HOM-Chapter 39 Chatting

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Smiling, Lin Rui sat down on the sofa opposite to Tony without any initial nervousness or excitement about seeing an idol. He looks more like a person with equal status with Tony. That is not something ordinary.

“Eh? If you’re not pretending to be calm, then I really want to admire your courage.” Tony had a strange feeling when he saw Lin Rui’s expression and attitude change.

Pepper, who wanted to start a conversation to light up the atmosphere also discovered the change in Lin Rui. She wanted to say something but finally sat silently beside Tony without saying anything.

“It’s really my honor to be admired by Mr. Stark, but I’m just pushing on now. It’s really a surprise for me to see such a person as Mr. Stark. After all, you are a genius of this age!” Following Tony’s words, Lin Rui answered humbly. It’s not good to pretend to be a fan if he wants to achieve his goals.

“So, Mr. Jackson, what is your purpose? Or what is the purpose of the power behind you?” Hearing Lin Rui’s calm tone, Tony suddenly opened his mouth and asked these two questions. He still thinks that Lin Rui is a big chess player. After all, ordinary high school students will not be as calm as Lin Rui given the current situation.

“Ah?! What purpose? What is the power behind me?! Did Mr. Stark, after investigating me for so many days, still think that there is some invisible power behind me? At Tony’s words, Lin Rui’s face turned strange as he asked back. He just did not show the surprise and excitement one shows after seeing an influential figure. How did he arrive at the conclusion that someone is behind me?

“You know I’m investigating you?” Seeing Lin Rui’s mistaken look at me, Tony’s face is a bit shaky. He really did not find any influence behind Lin Rui. What he asked just now is just cheating on Lin Rui.

“Miss Pepper promised to introduce me to you, but she didn’t invite me here until today. During the week or so, I think you should have done something. But, since you haven’t investigated anything, why do you think that I have some sort of hidden power behind me now? Lin Rui answered calmly.

In dealing with Tony’s personality, adhering to him will only make him look down upon him. Only by putting both sides in an equal position can Lin Rui get a chance to really approach him and gradually become friends with him.

“Because you are too calm and you lied to Pepper. You said that I am your idol, but you are not excited and happy as a fan. Although your performance is good but this acting is too young and immature for me who is used to Hollywood level performances.” Tony’s eyes flashed as he said that and this is the reason why he once again judged that Lin Rui’s identity is not simple.

“Er… Well, I did lie. Sorry, Miss Pepper, I’m not Mr. Stark’s fans, but my friend is! I can guarantee that!” Lin Rui apologized to Miss Pepper on the side when Tony dismantled his clumsy acting skills and then explained quickly.

“I just want to know you. I thought it should be easier for me if Miss Pepper introduces me as your fan.” Turning around, Lin Rui still thinks it’s better to be honest.

“Oh? So why do you want to know me? Stop talking about idols, influential figures, and other reasons. I’ve investigated you and I know you’re a guy who has no idols and no favorite stars. You’re smart enough to go to the best universities in the United States with your grades. I think you always have your reasons.” Looking at Lin Rui, Tony asked earnestly. Since the young man in front of him said that he had no power behind him, Tony really wanted to hear why he came to see him.

“Oh ~ indeed, I don’t have any idols or favorite stars. But I do admire you, Mr. Stark. To say the reason, I do have a request for you. Hearing Tony’s serious remarks, Lin Rui turned her eyes around. Things need to be done step by step. To deal with people like Tony, you need to boil frogs in warm water.

“What request?” Seeing Lin Rui’s request, Tony finally took it seriously, thinking that what Lin Rui will say next will be very important.

After all, Lin Rui saved Pepper, and it’s normal for him to ask for something and as long as those requests are within his power, Tony Stark can always meet the needs of others.

“I want to be your personal interviewer.” As Tony and Pepper watched, Lin Rui spoke slowly about his demands.


After Lin Rui said what he wanted, the big lounge suddenly became silent and quiet.

“What do you say? You want to be my private interview reporter?!” It seems that he felt that he had an auditory hallucination and Tony had some hearing and understanding problems for the first time in his life.

“Yes, this is my request. Since Mr. Tony has already investigated me, then you should know that I am currently working as an intern in a newspaper. I am now an intern reporter.  Now that I know Mr. Tony Stark, I don’t think it’s too bad to make news of you? Lin Rui rightly said that this was the excuse he had long thought of. What’s the fastest way to be friends with someone? Of course that’s… Lin Rui didn’t know, but he thought it was enough to attract Tony’s attention.

“Of course I know that you are an intern reporter now! But isn’t that just a part-time job that you took because you were bored?! Don’t tell me, a smart guy like you thinks that running around with a camera is a promising future.!” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Tony did not believe that he really wanted to be a real journalist.

“That’s not necessarily true! Recently, I just found the profession of journalist very interesting!” Lin Rui spread out his hand to show that he was innocent. Can’t smart people choose to be journalists? Tony’s brain circuitry is too narrow!

“Are you serious?” Lying on the sofa again, Tony asked Lin Rui again.

“Of course, what else do you think I’m going to ask? But I don’t mind if Mr. Stark is willing to give me extra pay.” Lin Rui confirmed again and finally made a joke.

“I’d rather you put forward some higher requirements. My personality is worth more than that.” He shook his head and did not guess what was going on in Lin Rui’s mind. Tony just felt that the requirement was too low.

It’s just a private interview with a reporter. Tony doesn’t usually care what the outside world reports about him. Normally Tony would not attend a press conference. Even if he did, he would be too lazy to listen to journalists who only paid attention to his own latest news. Now even if there were more interviewers, Tony would not feel any trouble.

Moreover, Lin Rui is still a young intern journalist and does not have much time to interview him. He said that he was his private interviewer, but in fact, he would not follow his own side and report him like other interviewers. So Tony felt that this requirement was dispensable.

“So Mr. Stark agreed?” Hearing Tony’s words, Lin Rui asked with a smile.

“Well, I agree. You’ll be my interviewer in the future. I’ll ask Pepper to prepare an identification for you. But there are some things I won’t answer.” With a nod, Tony finally agreed.

“Thank you! Mr. Stark can rest assured, I am not the guy who likes gossip!” Seeing Tony promised, Lin Rui was relieved and the first step of his plan was a success.

“That’s not necessarily true. I heard you got Pepper’s attention with my gossip news.”

“Heh heh! That’s the necessary means!” Referring to that day, Lin Rui felt a little embarrassed.

“So, was it really a coincidence that you appeared in that alley that day?” Just after Lin Rui and Tony had finished talking, Pepper cut in. She didn’t care what Lin Rui asked for, she just wanted to know whether it was purposeful or accidental that Lin Rui saved her that day.

“It was really a coincidence. How would I know Miss Pepper would be attacked?” Looking at Pepper, Lin Rui responded seriously. It’s not a lie. Lin Rui didn’t know Pepper was attacked. He just noticed that someone was following Pepper.


“Pepper, our Jackson kid won’t lie. Right? Jackson?” This time, Tony helped Lin Rui get away, and he didn’t know if he really believed Lin Rui’s words.

“Of course!” Lin Rui quickly nodded.

“Well, let’s talk about some things else. Let’s talk about some of the things that are easy. For example, Jackson, what is your future goal?” Standing up from the couch, Tony walked toward the lounge and asked Lin Rui.

“Well, I’m still young and I haven’t thought about it yet. But I think my future career will be great. Lin Rui also stood up politely and answered after Tony. He’s going to be a Superhero. Of course, the genius in front of Lin Rui will also be a Superhero.

“Is that right? Pepper, send someone to prepare dinner. We can’t let Jackson go home hungry. Responding to Lin Rui, Tony arranged for Pepper to prepare dinner for them. It’s still early, but Tony obviously wants to talk to Lin Rui a little more.

“Thank you, Mr. Stark. I think I can brag a lot in front of my friends when I go back.


So Tony kept talking to Lin Rui until dinner. Pepper also listened quietly to them chatting, bringing them a cup of coffee or green tea from time to time, because Lin Rui did not like coffee. As the evening wore on, Lin Rui had already eaten the biggest meal in his life under Tony’s hospitality. For a private dinner with Tony Stark in the Stark Tower, Lin Rui wondered how many people could get this treatment.

“Well, Mr. Stark, Miss Pepper, I’ll go home first. Thank you again for dinner.” Standing at the elevator door, Lin Rui politely bid farewell to Tony and Pepper.

“It was nice to meet you, too,” Tony said to Lin Rui waiving his hand.

The next moment, the elevator door behind Lin Rui opened quickly.

“Good-bye.” Finally, with a greeting, Lin Rui turned and stepped into the elevator.

When Lin Rui disappeared in front of Tony and Pepper, the smile on Tony’s face disappeared instantly.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! Is the analysis coming out?” Tony yelled as he walked back.

“Sir, Mr. Jackson Lin said 352 words when he came in. By systematic judgment, 350 of them are true. Except for the fact that you are his idol, Mr. Jackson did not lie about anything else, sir.” After Tony shouted, the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. answered him quickly.

Obviously, This was Tony’s intention in keeping Lin Rui for so long. He has been asking J.A.R.V.I.S. to test Lin Rui’s heart rate and other physiological data to determine whether Lin Rui is lying or not. But now, according to the results of J.A.R.V.I.S., Lin Rui is telling the truth. However, the results based on heartbeat and physiological data are totally inappropriate for Lin Rui, who has practiced internal power.

“Really? Did I really think too much about it? Hearing the results of J.A.R.V.I.S. analysis, Tony’s original idea began to waver.

“Tony, sometimes it’s good to trust others a little more? I think this young man is very good!” Pepper whispered.

“Well, in that case, he’s really a great young man.” Without finding anything wrong with Lin Rui, Tony had to admit Pepper was right.

Tony shook his head as he glanced over the vine-knitted handicraft Lin Rui gave him before he finally left the table. Maybe I shouldn’t be so suspicious of others anymore.

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