IMUC-Chapter 176 A Streak of 26 Draws

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Inside a private warehouse in the outer city area.

Kyle approached the neatly arranged high-tech items, and with a single glance, he saw hundreds of identical Blue Cards.

“Not bad, I knew I didn’t pick the wrong person,” Kyle said with a faint smile. Enri’s efficiency was swift, and the goods she delivered were impeccable.

She had indeed selected and purchased the items according to the list he provided, and all of them were in perfect condition (damaged items had a high chance of downgrading, making it difficult to maintain precision).

The shopping list he had written covered everything from advanced interstellar laser weaponry to everyday holographic communication devices. What mattered wasn’t what he was buying but rather the grade of the items.

Fortunately, Planet Sakaar, being a cosmic junkyard, received large-scale trash deposits from advanced civilizations in the Galaxy from time to time. The overall grade of the commodities here was several notches higher than what Earth had during the 20th century.

On Earth, Blue-graded items were cutting-edge high-tech products, but here, Blue-grade was just standard fare!

“Let’s start drawing cards!” Kyle’s thoughts shifted, as he started to convert the items in the warehouse into Item Cards at a rate of one every three seconds, storing them in the Card Space.

Since World War II on Earth, the Material Card Area hasn’t received any new cards for a long time. This time, it was finally receiving some much-needed replenishment.

After more than ten minutes, Kyle had cleared out all the items in the warehouse. He closed his eyes, and his consciousness entered the Card Space.

In this vast and boundless white space, Blue, Green, and Blue-Grade cards were divided into four or five areas based on their categories and uses. They shimmered like fireflies, hovering in the air.

“It looks a bit too chilly in here,” Kyle shook his head and sighed. There were no signs of the Space Stone or the massive Ancient Dragon-Turtle card. Even the purple glow had vanished from the Card Space, and not to mention the Rare Blue-graded cards, Venom and Blue Falcon.

Under the looming threat of the genetic disease countdown, even these cards had lost their luster.

Thinking about it, he felt a bit like a lonely old man.

Kyle chuckled self-deprecatingly, then went to the Material Card Area. The recently obtained Item Cards from the alien items were floating in the air, waiting for him to process them.

Blue Item Cards, total quantity: 268!

“It’s time to get some new cards. My luck has been bad enough; can I please have some luck this time?” Kyle gritted his teeth, and his thoughts shifted slightly. More than two hundred Blue Item Cards shot up into the sky.

Card Tributing, Blue-Grade, 26 draws—

Yes, it was a continuous draw. It was all about excitement!

In Kyle’s anxious heart and with hopeful eyes, all the cards in the Material Card Area disappeared.

‘You sacrificed the Low-Powered Laser Pistol, the Space Suit, the Baby Care Assistant Machine, the Portable Mechanical Eyeball…’

‘Extracts Succeed! Congratulations, you’ve obtained Life Increase…’

Hearing the first sentence from the Extracting Card System, Kyle’s mouth twitched. “I’m almost dying here, and you give me this!”

Life Increase Card increased the natural lifespan, excluding unnatural deaths and injuries or illnesses. Rather than saying it added life, it extended one’s lifespan. It was useless to him in his current state.

However, when Kyle saw the first Life Increase Card he drew, his eyes widened. Deep Purple Light illuminated the entire Card Space.

It was actually the Rare Purple-Grade Life Increase!

Life Increase: Increases the user’s natural lifespan by 300 years. A Rare Purple-Grade Ability Card.

Current Status: Can be used on others.

Great. 3 Months for White, 3 Years for Green, 30 Years for Blue, and a whopping 300 Years for Purple.

Kyle couldn’t help but clutch his chest, feeling the pain. Without the genetic disease, he could have borrowed another five hundred years from the cards!

Ignoring his frustration, he continued drawing cards, beginning with the Life Increase Card.

Inside a private warehouse in the outer city area.

‘Rare Blue Life Increase ×5, Small Rocket Backpack, Vacuum-Style Toilet, Black Flame Horse, Immortal Bean…’

Wait, a Vacuum-Style toilet? What kind of chaos had sneaked in?

But after more than half of the draws, when he pulled out the familiar Immortal Bean, Kyle knew this batch was a good one; he was profiting big time!

The Immortal Bean was a cure-all for near-death severe injuries. As long as someone had a breath left, consuming it would instantly restore them to full health. It was a lifesaver!

Unfortunately, the Immortal Bean only worked for physical injuries, not for serious illnesses, which was why even Sun Wukong worried about a mere heart condition back in the day.

He is getting sidetracked here so Kyle continued drawing cards.

‘Interstellar Communicator, High-tech Aviation Suit, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Kryptonian Poet’s Oil Painting, Carbonadium Ingot…’

‘Sacred Realm Ancient Language Mastery, Electronic Energy Shield, Bronze Cauldron, A Faint Spark…’

The streak of 26 draws came to an end, and 26 completely new cards, created out of nothingness, quietly floated within the Card Space.

Kyle, with his consciousness, licked his lips and couldn’t resist quickly reviewing the new cards, starting with the common ones.

Apart from the Life Increase Card series, he had managed to draw three additional Rare Blue cards!

Lady Luck was truly on his side today!

With a wave of his hand, Kyle retrieved three cards: Immortal Bean was one, and the other two were Black Flame Horse and A Faint Spark.

Black Flame Horse: A horse-like lifeform capable of moderately controlling internal flames. Rare Blue Lifeform Card.

An ancient extraterrestrial breed of horse-like lifeform, characterized by its large and robust build, dark reddish body, tough skin that could withstand ordinary blade and gun attacks, and the ability to hover at altitudes below a kilometer.

Its ground running speed could reach twice the speed of sound, halved in the air. It stored unique energy within its body, and its hooves released black high-temperature flames, instinctively ignited while running.

It had a fierce and untamed temperament, was hard to train, possessed decent offensive abilities, and would resist being ridden by any lifeform other than its master.

Current Status: Summonable.

“Another top-notch mount.”

Kyle muttered to himself after seeing the Black Flame Horse Lifeform Card. He faintly saw the shadow of the Blue Falcon in it.

Of course, both were lifeforms meant for riding, but they had fundamental differences. The Blue Falcon was more functional, excelling in high-altitude reconnaissance and detecting enemies. The Black Flame Horse leaned more toward combat, with its innate ability to ignite flames when trotting around, making it far too conspicuous.

“This doesn’t quite align with my principle of staying low-key,” Kyle stroked his chin, finding it hard to imagine a situation where he’d need a flaming horse.

Riding such a lifeform would undoubtedly draw immediate attention from the planet’s inhabitants.

“Let’s put that aside for now,” Kyle spoke to himself, placing the card into the Lifeform Card section for storage. Then, he slowly turned his attention to the third Rare Blue Card.

“A Faint Spark?” When he saw the card’s name, Kyle chuckled. The name was quirky and amusing, much like an oddity.

However, when he looked at the card’s description, his breathing suddenly became rapid, and his eyes lit up with a pleasant surprise.

(End of this chapter)

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