IMUC-Chapter 152 New Elements

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“What’s up with Agent Carter? Is she doing well?” Kyle inquired.

Ever since Steve’s disappearance after the delayed party, he hadn’t seen Agent Carter again. It had been almost a year since then.

“To be honest, I’m not entirely sure about the details,” Fury shrugged, speaking slowly. “What I know is that she stayed at the training base during the Normandy Landing Campaign for only half a month. Later, it seemed she applied for retirement from General Chester, possibly due to some family reasons, and returned to her residence in New York.”

“She retired earlier than me.” Kyle’s eyes revealed a mix of complex emotions. After a moment of silence, he hesitantly asked, “Has she gotten married?”

Natasha looked slightly surprised; this was the first time she had seen Kyle show a personal interest in a woman outside the Carl Family circle.

In fact, this question wasn’t for him.

“She probably hasn’t yet, but she’s not young anymore, so getting married wouldn’t be unusual,” Fury responded matter-of-factly.

“Indeed, it won’t be unusual,” Kyle nodded calmly and raised his glass, finishing the red wine in a single sip.

Although Agent Carter was an elite agent, she was ultimately just an exceptional woman with above-average agility. Now, not even knowing if Steve was alive or dead, why should she keep waiting? Why endure years of suffering in solitude until her youth withers and her health deteriorates?

Agent Carter wasn’t Lucy. Instead of leaving her with no hope to wait indefinitely, why not help her find happiness for the rest of her life?

“Kyle.” Fury interrupted Kyle’s thoughts, speaking with a serious tone. “You’re about to leave Earth risking your life. Are you sure you don’t want to go see her? To be blunt, this might be your last chance. After all, wasn’t the reason for our meeting your request?”

This statement slightly touched Kyle. He placed the glass down and made up his mind, saying, “Alright, before leaving, I’ll go see her.”

He had no valid reason not to, both morally and practically.

Furthermore, now he had the financial means and the ability to provide everything Agent Carter could want. If she insisted on waiting for Steve to return, he could even grant her centuries of youth and life.

“Exactly.” Fury’s fierce and domineering expression softened into a slight smile of triumph. He deftly reached into his black trench coat pocket and extracted a black-and-white residential photo. “Agent Carter is still living with her parents. This is her home address. Within these three days, find a suitable time to pay her a visit and say your farewell properly.”

“So, you’ve been planning this from the start?” The expression on Kyle’s face slightly cooled and a half-smile formed as he looked at Fury, and a mix of amusement and surprise in his gaze.

“Not really… Well, I think it’s about time. I need to get back to the Bureau and execute the trap plan,” Fury chuckled, placing the photo on the table in front of the sofa. He quickly stood up, signaling Natasha to follow him out.

“What a crafty old fox.” Kyle laughed softly, pocketed the photo, and remained seated on the sofa. He didn’t move, just spoke toward the doorway, “Farewell to both of you, I will meet you both again if fate allows it.”

Hearing his words, Fury and Natasha, who were about to reach the door, hesitated. Fury clenched his fists, suppressing his inner emotions, took a deep breath, and gravely responded, “Take care of yourself on your journey. And please, make sure to come back.”

After bidding farewell to Natasha and Fury, Kyle opened a portal and returned to the island base. As soon as he arrived on the underground floor of the Fortress, several young Card Holders hurriedly approached him with anxious expressions on their faces.

“Master, something’s not right! The Genius Inventor has gone mad!”

“Howard’s gone mad? Explain clearly,” Kyle demanded.

Kyle was taken aback upon hearing this. He hadn’t been gone for even half an hour, and Howard had somehow lost his composure.

One of the Card Disciples reported, “We saw the genius inventor in the research lab on the second basement floor. He was trembling, acting crazy, and making weird noises while jumping and rolling around.”

“I understand, you can go back now.” Kyle nodded. There was no need to use the elevator; he opened a portal with magic to save time.

The portal took about three seconds to form. Just as it connected with the lower-level research lab, he heard Howard’s gleeful laughter and various sounds of banging on instruments.

Frowning, Kyle stepped into the lab, his gaze scanning the surroundings.

On the spacious floor of the main research lab, laser emitters, accelerator pipelines, triangular frames, and various other instruments were intricately combined and secured together. Excess tool parts were scattered on the adjacent ground.

Howard, clad in a white protective suit, was covered in dirt from head to toe. He sat amidst a heap of accelerator pipelines, enthusiastically pounding on metal pipes with a pair of pliers, his laughter echoing in the surrounding.

“Howard?” Kyle called out, and Howard swiftly turned around, cheering with raised arms, “Kyle! I did it, I finally did it!”

“What did you do? Could it be…” Kyle’s eyes widened.

As if to confirm his suspicions, Howard picked up a glass-like cubic storage container containing unknown small energy fragments within it, emitting a dazzling blue-white light.

Kyle’s gaze was drawn to the familiar brightness. He stepped forward, taking the container with the energy substance inside. The related card message entered his vision.

【Crystal of a New Element】: An unnamed crystal of a new element. Blue Item Card.

Similar to the cosmic gem, it is an isotope, a highly efficient energy source that could only be generated through high-tech means, by continually accelerating Particle collisions artificially.

This element is incredibly stable, reliable, pollution-free, and contained an unimaginable amount of energy. Even a small piece of this energy crystal could sustain Iron Man’s suit for half a day of continuous combat.

“Howard, you truly are something…” Kyle marveled as he looked at the new element crystal that didn’t belong to this era, created fifty to sixty years ahead of its time.

This was the core energy source for the future Iron Man suit, surpassing the Hydra organization’s infinite energy fragments created using the Tesseract.

“With so many resources at hand and the support of Wakanda’s technology department, if I couldn’t make it, that would be letting you down,” Howard chuckled, eagerly watching Kyle’s achievement, urging him, “Kyle, give this element a name!”

“Me, come up with a name?” Kyle pointed to his own nose as he spoke. “This is something you designed, a new element you worked so hard to create.”

“All of this is your accomplishment as well. The element design diagram was derived from the Tesseract that you brought back, and the production resources were made possible through your collaboration with Wakanda,” Howard said without hesitation.

“Then I’ll name it.” Kyle pondered for a moment, his eyes filled with the blue light emitted by the element crystal. After a while, he finally made up his mind and said:

“Let’s call it ‘Kryon Stone’.”

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