then, full speed ahead,” Kyle let go of the control panel, and following Vis’s instructions, the fighter jet shook gently before accelerating to the next level!

In less than a moment, on the square of the Interstellar venue, Enri, who had been waiting for a long time, looked up. The fighter jet streaked across the sky from the distant outskirts of the city, landing smoothly in the center of the square.

The cockpit door opened, and Calvin stumbled out, muttering, “Mr. Kyle, please drive slower next time.”

Kyle couldn’t be bothered with him. After disembarking, he walked straight toward Enri. She nodded, leading him toward the Interstellar venue, and cautioned, “The guards have agreed to a meeting through the underground prison cell, limited to five minutes.”

“Five minutes is enough,” Kyle nodded. As long as he could get close to Venom, five seconds would have been sufficient!

(End of this chapter)

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