IMUC-Chapter 11 Tribute Extraction!

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Colonel Marcos looked at Kyle and Fury and said, “Since you two already know each other, I won’t say much more. Tonight, as team leaders, you will lead a hundred soldiers fully armed and head to the Fifth Site – the German small-scale transit warzone for a surprise attack.”

“Remember, this operation involves the simultaneous counterattack of the Fifth Site forces. Once you reach your destination, you must complete the assault mission within the specified time!” Colonel Marcos’s eyes sharpened like a Hawk as he spoke. “Success is the only option, failure is not allowed!”

“Understood! We guarantee to complete this mission!” Fury and Kyle saluted solemnly, indicating their full acceptance of the Mission orders.

“You can go back and rest for now, Corporal Kyle. Fury, you need to start organizing the troops immediately. When the night arrives, the two of you will depart with the troops on time.”

After Colonel Marcos handed over the Mission briefing and a small-scale battlefield map to both of them, he allowed Kyle and Fury to leave.

“Kyle, see you tonight,” Fury bid farewell to Kyle right after leaving the command tent.

Although he still had an injured left eye, he was highly focused on this surprise attack Mission. After saying goodbye, he headed directly to the supply area of the temporary camp.

Kyle, on the other hand, returned to his temporary tent. He was not invincible; despite having a physique that ranked among the top soldiers, continuous warfare had taken its toll on him.

Lying in an uncomfortable bed, Kyle closed his eyes to rest, but his mind entered a vast space.

Card Space!

Like being in a dream, he found himself in a boundless white cube-shaped space, with hundreds of cards he had accumulated spinning in a hurricane-like motion.

“Although tonight’s surprise attack is highly certain, I can’t afford to be careless. I need to find a way to enhance my own combat power.” Kyle thought as his consciousness transformed and found itself in the center of the card storm, observing the cards rapidly flying past him.

In these three days, his ability to extract cards had evidently improved further.

Firstly, he gained the ability to enter the Card Space with his consciousness, allowing him to freely view and simulate the use of the cards he had extracted.

Then, he obtained the Extracting Card Ability called ‘Tribute Extraction.’

As the name suggests, Card Tributing involves selecting ten Item Cards of the same grade from his Card Space inventory and sacrificing them. There was a high probability of extracting any card of the same grade and a low probability of obtaining a card of a higher grade.

A grade higher than Green was a qualitative leap from White to Green. Up until now, Kyle had not obtained any cards surpassing the Green grade, whether they were Ability Cards or Item Cards.

“What would cards beyond Green look like?”

Kyle was curious and based on the positioning of the Rare Green cards he had encountered so far, if it was an Ability Card, it had already reached the pinnacle of professionalism. If it was an Item Card, it would be a valuable and precious item.

Cards surpassing the Green grade should fall into the realm of superpowers for Ability Cards and true black technology items for Item Cards.

“Regardless of which type, they would be of great help in my current situation,” Kyle murmured to himself before he waved his hands to separate the Ability Cards and Item Cards within the Card Space.

The next step was simple. Kyle kept some cards with combat value and collected most of the Item Cards that could be sacrificed.

Finally, he tallied the results.

Green Item Cards: 66 cards.

White Item Cards: 389 cards.

“I still feel like I don’t have enough to draw, but this is the result of my continuous extractions on the battlefield over these three days.” Kyle sighed, feeling a bit reluctant as he proceeded with the next step.

Tribute Extraction!

“You have sacrificed 【American Rifle】, 【Iron Helmet】, 【Box of Rifle Bullets】, 【Communicator】…”

Ten selected White Item Cards disappeared from the Card Space, and a brand new White Card appeared before him.

“Extraction succeeded. Congratulations, you’ve obtained 【Life Increase】Card.”

“Life Increase Card?” Kyle’s heart skipped a beat as he quickly reached out to receive the new White Card and examined it.

【Life Increase】: Increases the user’s natural lifespan by three months. Rare White Ability Card.

Current Status: Can be used on others.

“Increasing natural lifespan? Well, I guess it won’t work if someone kills me.” Kyle couldn’t hide his disappointment when he saw the description of the card. This Life Increase Card seemed to be different from what he had imagined.

But then again, it was just a mere Rare White Ability Card. How could it possibly have the god-level effect of resurrection?

“However, the fact that this Ability Card can be used on others is still pretty good. Perhaps higher-grade life-boosting Ability Cards can truly bring someone back from the dead.”

Kyle thought optimistically and continued with the Tribute Extraction while thinking, ‘Now that I’ve become an American, I hope I have some good luck too!’

“Extraction Succeeded. Congratulations, you’ve obtained 【Gentleman’s Suit】.”

A piece of clothing? What Congratulations, what kind of a reward is that!

Kyle’s heart was bleeding, but his determination remained strong as he continued with the sacrifices.

“Extraction Succeeded. Congratulations, you’ve obtained the 【Stainless Steel Water Bottle】.”

“This is too ordinary. Let’s continue sacrificing and drawing!”

“Extraction Succeeded. Congratulations, you’ve obtained the 【Basic Japanese Mastery】.”

“What is this? Give me another draw!”

“Extraction Succeeded. Congratulations, you’ve obtained the 【Saddle of the Warring States Period】.”

This is a real loss! Such a disappointing result for sacrificing ten White Item Cards.

Kyle’s mind was filled with frustration as he stared intently at the cards, he had obtained with a bloodshot look in his eyes that resembles that of a gambler.

He realized that Tribute Extraction had the potential to extract any card, but the range of possibilities was vast, and the results could be quite varied.

However, some of the Item Cards were of no use to him, so it was better to try his luck with Tribute Extraction than to keep them with him.

“Extraction Succeeded. Congratulations, you’ve obtained the 【Bat】.”

“A bat? An animal card?” Kyle was slightly surprised by this card and his gaze quickly fell on the newly appeared card.

【Bat】: Summons a regular bat to aid you in battle. Rare White Lifeform Card.

Current Status: Can be continuously used. Do you wish to summon?

Lifeform Card?

Kyle suddenly realized that all the cards he had directly extracted from nearby resources were either Ability Cards or Item Cards. This was the first time he had come across the third type of card.

“If I have a certain number of Lifeform Cards as support, wouldn’t that make me a Summoner?” Kyle smiled and classified the Bat Card as a combat resource.

He continued with the Tribute Extraction until over three hundred unused White Item Cards were depleted. Aside from a pile of basic foreign language cards, he obtained three Rare White 【Life Increase】 cards and only two Lifeform Cards, the 【Bat】 and the 【Shiba Inu】.

(Shiba Inu is a type of dog breed.)

After sacrificing three hundred White Cards, he failed to draw a single Green-Grade card. The probability of extracting a card of a higher grade was indeed too small.

Feeling helpless, Kyle shifted his gaze to the sixty-plus Green Item Cards. Most of these were obtained by scavenging from the piles of dead bodies on the battlefield, and they were not easy to come by.

He had only six chances left for Tribute Extraction.

“When a person dies, they lose everything so why not go all in.” Kyle gritted his teeth and decided to sacrifice all sixty Green Item Cards at once!

Sacrifice and draw!

“Extraction succeeded. Congratulations, you’ve obtained 【Life Increase】, 【Elegant Evening Dress】, 【Toxic Hornet’s Nest】, 【Nepalese Army Knife】, 【Urban Parkour】, and 【Stealth】.”

“What is this?” Kyle’s eyes widened in astonishment as he looked at the cards he had obtained, especially one of the cards.

Among the new cards, one stood out with its vibrant blue color, outshining the White and Green Cards within the Card Space.

(End of this chapter)

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