IMUC- Chapter 1: Transmigration into Marvel?

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“Beep beep beep——”

The transmitter pager fell to the ground as the Former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury looked on in astonishment at his rapidly disintegrating body. After uttering a “Damn,” he turned into ashes and dissipated in the wind on the streets of New York City.

Finally, the screen of the pager displayed a symbol resembling that of Captain Marvel.

This is an Easter egg in the movie [Avengers 3].

As the movie played in the theater, the names of the crew started scrolling upward, signaling the end of the film.

“That’s it? Thanos hasn’t been defeated yet.”

The audience expressed their lingering dissatisfaction as they picked up their belongings one by one and left the theater.

A High school student, Lu Ming sat motionless in the best seat, holding a large tub of popcorn in his hands. He was still immersed in the storylines of Marvel that had just unfolded.

“No wonder they laid the groundwork with over a dozen standalone Marvel films.”

“Even Doctor Strange, who saw millions of possible outcomes in the future, got tricked by that idiot Star-Lord in the end.”

“Captain America and Iron Man did a great job. Their battles in different parts of the universe were top-notch.”

“Thanos truly is the ultimate boss of Marvel’s Phase Three. With a snap of his fingers, he wiped out half of all life in the universe.”

“Spider-Man, who just returned to the screen, and the popular Black Panther… over half of the superheroes died like that. Can they come back to life? Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until next year for Avengers 4.”

Lu Ming shook his head with a regretful expression on his face. For him, a die-hard Marvel fan, waiting a year was truly agonizing.

Agonizing indeed!

“Guess I’ll have to watch it again.” Lu Ming stood up from his seat just as the movie credits finished rolling. The names of the crew scrolled across the screen, and a line of text appeared at the bottom.

“Do you want to enter the world of Marvel Movies?”


When Lu Ming saw the unexpected text on the screen, he froze. Whether it was due to the 3D effects or not, that text seemed to detach from the screen and float in front of him.

What the hell, is this the second Easter egg?

Feeling confused, Lu Ming looked around but he realized that all the other viewers had already left. He was alone in the vast theater.

Looking back at the screen, the text still hovered in the center, gradually fading from black to white, about to disappear completely.

Is this a prank? Do they think they can scare me, the unrivaled king of skipping classes?

Lu Ming chuckled as he thought of his self-proclaimed title before he extended his finger to click on one of the options. However, as soon as his index finger lifted, a sudden electric shock sensation surged through his body from his fingertip.

Damn, is this for real?

Before Lu Ming could complain, everything went black before his eyes, and he lost consciousness.

Lu Ming gradually regained consciousness, with his head feeling like it had gone through a ringer. He sat up halfway from the single bed, bewildered as he looked around the crowded wooden room. 

It was filled with furniture and decorations in a Western style. Next to his bed were tightly arranged rows of identical military-style single beds.

“Where… am I?” Lu Ming wondered, filled with uncertainty. He rubbed his eyes as if suspecting he had mistaken something, then quickly scanned the surroundings.

No, he was indeed lying on a bed in a military camp. More precisely, it was a single bed in an old-fashioned Western-style military camp.

“This can’t be real. Did I really cross over? Hmm, into the Marvel Movie World?” Lu Ming couldn’t make sense of his situation for a moment. 

Waking up suddenly in a foreign military camp, combined with the strange options before losing consciousness, he desperately needed to verify his thoughts.

He immediately unzipped his pants and lowered his head to check. After a brief inspection, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness, everything was still intact.

“It seems like I didn’t cross over, but rather, my soul got transmigrated.”

Lu Ming felt both frustrated and helpless at this point. Although he couldn’t see his face at the moment, judging by his fair skin and other physical conditions, he could tell that he had transmigrated into the body of a foreign young man who was not much different in age from his previous life.

Lu Ming sat on the single bed for a while before fully realizing the cruel reality in front of him. However, considering that his previous life was a mixture of being an orphan fostered by relatives and the bombardment of new things in the 21st century, he surprisingly easily accepted the inexplicable soul transmigration.

Since he was here, he might as well make the best of it. Making a fuss or being unable to accept it would only lead to self-destruction.

What was more important was that since he was now part of the vast group of crossers, and apparently in a world like Marvel where the mortality rate for ordinary people was high, there must be a golden finger on his body!

With this in mind, Lu Ming was about to search his body to see if there were any built-in systems or something similar.

Just as he was about to do so, the door to the room suddenly opened, and a blond and blue-eyed youth walked in.

Seeing Lu Ming awake on the bed, the blond youth paused for a moment, then quickly walked towards him with clear excitement on his face.

Lu Ming, who was quick to react, knew that the person in front of him was likely a friend of the original owner of this body, whom he had reincarnated into.

If he could deceive him, he might be able to obtain information about the original body’s identity, as well as the current environment and the current information of this world.

Adapting to the occupied body and blending into the larger environment was the first test for a transmigrated individual!

The corners of Lu Ming’s mouth curved upwards as he made sure to show a friendly smile on his face. However, the first sentence spoken by the youth approaching him made his smile freeze on his face.

“Kyle, are you all right?” The youth said in fluent English.

It was undoubtedly pure English!

Lu Ming’s mouth twitched slightly. Looking at the concerned expression on the youth’s face, his previous smile vanished, and his lips pressed tightly together. He couldn’t help but feel the urge to curse inwardly.

What the hell? Wasn’t it supposed to be everyone speaking Chinese in the entire universe? Are novels and comics all lies?!

In his previous life, he was just an average high school student, and no matter how good his English was, he couldn’t have a normal verbal conversation with a foreigner. Let alone speaking broken English now, he couldn’t even understand a single word of what the other person was saying.

Seeing Lu Ming’s face turning pale, the youth’s expression of concern intensified, and he continued to speak a series of words in English that went past Lu Ming’s understanding.

Lu Ming forced out an ugly smile as he clenched his fists covered in cold sweats. He had never imagined that a language barrier could create such a predicament.

Just as he was about to take a desperate gamble and respond randomly, several translucent White Card cards jumped out from the back of the youth’s head, floating and rotating around his body.

The youth seemed oblivious to the cards swirling around him and continued to express his concerns.

Four White Cards?

Like encountering a savior, Lu Ming’s attention immediately shifted to those cards floating around the youth.

【American Soldier Training Uniform Suit】

【Bicycle Riding】

【Street Fighting Skills】

【Basic English Mastery】

Except for the first card, which had the annotation “Item Card” and was in a Non-Extractable state, the other three cards were labeled as “Ability Cards” and were in an Extractable state.

Without even thinking, Lu Ming ignored the other cards and focused on the last Ability Card, “Basic English Mastery.”

【Basic English Mastery】:

Can master common spoken and written English. 

White Ability Card.

Current Status: Extractable.

Whether to extract?

Note from the Author: This is a fanfiction novel based on a movie, intended for entertainment purposes. It is not a serious literary work (please don’t take it seriously).

The fictional world depicted here is not the real world but a Marvel movie universe twisted by technology and various branches of evolution. Please don’t scrutinize it based on real historical events or items (military and history enthusiasts, please forgive me).

The opening plot may be a bit cliché, but it will gradually improve after Chapter 4 (if it doesn’t suit your taste, just ignore it).

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