HOM-Chapter 77 Fighting in the Underground Passage

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The day after meeting the lizard, Peter returned to Dr. Connors’private laboratory. This time, he finally met the biogenic doctor, who was already in the original state of Recovery.

“Hey! Doctor, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Walking into the lab, Peter greeted Dr. Connors.

“Well, I’m doing another experiment recently. Why did you come to me when you were free?” Dr. Connors replied without any emotions on his face.

“Doctor, I got a free class. I wanted to ask you a question.” Sitting down at an empty experimental table, Peter explained the purpose of his visit.

“Well? What’s the problem?”

“How would a predator track a reptile?”

“Oh, they don’t. Most reptiles are at the top of their respective food chain. Kings of their Domain”

“They gotta have vulnerabilities.”

“Why the Sudden Interest in the cold-blooded animals?”

“Just asking a question~ there is a school project that requires biological profiles on them. So because of the cold blood would they react to the sudden changes in temperature?”

“Well, you have to catch one first… Did you know there’s a rumor of a new species in New York? Beautiful and quite large… But it can be aggressive if threatened.”

“Dr. you all right?” Feeling that Dr. Connors seemed a little different than usual, Peter asked with concern.

“Never been better, Peter. Never been better. Now, if you’ll excuse me. Afraid I have to ask you to leave. I have a new project I am working on. I need to be alone.”

“Uh-well, Doctor.” At the urging of Dr. Connors, Peter followed him and left the laboratory.

“Wonderful things are coming, Peter, wonderful things.” As if there was something urgent, Dr. Connors walked out of the lab and left Peter, saying something difficult to understand to Peter.

Looking at Dr. Connors leaving in a hurry, Peter felt something strange. And just as Peter was about to leave, he suddenly heard a noise coming from the side. Without ignoring the movement, Peter looked for the sound and slowly walked to the corner of the lab.


In the corner of the laboratory, there is a mutant mouse running out of the glass box. It is eating the corpse of its companion. It has completely lost the appearance of the mouse and has completely changed into a ferocious monster.

“Fred?” Peter could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the mutant monster in the corner. Dr. Connors’s experiment was unsuccessful, and the mice eventually mutated after fusing lizard genes.

“Dr. Connors was the lizard last night?!” Soon Peter linked Dr. Connors to last night’s lizard. Dr. Connors is not working on new projects, but experimenting on himself. He is out of his mind.


The next moment Peter rushed out of the lab to tell the New York police the news. That lizard is not a monster, but an experimental variant of Dr. Connors!


“You must find Dr. Connors! He’s a dangerous man! We must catch him!” But when Peter found Police Captain George to tell the truth, he was just thrown out.

“This kid, Is he crazy?” Police Captain George frowned as he looked at Peter, who had been driven out by police officers.

There have been so many things going on lately that it seems that all the influential figures, New York and even the New Jersey and Buffalo police have been mobilized. As far as George knows, even SWAT has been transferred out. He really doesn’t know what he going to do.

Jeston Gang still has a lot of residual forces on the run, and what seems to have happened to Frankenstein Family needs attention. What’s more, New York seems to have recently emerged as a hidden and deep Mafia force. There are several other Vigilantes who are always bouncing around. In such a case, the presence of a big lizard on the streets of New York does not have much police to deal with.

“Jimmy! Give me everything we have on Dr. Curtis Conners!”  Captain George arranged for people to start investigating Dr. Connors, although he did not believe Peter’s words. If it was up to him, George certainly couldn’t let him trouble the chaotic situation anymore.


“Spiderman, what’s the matter?” Lin Rui, who was playing games at the base, suddenly got a call from Peter. He had a hunch that something had happened.

“I know who that lizard was last night! I’m looking for him now! I’ll stop him from continuing to destroy everything!” Peter on the other end of the phone seemed to be in a hurry and said aloud.

“Spiderman, where are you now? Don’t act alone. I’ll help you!” Sure enough, Peter has discovered Dr. Connors’secret. In order to solve this problem better, Lin Rui intends to intervene personally.

“He seems to be hiding in the New York Underground and I’m on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue right now! I may have found him. I’m going down!” Having said these two words, Peter hung up the phone and went underground.

“Really! Can’t he wait for me?!” Helplessly hanging up, Lin Rui threw the game handle and jumped up from the sofa. The next moment, Lin Rui has rushed out of the base.


Ticking ~ Ticking ~

New York underground drainage channel is dark and humid. Peter puts on Spiderman’s clothes and lies on his cobweb, sensing the movement from all directions. In order to convince the Police Captain, Peter also glued his camera to the wall, and later he would get the best picture of the lizard.

Ticking ~ Ticking ~

Buzz ~

Finally, Peter, who had waited for a long time, finally sensed some movement from a spider web. Peter was on guard as his eyes focused on the cobweb.

Buzz ~

However, another spider thread sounded. Then the third and fourth, more and more directions are coming. Peter, who had been forced by this situation, had to go around and around in the middle of the cobweb, trying to find out the reason.

Peter didn’t wait too long, and soon lizards appeared from the spider silk that shot into each channel. They crawled past Peter as if they were driven by something and left in another direction.

Huh ~

Looking in the direction of the lizards’escape, Peter did not notice that a huge lizard was quietly appearing on the wall above the passage behind him.


Just like a predator pouncing on his prey, the lizard instantly jumped over the passage toward Peter on the spider web.

At last, he sensed the movement behind him, and Peter turned quickly. But it was a little late. The lizard’s huge claws pressed Peter on the cobweb. Ripp! The sharp claws quickly cut two holes in Peter’s chest.

“You can’t stop me! This will be an important step in human evolution!” Dr. Connors, who has changed his temperament by fusing genes said with murder in his eyes, and the power on his claws is slowly increasing. He’s going to pinch the spider to death for his bad deeds.

At that moment, Peter finally slightly broke away from the control of the lizard’s claws and shot several spider threads on Dr. Connors face.

Puff puff!

Big targets are better, too. Dr. Connors’s giant lizard form was blinded by a cobweb in an instant. When its eyes are blocked, the strength on the claws naturally relaxes a lot.


As the lizard loosened its grip, Peter put his foot on him, then shot spider thread aside and quickly left his grip.

“Roar!!” Tearing up the spider silk on his face, Dr. Connors roared at Peter.

How could Spiderman, already out of control, be able to dodge the lizard’s attack agilely in this underground passage with his chest wound?


However, in this small space, Spiderman’s most important spider thread equipment plays a limited role. Dr. Connors’s mutant lizard form, however, was well suited to such an environment, and in a few moments, it ripped all the spider silk that Peter had shot off, pushing him into a more dangerous position.

Another claw came and Peter wasn’t able to dodge it and was swept to the wall by Dr. Connors. As Dr. Connors said before, once he was threatened, he would become aggressive. Especially this time he increased the dosage of gene serum injection, Spiderman as an individual cannot deal with him anymore.

Before falling off the wall, Peter shot a spider thread and pulled himself to the other side. But just as he was being pulled past, a dark shadow had been drawn. It was a long lizard tail!


Peter was hit by the huge lizard’s tail and fell to the ground.

“Cough!!” Crouching in the dirty water of the underground drainage channel, Peter couldn’t stop coughing twice. Dr. Connors was so strong after the mutation that Peter didn’t expect it.

Following Peter and jumping down, Dr. Connors waved his claw to end the “weak” spider.

As spider threads were being fired from his wrist to stop the lizard’s pace, Peter was thinking about getting away. He can’t stop Dr. Connors alone now. He should wait for Mirage Knight.

“Roar! It’s no use!” Continuously tearing apart those annoying cobwebs, Dr. Connors roared and approached Peter quickly.

Peter, who had been pushed to the corner, could not retreat but watched the lizard’s claws waving. Maybe he could escape in that empty space at the moment that his claw was swinging over!

However, just as Peter was concentrating on trying to escape, a burst of noise came from behind Dr. Connors that Peter was familiar with.

Puff puff!

“Roar!!” The lizard, which was wielding its claws to kill the spider, suddenly trembled and screamed, and then abandoned Peter, who was in front of him and quickly turned away.


After the lizard turned around, several black objects pierced his huge head.

Puff puff!

Lifting his claws to block the objects, Dr. Connors quickly left his place and ran up and down the aisle. He did not know where the attack came from, but it was clear that it would do him a lot of harm. And the time of his mutation ending is approaching, and he can’t continue to play.

Da da!

After Dr. Connors left quickly, a sound of footsteps came from a side passage. Then Mirage Knight appeared in front of Peter.

“Hey! Spiderman, Did you miss me?”


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