IMUC-Chapter 138 City of the Future

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Deep within the wild mountains and forests and at the heart of the encircled clear river, stood a magnificent city that seemed to have risen from level ground.

To call it “Magnificent” was already an understatement but Howard couldn’t find another suitable word to describe it.

He, for one, had been to all the developed cities around the world, yet there wasn’t one that could rival the city before his eyes.

The advanced modern skyscrapers weren’t standing out like those in New York or Washington; they were clustered, casting a cool brilliance of glass and metal under the sunlight.

Hovering trains glided through the air above the bustling streets, and Howard could see scenes of utmost prosperity crafted by technology. The fantasies of the future were realized before his very eyes.

Kyle and Howard stood on the irregular edge of the Mirror Space, gazing at the cityscape of the future world mirrored outside, awed by the city’s everlasting glow of technology.

“This is the true face of Wakanda, it’s like the fabled city of gold that adventurers have sought for centuries and couldn’t find,” Kyle said, shaking his head with a light chuckle. “Though using ‘Gold’ to describe this place would be inappropriate.”

After all, this place was home to an almost infinite reserve of Vibranium Ore! While gold was considered the representative metal for measuring wealth, it meant nothing when compared to Vibranium.

“Kyle, can I go inside the city to take a look? It’s like an alien world; I want to experience it firsthand.” Howard’s excitement caused him to speak unclearly with his eyes fixed on Kyle.

This was the first time he had been so excited and overwhelmed.

For scientists, Wakanda’s technology was like a devout believer seeing God after a lifetime of faith, and he was eager to approach and worship.

“Of course, you can, but you should change your clothes first. Otherwise, you’ll be attacked and pursued by the locals as soon as you enter.” Kyle nodded before he spoke.

One of the reasons he brought Howard here was to help him break free from the confines of outdated technological concepts.

“Okay, what should I wear? I’ll wear whatever you suggest.” Howard quickly agreed.

Kyle revealed a mysterious smile on his face as he spoke. “It’s up to you.”

Five minutes later.

In the hidden city of Wakanda, within the bustling modern streets.

With a simple transformation from Venom, Kyle disguised himself as a young indigenous man with a tall and sturdy build, dark skin, and wearing a white robe. He seamlessly blended into the local population.

“Kyle, is this outfit really appropriate?”

Standing closely beside Kyle, the diminutive Howard asked in a hushed voice.

At the moment, he wore a fearsome beast-like mask that concealed his face. His exposed, emaciated upper body was covered in black and white powder, making it impossible to discern his original skin color. He also sported peculiar primitive wooden staff and headgear.

“Look, they’re dressed somewhat similarly too.” Kyle consoled him in a low voice.

“This city is so advanced yet so primitive. This city and the people in it have created items that are so advanced, but their customs and aesthetics are so outdated.” Howard grumbled about his outfit, but before long, he was captivated by the advanced technology within the city and was unable to tear his eyes away.

Just then, a hover train passed silently above their heads, gliding between buildings on bridges tens of meters high.

Howard looked up, his eyes sparkling through the slit in his mask. He suppressed his excitement and whispered to Kyle, “Unbelievable, they’ve created a hover train that is ahead of everything by centuries. It’s completely silent and travels at a remarkably high speed.”

Kyle smiled and replied plainly, “It’s due to a special material.”

“Material?” Howard didn’t understand, lost in thought. Kyle reminded him, “Don’t you remember? The shield you made for Steve back at the training facility.”

“Of course, I remember…” Howard was saying this when suddenly, he shivered all over and looked at Kyle in disbelief. He struggled to say, “You mean, their light rail train is made of Vibranium?!”

Vibranium metal, also known as “Sound Absorbing Steel,” was the hardest substance on Earth, it is rare and priceless.

He had once believed that the shield he provided to Captain America was the only piece of Vibranium material on Earth. Later, when he saw Kyle with the Vibranium Bracer, he was surprised and repeatedly inquired about its origin.

And now, Wakanda was using Vibranium metal to develop Hover Trains?

Facing Howard’s confusion, Kyle answered softly, “It’s not just hover trains. With the Vibranium ore they’ve been mining for thousands of years, they use it for clothing, weapons, city energy supply, and technological enhancement. You could say that this entire city is built on the foundation of Vibranium.”

This answer was incredibly shocking and Howard almost let out a cry of astonishment, but he managed to realize in time that he was surrounded by indigenous people and the words got stuck in his throat.

After a while, he sighed from the bottom of his heart, “We’re all on the same Earth, so why are there such vast differences between regions?”

Even a self-made millionaire like Howard felt envious. It wasn’t difficult to understand why Wakanda had kept its Vibranium mines hidden, lived in isolation, expelled, and even killed outsiders for so many years.

This was a mountain of Vibranium ore!

“Regardless, this city is a crystallization of advanced science. Many of the practical principles of technology will save me from going down fifty years of wrong paths.” Howard’s eyes gleamed as he thought of this.

He realized that Kyle had brought him here for this purpose – to pave the correct path toward future technology and evolution.

Kyle suffered from a genetic disease. Before leaving Earth, he wanted to lay the groundwork for them, leading them toward a path of future technology and evolution.

In the following time, Howard was completely immersed in the city of the future, eagerly exploring various novel technological products.

Meanwhile, Kyle remained unnoticed by everyone and was drawn to another phenomenon in Wakanda—

Periodically, groups of indigenous people from different tribes, all wearing peculiar traditional attire, were heading in a grand procession toward a particular area of the city. The local residents seemed to be celebrating something collectively, excitedly discussing the event with smiles on their faces.

Blending into the crowd, Kyle listened for a moment and soon wore a look of realization on his face. He understood what was happening.

It wasn’t a local festival, but on this very day, Wakanda’s king was abdicating due to old age and Prince T’Chaka was going to accept challenges from royal members of various tribes. If successful, he would be promoted to the new King of Wakanda!

“Interesting. Howard, let’s go take a look.” Kyle turned to suggest but suddenly found himself at a loss. At some point, Howard had disappeared from his side.

Looking around at the vast crowd of onlookers heading towards the challenge location, Kyle couldn’t spot Howard’s figure.

“That old gentleman, he became so engrossed that he dares to leave my side…” Kyle’s expression changed slightly.

Wakanda’s view of outsiders was one of hostility and aversion. With their brutal methods, if Howard were to expose his true identity, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Without much thought, Kyle immediately started moving forward with the crowd of indigenous people, trying to find Howard in the dense crowd.

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