GGS-Chapter 9 Treasure In Trash

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Shen Hong felt that his old face could not be saved anymore. He simply ignored Tibetan mastiff and glance at the tall young man, he felt a little dissatisfied with him. Although the native dog and the cat were too fierce, The Tibetan mastiff shouldn’t be this timid.

Shen Hong glanced at the four cats again and suddenly his eyes lit up as he said: “Is this a Bengal Cat?”

Su Jing said, “What Bengal Cat? This is a Dragon Li Cat.” These three kittens have eaten the Magical Beast meat. Their hair changed as they were a lot more beautiful, but that still wouldn’t categorize them as Bengal Cat.

Shen Hong looked incredulous and said, “How could it be Dragon Li Cat? How could Dragon Li Cat possibly have this appearance? But looking at them carefully, it seems that they are not Bengal Cats. Is it a hybrid of wild leopard cat and domestic cat?”

In fact, Bengal Cat is not a real leopard cat, but a hybrid of wild Asian leopard pattern cat and a domestic cat. It has both the beautiful patterns of Asian leopard pattern cat and the gentle personality of a domestic cat.

However, the kitten is wilder than most of the Bengal Cat. At first glance, it looks like a wild clouded leopard. But its personality is quite different from wild clouded leopard and leopard cat.

Suddenly, Shen Hong came up with the idea of buying native dogs and cats.

However, he decided to take it slowly, fearing that he might be rejected.

After entering the room, Su Jing poured tea for them and deliberately missed the cup of the tall young man who spoke ill of his dog and his old house and looked contemptuous at others. It would be too good if he poured tea for him without doing something.

Shen Hong was curious about how Su Jing trained his Cats and Dogs. After sitting down, he did not forget to look around, hoping to see something. When he saw some pieces of broken stone, porcelain, and wood piled in a corner, he was shocked.

Su Jing asked: “What wrong?”

Shen Hong pointed to the fragments and said, “I think the material of the fragments is very good. It’s not like ordinary porcelain.”

Su Jing said quietly, “Master Shen, do you have any knowledge in this field?”

Shen Hong smiled, with a hint of pride in his tone: “I know a little about antique appreciation, especially porcelains.”

Su Jing’s heart moved, he took some fragments of porcelain and wood into the house and studied them for a while, but he couldn’t see the value of those chips. This kind of things cannot be understood in a short time without being working with them. It so happens that there is a professional in his house. Let him see it.

Su Jing said, “Would Mr. Shen help me and see if these pieces of broken stone and porcelain are valuable and possibly antiques? I heard that they are broken and then glued together. Although they are not as good as those in good condition, they are still valuable.”

The tall young man grinned: “What value can a pile of broken stone and porcelain pieces have?” It reminds me that some countrymen always like to use the urinary and pickle jars handed down from their ancestors as antiques, which is just as ridiculous.

Shen Hong stared at the tall young man. “Xiaojun, don’t be rude.”

Shen Hong walked over and carefully picked up a piece of broken porcelain to watch it. After watching more than a dozen pieces, he finally shook his head and stopped.

“How?” Su Jing saw Shen Hong’s expression and had already guessed the result, but still asked unwillingly.

“First of all, these are not antiques. These engraved patterns are not consistent with any dynasty. They are also very new. They should be modern items. But I can’t tell you anything more without carbon dating them,” Shen Hong said.

“Master Shen, you said it wasn’t for sure. There’s no need to test it.” Su Jing chucked in his heart and waved. These engraved patterns are from the Coiling Dragon world. Of course, there is no dynasty on the earth. As for carbon dating, how does Su Jing dare? If it is detected that it is not a substance of the earth, how can he explain it? At that time, not only can the money not be earned, but it will also cause trouble.

“Second.” Shen Hong paused and continued, “These sculpture patterns are very rough and inferior. They are not modern crafts. They are only made of good materials. Even if they are perfect and non-destructive, they are at most slightly more expensive than ordinary bowls. If they are broken, they are worthless. Generally speaking, young man, I see that you are a complete amateur, so even if they don’t have any value you can still learn from them.”

“Thank you, Master Shen, for your advice.” Su Jing was somewhat disappointed, but he was much more polite to Shen Hong. He called him a teacher and the other side was much older than himself.

“How long will you have in the future? Don’t jump at anything if you’re not sure…” Shen Hong raised Su Jing’s point as an elder, but halfway through, his voice stopped abruptly. Suddenly, his eyes fixed on a piece of black lacquer wood with a diameter of more than ten centimeters beside the pile of fragments.

Su Jing looked at Shen Hong’s line of sight. It was strange that this wood might be regarded as a wood carving, but the level of carving is third-rate. It is estimated that the original intention was to carve a person, but it is as abstract as a child’s figure. It’s worthless.

“Oh, this sculpture is very interesting.” Shen Hong quickly took back the light in his eyes, picked up the wood at random and threw it away at random and said, “If my great-grandson sees it, he will probably like it. Can you give it to me?”

Su Jing blinked as the carving was quite childlike. Is he deceiving me because he wants the wood and not the carving?

Su Jing’s respect for the old man just disappeared. If he had not misread the shining light in the old fox’s eyes, then the wood should have some value. This level of carving is absolutely worthless, so the value should be in the wood itself.

However, what is the value of a piece of rotten wood? Could it be…

“Master Shen, do you know Sandalwood?” Su Jing asked tentatively.

“Sandalwood? I naturally know about it.” Shen Hong couldn’t help but pump his eyes and asked, “Do you mean that this is Sandalwood?”

Listening to Shen Hong, the tall young man frowned and the glamorous beauty was staring at the wood with interest.

“You should have seen it long ago. Why don’t we stop beating around the bush?” Su Jing laughed and said, “He is very happy that it turned out to be Sandalwood. Thinking about it carefully. Sandalwood is very precious on the earth. However, in the endless Coiling Dragon world of trees and forests, they can probably cut it down at will.”

“Haha… Where is it? I just walked around.” Shen Hong is a man of thick skin. He laughs and blurs away. Then he looks at Su Jing with a serious expression and says, “Which bastard carved these carvings?”

“I don’t know. When I got it, it was already like that.” Su Jing said.

“It’s a terrible thing. Let me know who did it and I won’t spare him.” Shen Hong blew his beard and stared. It was unforgivable to carve on Purple Sandalwood in such a poor way.

“Young man, to tell you the truth, this Sandalwood is not worth more than ordinary wood. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the sculptor. It’s no use to you. How about selling it for 2,000 yuan? Shen Hong looked at Su Jing and said.