HOM-Chapter 122 Not The Same

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It seems that Thor’s movie image is too deeply ingrained in Lin Rui’s mind as he never considered anything else. He has always been a good-looking warrior in Lin Rui’s heart, but his IQ and EQ are not high and he is impulsive. But after Thor woke up again and he had a simple conversation with Lin Rui. Lin Rui can confirm that Thor may have seen a little impulsive at first, but he’s not a big fool, although he’s really tall.

“Uh… Why am I not an ordinary person?” Instead of admitting it at first, Lin Rui asked.

“Although I was a little startled to be in another room, I still remember that it was you who pushed me on the bed. Not to mention that you have such strength in a little child’s body, I can also feel the magical power from your hands, like some kind of hierarchical suppression. I don’t think everyone in your place has your strength, do they?” Looking at Lin Rui, Thor answered calmly. Even in Asgard, a warrior who can use magic rarely have the strength that Lin Rui posses at such a young age.

“Haha… Indeed, not everyone here has my strength. Also, I don’t like being called a kid. Besides, can’t you have a better attitude when you ask for someone’s help?” Faced with Thor’s questions, Lin Rui’s face was somewhat bad. If Thor was a big fool, he could simply fool him. Now, obviously, it would not be so easy to fool him.

“So, Jackson, would you like to help me find my hammer and help me get back to Asgard?” Apparently felt the change in Lin Rui’s attitude, Thor said with a smile.

“I didn’t feel your sincerity at all.” Grinning slightly, Lin Rui really thinks this God Of Thunder is not simple. Perhaps, in the beginning, he should not be as simple as he thought. A war god who often fights on the battlefield with various alien races, even if he is not good at winning with strategy, does not mean that Thor is really a stupid big man who can only fight with his hammer.

“Jackson, I remember when you found me there were three other people with you. Do they all know the power you have?” Obviously, it’s not only Lin Rui who discovered Thor’s differences. Thor also roughly judged Lin Rui’s situation, but not yet so precise, so he made a bold guess.

“Oh, of course they know.” Lin Rui won’t let Thor succeed. Thor wouldn’t know if he is lying or not. But he knows Thor’s situation now. It is absolutely not good.

“Really? So Jackson, are you going to help me? I think you’ve been interested in me since the beginning. Actually, I’m just wondering if you know anything about me.” Although he didn’t see that Lin Rui was lying, Thor decided one thing was that the kid in front of him was really not easy. He seemed to be surprised at what he said as if he had known it for a long time.

“If anyone tells me later that Thor is the stupid guy in the movie, I am gonna murder him!” This is what Lin Rui thought at the moment.

“Well, I am indeed really interested in you, I promise to help you. But you can’t talk to my friends. Also, you will owe me a favor.” Finally, Lin Rui promised Thor. Anyway, he came over and wanted to see the Asgardian God with his own eyes. Helping Thor to regain his power while the said god would own him a favor is just an added benefit.

“Rest assured, Jackson, you’ll know how valuable this favor is.” With Lin Rui’s assurance, Thor smiled at him and said.

“Hope is it. Ok, let’s go, the day is about to start. We need to go back and talk about your business.” In this way, Lin Rui and Thor’s first formal conversation ended in a somewhat weird atmosphere. The crown prince of Asgard and the Vigilante on the earth made a verbal agreement between them.


The sky soon turned bright and Lin Rui and Thor also talked a lot while waiting for the dawn to approach. About Asgard, about the earth, this gives both sides a clearer understanding of each other. Thor easily accepted some of the things on earth, but he was surprised that Lin Rui was not surprised that he was an alien. This discovery made Thor more certain of his guess, Jackson is not an ordinary person.

“That sounds like the phenomenon you are studying seems to be related to the opening of Bifrost. That… Er -“After talking about their respective humanities, Lin Rui and Thor have talked about what Jane is doing.

“Jane, Miss Jane Foster. She’s been looking for that kind of signal for months, and it seems that this time you’ve been thrown down provides us with the most authentic information.” With a nod, Lin Rui picked up what Thor wanted to say.

“Well, yes, Jane. It seems that she is a real scholar, and she is so beautiful.” Jane’s ability to detect anomalies and lock in that magical pattern is really powerful, but Thor’s focus seems to be wrong.

“Oh… I think we should be able to leave now.” Not wanting to comment on Thor’s words, Lin Rui has already stood up from the stool.

“OK, but I don’t have any clothes to wear right now.” Getting up from bed behind Lin Rui, Thor stood barefoot on the ground and looked at Lin Rui and said.

“Aren’t you wearing some now? Come on, big fellow.” Lin Rui had no time to find Thor a suitable suit and let him dress well in his sick clothes.


“I’m sorry, sir. His uniform must be returned to the hospital before he can be discharged. Moreover, his admission record is incomplete.” While taking Thor with him to leave, Lin Rui had some trouble getting out of the hospital. The nurse did not intend to let Thor go out in his medical uniform like this, and his identity information was not at all in line with the rules.

“Well, beautiful nurse, we’ve paid all the admission fees. Shall I pay for this uniform?” Thor couldn’t possibly have an identity, because he wasn’t an earthman at all, so Lin Rui was going to talk a little bit about it.

“You have a sweet mouth, but you can’t.” Obviously, the fat nurse did not fall for Lin Rui’s words.

“Why do you say so much? Why can’t we just leave? They can’t stop us at all.” While Lin Rui was still trying to figure it out, Thor, standing behind, was a little impatient. Now he has only a thin sick suit and he is barefoot. He feels as cold and uncomfortable as ordinary people.

“Here, we need to follow some rules, I thought you just understood what we said in our conversation.” Lin Rui turned back and explained that as he didn’t want Thor to make trouble.

“You may have said that, but I didn’t listen to it. That’s another thing.” As Asgard’s prince, Thor has his own pride with arrogance mixed in it.

“OK! I have a way. Wait a minute. You can sit over there.” I’m not sure, but Lin Rui knows someone should be able to help.

“I won’t wait long.” After pulling at his clothes, Thor went to the seat next to the corridor and sat down.

“Ah! Why did I promise to help him? At first, I just wanted to come and see it!” Seeing Thor, Lin Rui has a big headache. Then Lin Rui smiled at the nurse and took out his phone. “Hello, Kaecilius, this is Jackson. I have something I need your help with…”

After Lin Rui called for help, Kaecilius came quickly with some clothes suitable for Thor. With the help of Kaecilius, Thor quickly completed the discharge procedure. Sometimes this is the case. As long as the right person is found, some rules can be avoided.

“Thank you, Kaecilius, I still have to trouble you to send us back.” Sitting on the off-road vehicle, Lin Rui smiled and thanked Kaecilius.

“No, you can find me if you have any problems here. I am happy to help. However, are you sure that this guy is mentally okay?” Laughing and waving, Kaecilius was more interested in Thor’s behavior. Because he was looking up and down in the car now, as if he had found something interesting.

“Uh… He’s just a little excited, he won’t cause any problem.” Thor had never seen a car so he reacted like this, and Lin Rui remembered Thor’s visit to a pet shop to find a horse in the original plot.

“Ok ~”

Soon, Kaecilius took Lin Rui and Thor to the door of Dr. Jane and Erik’s laboratory warehouse. At this time, it was surrounded by more than a dozen black cars, and some shouts came from the experimental warehouse.


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