HOM-Chapter 101 Doubt

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The test results came out very quickly. The Palladium in Tony’s body was really cleared, and the 0.7% content may be a point that leaked out of Arc Reactor this morning.

“What the! It’s real!” Tony, who saw the test results, leaned on the chair and gave a sigh of relief. No one can understand the feeling of coming back from the edge of death better than him at this moment.

“But, what is going on here?! The Palladium content in my body that I clearly tested yesterday has reached 32%. Why did the toxin disappear overnight?” Although Tony was happy that Palladium Poisoning had disappeared from his body, he did not understand why.

Tony, trying to figure out what had happened, removed the Arc Reactor directly from his chest. No surprise, the Palladium inside was still melting and penetrating into his body. If it goes on like this, Tony will still die of Palladium Poisoning in more than a month. Unless he doesn’t use the Arc Reactor, which is of course impossible.

With a complete Palladium block replacing the one that had begun to melt, Tony put the Arc Reactor back into his chest, he will not be able to live without this.

“Since the reason is not the Arc Reactor, then where is the problem?…JARVIS! Take out and show me all my yesterday’s itineraries in the fullest detail! ” Tony, who had a hangover night, can’t remember what he did yesterday. He needs J.A.R.V.I.S. to help him remember. Perhaps he could find the reason for the release of Palladium toxin from what he did yesterday.

“Next…next…next…stop! No, next…” The computer screen quickly played everything that Tony did yesterday, because he wore the Iron Man Armor most of the time, so JARVIS’s record was very detailed. Nevertheless, Tony has not found any reason to relieve Palladium Poisoning in his body by the time he sees the party at his home in the evening.


“Ah! ~ ~ “



Tony’s sober eyebrows wrinkled tightly when he saw his dangerous behavior exploding in the hall during his drunkenness last night on the screen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Rhodes started too hard! That’s how the wound on my face came about!” Tony muttered reluctantly when he saw Rhodes crushing him on the screen. Of course, he knew that some of it was his own fault.

“Ohh, it seems that Jackson is protecting me and did not let Rhodes disfigure me.” Tony sees Lin Rui wearing an Iron Man Armor to stop Rhodes.

“Well! That’s a good attitude! But why don’t you just give Rhodes a shot instead of me? You can’t kill me or him in the Iron Man Armor anyway.” Seeing Lin Rui raising his palm cannon in order to prevent Rhodes from taking away the Iron Man Armor, he squirted in front of the screen.

As Rhodes angrily took off the Iron Man Armor and left, Tony felt a little uncomfortable. However, when he remembered what he had done to Pepper before, Tony’s mood became even more depressed. Finally, Lin Rui was left alone in the destroyed hall, accompanied by Tony, who fainted on the stage.

Watching Lin Rui help himself in taking off the Iron Man Armor, dragging him onto the sofa, pouring him a glass of water, and finally cover him with a blanket before leaving. Tony’s fondness for Lin Rui is staggering upwards. Perhaps Lin Rui’s other mainline quest is about to be completed.

“The wine I drink on the party has always been the kind I often drink. It’s not a problem. I am eating what I always eat, and I haven’t touched anything special outside. So, what really happened? Does the body produce antibodies against Palladium poisoning? After watching the video, Tony still didn’t find out what had happened.


Unwilling to give up, Tony clicked the back play button, he has to look again carefully, this time he wants to start from the back.

“This is the last thing I drank before I went to bed. Jackson watched me finish drinking before leaving. Where does this glass of water come from? Is it in the fridge? Because Tony had been focusing on himself and didn’t see where Lin Rui brought the glass of water, so he’s asking this question now.

“J.A.R.V.I.S, look at where Jackson poured the water for me.” Tony seems to have found a clue and quickly directed J.A.R.V.I.S to look for it.

“Yes! Sir.” Soon, J.A.R.V.I.S. brought out the video of Lin Rui actions last night.

“The cup was taken from the kitchen, but there was no water in the refrigerator. Okay? What is he doing?” Tony was puzzled to see Lin Rui put the cup on the table and then reached out and pulled something out of his pocket and poured it in.

“I don’t know, sir. It looks like it’s just some water.” J.A.R.V.I.S answered truthfully.

“Would people really keep a glass of water in their pocket when they attend a party? Is there a clearer picture? I want to see what Jackson has given me.” Tony is almost certain that the water Lin Rui gave him removed the Palladium Poisoning from his body, so he needs to know what Lin Rui actually put in that cup.

Soon, J.A.R.V.I.S. changed the camera to a clearer angle and took all of Lin Rui’s actions. Tony still didn’t see clearly what Lin Rui had pulled out of his pocket even in slow motion. It only took a single movement to pour water, and then a glass of water appeared in the cup on the table, as if something had blurred the lens at that moment.

“Magic? How on earth did that glass of water come into being? And more importantly, what exactly is that glass of water? Why can it eliminate Palladium Poisoning!?” Tony, who didn’t see how Lin Rui made this glass of water, was even more confused. He wanted to grab Lin Rui and ask him face to face immediately.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! Call Jackson and say I have something to discuss with him, something very important! ” Not delaying for a second, Tony shouted.

“Yes, sir. I have already called Mr. Jackson and I am waiting to be connected.”


“Sir, Mr. Jackson is not answering his phone.” Waiting for a while, J.A.R.V.I.S did not get through Lin Rui’s call.

“Come on, let’s go to his school and find him!” Standing up from his chair, Tony is going to find Lin Rui himself. Tony couldn’t calm down if he didn’t solve the problem.

“Sir, the high school is currently closed. Mr. Jackson should not be in school now.” Hearing Tony’s words, J.A.R.V.I.S. calmly reminded him.

Tony: “…”

“Jackson, what on earth did you gave me?!”

Lin Rui gave Tony a drink and it was the low-level Holy Spring Water that he had been reluctant to use but in order not to let Tony continue to suffer from Palladium Poisoning and not to see Tony’s spirit slowly collapse, Lin Rui quietly poured the Low-Level Holy Spring Water to Tony last night.

Because Lin Rui has directly taken that from the system space, the camera of J.A.R.V.I.S can’t capture the clear picture. But if Lin Rui knew that his action was seen by Tony, he might not have been so careless. Now, he has to find a suitable reason for his small negligence.


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