HOM- Chapter 37 *Hidden*

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Da da da ~


“This way!” “Ah!”

“Be careful!”

Bang bang bang! ~

In the shadow of New York, at a factory at the junction of Queens and Manhattan, several series of shots were fired, including some exclamations and screams. These shots and screams ended before they lasted too long. No one knows what was going on inside.

Soon after the silence of the voice in the factory, two dark shadows flashed through the gate and rushed into the continuous dark night.

At an offset intersection far from the factory building, two figures appeared under the dim street lights, one after the other, two people in special clothes. If anyone else who knows them is here at this time, they will be surprised to see: Mirage Knight! Daredevil!

That’s right,  the two people who appear here are Lin Rui and Matt. They have just joined forces to solve a drug making problem in Jeston Gang, a total of more than 30 people. This is the second time this week that Lin Rui and Matt have joined forces, the last time against a criminal gang under Kingpin in the Hell Kitchen.

“Matt, I defeated ten more guys tonight than you did!” Walking back into the darkness of the street from the street lamp, Lin Rui said to Matt with ease. In terms of strength, Lin Rui was now completely above Matt.

“Well, your growth has really surprised me. Is the internal energy really that amazing?” Matt didn’t care when he heard Lin Rui’s words and just asked a question.

“Eh! Anyway, it’s more amazing than what you’re practicing now! ” Lin Rui answered with a smile.

“Lin Rui has completely learned the Soaring Dragon Art and developed it to its full potential and the internal energy in the body has stopped growing. Lin Rui feels it’s time for him to change to a more advanced cultivation technique. Maybe he can teach Matt Soaring Dragon Art? With his talent, it shouldn’t be a problem to practice Soaring Dragon Art.

“I don’t know who your master is, but I think that he must be a very powerful person!” During the time with Lin Rui, Matt watched the growth of Lin Rui’s strength day by day and expressed his heartfelt feelings.

“Heh heh! That’s a secret!” Lin Rui will not say that he has no master but a more powerful system.

“Right! Matt, I have been thinking about a problem lately.” Suddenly remembered something, Lin Rui slowed down and said to Matt.

“Eh? What’s the problem? Hearing Lin Rui’s step slowed down, Matt slowed down and asked Lin Rui.

“Should we have a fixed base of operations or something like that? Every time we come out of our homes and find a place to assemble and then move together, it’s always troublesome. What’s more, we are dealing with more and more enemies, and we need a place to prepare our own equipment. Every Vigilante should have its own secret base and arsenal, and we are missing a place like this right now. Stopping at the roadside, Lin Rui said seriously.

What Lin Rui said just now has been on his mind for some time. Since he and Matt formed an alliance, their enemies have completely escalated to large criminal gangs like Jeston Gang and Frankenstein Family. Unlike previous attacks on gangsters on the streets, Lin Rui and Matt need to prepare intelligence and equipment in advance every time they deal with these criminal gangs. And these things obviously can’t be done at home, so Lin Rui was thinking about building his own secret base outside.

“Oh! I always forget that you are still young and you must still live with your parents at home!” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Matt patted his head and said embarrassingly.

Lin Rui’s strength always makes Matt ignore the fact that this powerful ally is only a high school student, so he never thought about it. After all, Matt can do a lot of things in his basement.

“Uh-yeah, I want to move out at least until I have a stable job!” Lin Rui was a little embarrassed. Vigilante, who lives with his parents and goes home every night, has its limitations.

“You’re right! We really need a secret base, a place to prepare our own equipment and make some secret plans!” Without too much age entanglement, Matt quickly agreed to Lin Rui’s proposal.

“Well, then do you have any suitable places to recommend? I don’t know much about the underground situation in New York.” Hearing Matt agreeing, Lin Rui went on to ask.

“I know a few places, they are very secretive and have a lot of space. If you sort them out, they should be our secret base.” Matt is not afraid to walk as Daredevil in New York at night and there are several places that come to his mind.

“Ha ha! Take me to see it now. We can fix the secret base earlier and we can arrange it earlier. Hearing Matt’s words, Lin Rui said excitedly.

“Well, the nearest place should be here. One place I stumbled upon when I was injured before I came home, it was an abandoned iron factory.” With a sigh of relief, Matt felt a little and accelerated in one direction.

An hour later, on a dilapidated Road near the river, Matt’s car stopped quietly by the side of the road, but no one was in it.

Under the roadbed about a hundred meters away from the bank, the weeds are everywhere and it is a place where no one has passed for many years. At this time, Lin Rui’s exciting voice suddenly came out of the weed.

“Ha! Here it is, the most perfect secret base!” Standing in a dusty and empty basement, Lin Rui shouted excitedly.

This is the third place Matt is looking at with Lin Rui and the most satisfying place for Lin Rui at this time. It’s supposed to be an old-fashioned bomb shelter, connected to New York’s underground drainage system, but it’s been apparently abandoned for many years now. It is situated by the river, just below the ground. It is not only large in space, but also covert enough. As a secret base, it is really perfect.

“Are you sure?” Standing next to Lin Rui, Matt asked again.

“Eh! It’s decided. Here it is! I don’t think the place behind is any better than here, is it? Looking around the underground space again, Lin Rui said earnestly.

“Yes, the rest of the place is really not as good as here.” Matt nodded and answered.

“So…we will set the secret base here. We can slowly arrange it here as the foothold and hiding place of our action.”  The more satisfied Lin Rui looked, the more he was thinking about turning it into an all-around base.

“You decide, but it’s too late today. Aren’t you going to school tomorrow?” Knowing that Lin Rui was in high spirits at the moment, Matt had to remind him.

“Ah! You’re right! Let’s make an appointment next time. I’ll bring some of my own things. I think this will be a very important place for us in the future. After glancing at the time, Lin Rui exclaimed, and then went out with Matt.

“Well, I believe too.”


The next day, Empire State High School.

“Hey! Jackson! You look happy! Did anything good happen to you?” In the class, Peter looked at Lin Rui, who had been smiling, and asked.

“Oh, you can say that.  Didn’t you read the news the other day? I’m supposed to be on TV!” Smiling at Peter, Lin Rui said proudly.

“Hum! You are in the limelight now. As an intern journalist, you interviewed Tony Stark’s personal secretary, I didn’t know where your luck came from. Looking at Lin Rui’s complacent look, Peter spoke with envy.

“Heh heh! It’s really my luck.” Lin Rui responded with a smile. He can’t say he meant it.

At this moment, a person came in from the door and went straight to Lin Rui and Peter. It was Harry, Harry who hadn’t been seen by anyone for a few days, he finally appeared at school again.

“Hey! Harry, why haven’t you coming to school recently?” Peter asked curiously as he saw Harry coming. He recently started interning behind the biology professor at Oscorp and he usually studies at school and didn’t really have a lot of free time so he hasn’t met Harry for some days now. As for Lin Rui, his situation is similar, he has been busy completing the main line quest recently.

“Hey! Harry, you are here!” Lin Rui also greets Harry, he probably knows what Harry has been doing lately. It should be Oscorp’s business. Looking at Harry’s face, his move into the shareholder group should not be so smooth.

“Hey! There was something I had to do in the company, so I was a little busy.” Although Harry has been under great pressure because of the company’s affairs, he will not share these things with his friends and burden them too. This is not something they should worry about.

“Well, now you’re slowly starting to take over the company’s business. You really will be busy for some time.” Peter was not pleased to say that as he could not imagine how dangerous the fighting within such a large company was when he was so simple-minded about those affairs.

“If you need any help, you can talk to us. We may not be able to help you, but we’ll be there for you and that’s always better than being alone. Lin Rui spoke on the sidelines and said that if he could help, he would help.

I know. And thank you for helping me out at the Lisbon Hotel the other day.” Smiling gratefully at Lin Rui, Harry mentioned Lin Rui’s interruption of the journalist who asked personal and aggressive questions to Harry the other day.

“Later, I sent someone to find you, but you were gone.”

“Oh, that day! That reporter was obviously targeting you. I wanted to help seeing that, I can’t let my friend fall to that guy’s questions, Afterward, I went home so you.” Lin Rui said with a smile.

“Ah! Hey! What are you talking about? Hearing Lin Rui and Harry talk about something, Peter asked curiously.

“Oh! It’s Nothing.”

In this way, Lin Rui and three people chatted and waited for class time. They did not find that Tom, who would normally come to talk with them, was now in another circle. If not for all three of them having their own business, they would have noticed that.

Chapter 37 Secret Base

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