IMUC-Chapter 171 Brutal Duels

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Reigning as the champion of the Sakaar Duel Arena for a long time?

Kyle was taken aback for a moment. From Calvin’s words, he seemed to have received a crucial piece of information. However, before he could delve deeper, the surrounding extraterrestrial crowd erupted into a frenzy of cheers. Their faces twisted grotesquely with excitement, releasing the pent-up aggression they had been harboring.

“Kill! Start fighting! Eliminate them!”

“Want to stay alive? Kill others!”

Amid the urging of the hundreds of thousands of extraterrestrial spectators, the arena buzzed with anticipation.

The number of challengers released from the underground prison onto the dueling arena had increased to nearly a hundred. They stepped into the spotlight on the dueling ground without much talk, emanating an icy cold hostility towards the other challengers.

Only the last four standing challengers had a chance to survive, for in the arena of life and death, elimination equaled death. This was a rule set by Grandmaster and it was the supreme law of Planet Sakaar!

“Ahhhhh!!” In the midst of the dueling arena, a humanoid challenger let out a scream as he was swiftly attacked from behind by a giant double-headed serpent.

The upper bodies of the serpent’s two heads stood erect, one mouth clamped onto his head, while the other grabbed his struggling legs, assisting in shoving him into its jaws for a living feast.

In less than three seconds, the humanoid challenger had ceased to exist, devoured whole along with his armor, disappearing into the snake’s belly.

The giant double-headed serpent spat out a crimson core, its silver vertical pupils coldly fixated on the remaining challengers. Its tail thrashed against the ground, creating a chilling sensation.

This gruesome scene of consumption ignited the spectators in the stands to cheer even louder, and on the dueling ground, the chaotic brawl escalated further.

“Kyle, look!” Calvin suddenly seemed to have discovered something, raising its paw and pointing excitedly to a corner of the dueling arena.

Following its indication, Kyle saw a green-skinned behemoth at the edge of the intense battle area, it was the leader of the Big Eye Monsters, trembling and crawling on the ground. He was clad in a full set of steel armor.

Wasn’t that the same Big Eye Monster leader he had seriously injured last night?

“Many challengers here are actually slaves and criminals captured by Grandmaster. They only have a chance to earn their freedom by fighting to the end in the dueling arena and defeating the final champion.” Calvin smiled as he spoke, squinting meaningfully, “Trying to survive by avoiding battles and hiding until the end is definitely not a feasible strategy.”

Not long after Calvin’s explanation, a two-meter-tall brown stone man dashed by, wielding a spiked club covered in steel nails. He brought the club down heavily onto the Big Eye Monster leader lying on the ground.

After the strike, the stone man didn’t even spare a glance, hoisting the bloodied spiked club that was stained with gore and moving on, charging back into the fray. The place where the Big Eye Monster leader had been turned into a mess of flesh, his armor deformed and sinking into the ground, green blood oozing disgustingly.

“That is so satisfying.” Calvin chuckled, clearly having a grudge against the criminal gang to which the Big Eye Monsters belonged.

Kyle shook his head in agreement. The brutal rules of the dueling arena ensured that in these group battles, the weaker and more cautious lifeforms would be the first to die.

With four spots available for survival, the powerful challengers would naturally avoid each other, picking off the weaker ones like plucking ripe fruit. After eliminating a sufficient number of opponents, they would be safe.

This was the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. The last ones standing were the strongest and most capable combat lifeforms.

Kyle observed the duel unfolding before him, a spectacle of battles and slaughter between various species of extraterrestrial lifeforms. It was an eye-opening experience, far beyond the beast and insect fights he had witnessed on Earth.

He saw a hulking figure with muscles and skin resembling rough stone, wielding a steel club that was half the size of a car. With a deafening roar, the stone man swung the club with ease, its force easily reaching several tons, smashing a towering giant into a mess of bloody pulp.

He saw a man, tall and slender, with hands shaped like sickles, resembling Mantis. He displayed agile and lightning-fast movements, reaching subsonic speeds. With a swift, powerful strike of his hand, he cleaved a stone man known for his strength and defense into two halves!

He also saw an extraterrestrial child with flesh-colored tentacles all over its body and black-red eyes. It displayed extraordinary self-healing abilities. The elongated tentacles turned into sharp weapons, piercing into the bodies of the Frogmen and Big Eye Monsters, turning them into lifeless corpses!

In the span of ten minutes, the number of challengers reduced by more than half. The lifeless remains of the eliminated aliens sprawled across the dueling ground. Various shades of red, green, black, and purple blood intertwined, staining the scarred floor of the arena.

Simultaneously, the chaotic battle reached a fever pitch, and the cheers and encouragements from the audience grew even more fervent in the stands.

“That is absolutely worth the ticket price. The quality of this round’s challengers is exceptional,” Calvin sighed in admiration, waving its paw excitedly. “Only the monstrous lifeforms of the universe can make it to the end in this dueling arena.”

Kyle nodded in agreement, the glint in his eyes flickering. He sensed a certain amount of pressure from the battle prowess of the extraterrestrial lifeforms in the dueling arena. Those who immersed themselves in this survival and slaughter contest had to give their all, utilizing their racial talents and abilities to have a chance at survival.

Even he, possessing dominating-level strength on Earth, would stand a risk of dying if he found himself in a similar dueling arena on this planet.

Fifteen minutes later.

The dueling arena was now littered with the lifeless bodies of extraterrestrial lifeforms, their shattered weapons and colorful blood was strewn across the ground like a scene from hell.

Suddenly, the remaining ten or so challengers all stopped at once. After enduring the intense battle of elimination, regardless of how strong they were, they all sustained injuries. They exchanged cold glances with each other, entering a brief period of confrontation.

“Only eight left. The climax of this duel has arrived,” Calvin whispered, holding its breath.

“Indeed.” Kyle agreed with the observation.

The number of challengers left on the field had dwindled to less than ten. At this point, the remaining survivors were no longer easy prey; they had proven their mettle.

All they needed to do now was find one more opponent each to eliminate.

Kyle’s expression grew serious as he observed the duel on the field. He committed the various appearances and unique abilities of the different extraterrestrial lifeforms to memory.

Their preferred methods of attack, fatal weaknesses, unique and powerful offensive techniques, unexpectedly robust defense strategies… All of these characteristics placed them in the realm of absolute monsters.

Kyle believed that as long as he existed in this universe, even if he returned to Earth, he might encounter beings like them someday.

Despite possessing hundreds of combat techniques, most of those were designed for human use. When facing these monstrous species of the universe, he knew that conventional battle tactics might not suffice – encountering them might result in a death he wouldn’t even understand!

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