GGS-Chapter 27 The trash of unknown world

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“A’Jing, A’Jing.” Just after Wang Zhuo’s call was answered, several shouts rang from the door.

“Come in.” Su Jing opened the door and went out. Su Liang and Su Xiaolin stood at the door and looked at their faces. Su Jing probably guessed their purpose and invited them into the room to make tea for them.

“A’Jing, we considered what you said. If you really want to build a farm, we will follow you.  I can leave my salary for the time being and wait until I make money, but I may not be able to invest.” Su Xiaolin Said.

“I can invest up to five thousand.” Su Liang bluntly said.

In recent years, the fishing situation is still not very good. There are no good boats in the village, nor can they go out to sea. The situation cannot be improved. As Su Jing said, there are some prisons in the offshore area, which means that they can cover up the hill. But considering the old and the young, they still dare not spend too much money to take risks. They would rather go out to work.

“Oh, you don’t have to invest, I have checked, the original small-scale net cage in shallow water does not need a lot of money, I intend to build 10 preliminary cages, each about 10 meters in diameter with better materials, they will only cost about ten thousands of yuan. You work for me, temporarily 5,000 per month and wait for the situation to send bonuses and raise wages. In short, you will not be ill-treated.” Su Jing smiled, a few days ago because of repairing old house and the yard he had almost spent all of his money, so he temporarily put this plan down, but in these seven days of fishing and cooking, he had earned more than 10,000 per day profit and now there are about 100,000 yuan in his account, plus the profit he will get from the perfect Pet Paradise, There will be a steady income coming his way soon, there should be no shortage of funds, so he decided to start the initial construction of marine farms.

“Five thousand yuan? No, no, that’s too much. Su Liang and Su Xiaolin shook their heads. Of course, they want to make money, but 5,000 yuan was obviously taken care of by Su Jing. If Su Jing lost money because of them then they would feel uneasy.

“If you don’t want to, I’ll invite someone else.” Su Jing said.

“Really, do you want to spend money like this?” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin were silent for a while. They finally agreed, but if they don’t earn much, they can’t accept 5,000 a month.

“Let’s go and experiment first.” Su Jing took Su Liang and Su Xiaolin to a sheltered bay near the small pier. It shows two dilapidated two-by-four-meter rectangular net cages on the beach. For the cultivation of fish, Su Family Village did not try marine aquaculture. However, due to the lack of farming technology, the profitability was normal. Later, it was because of a storm that most of the fish farm net cages were seriously damaged. Almost all of the fish escaped. In that year many people in the village suffered heavy losses and no one ever farmed again.

“Who are these two net cages belongs to?” Su Jing asked.

“It’s my Second Uncle family.” Su Liang said.

“Say hello to your Second Uncle, let’s borrow it.” Su Jing said.

“These are broken nets, my uncle wouldn’t really care much for them so we can use them as we want.” Su Liang said easily.

“Then let’s make some modifications.” Su Jing laughed and said as he knew that Su Liang had a good relationship with his Second Uncle. Since Su Liang had said that, it would be no problem. He immediately told Su Liang and Su Xiaolin how to make the modification. The three of them started immediately.

Two net cages are full of holes and need to be repaired, but some of the large holes are not sewn up, Su Jing has set up a fish cage-like entrance that can only be entered and not exit. Each net cage has at least one entrance on all sides.

After that, Su Jing fixes a fish basket in each net cage center with a meatball in it. It’s made of Magical Beast meat and starch. Su Jing has experimented with it. It tastes less heavy and still attracts animals, but it doesn’t make them so crazy.

“I don’t quite understand. What’s this about? So you can catch fish? Su Xiaolin and Su Liang probably see Su Jing’s intentions, but they always think it’s undesirable, so they wonder if they guessed wrong.

“Oh, you will know tomorrow.” Su Jing sold a pass that made Su Xiaolin and Su Liang irritated.

It was the evening after the three men came home separately. Su Jing started to pack the Magical Beast jerky which had been made a few days ago, in a vacuum packer and put it in a large refrigerator. The vacuum packer and the refrigerator were bought the other day.

He experimented that making dried meat did not make Magical Beast lose nutrients. He made about 1,300 Jin meat into dried meat. 400 Jin was frozen in the refrigerator and 200 Jin was left in the soy sauce bottle. Later, he ate and fed his pets, first in the soy sauce bottle, then in the frozen fresh meat, and finally in the dried meat.

Of course, Su Jing will take some dried meat with him for a rainy day. Today in the western restaurant, Su Jing put a Magical Beast dried meat in the bottle of pepper and Zhao Jun’s pocket. The delicate dried meat has a strong fragrance, so it quickly attracted mice.

Putting all the dried meat in place, Su Jing went to bed at eleven o’clock in the evening.

At 3 or 4 a.m., Su Jing was woken up by a long-lost rumble.

“There is new garbage coming.”

Su Jing waited for many days and worried about the whirlpool for many days. At last, half-space appeared again. As Su Jing estimated, it was still about five meters high, so it was completely blocked by the six-meter-high courtyard wall, without worrying about being seen by the people outside and there was no building more than six meters nearby.


When the garbage poured down, the whirlpool came quickly and quickly vanished.

Su Jing habitually no longer think about the source of the whirlpool and began to look at the garbage on the ground. This pile of garbage is twice as much as the last one from the world of One Piece. It covers almost half of the yard and the Pipa Plum tree is pressured and he estimated that it will not survive. Fortunately, the man-eating tree is near the courtyard wall and there are only a few garbage dumps at the bottom of the basket, otherwise, he doesn’t know if it will be crushed to death.

There are dust, dirt, rags, leftovers, dead branches and leaves in the garbage. All in all, it’s very messy and smelly. At first glance, Su Jing can’t tell what time and space it comes from, but it can be roughly judged that it should be the garbage produced by human beings.

Su Jing put on gloves and began to look for something in the garbage but the more he looked for it, the more he grew irritated. The garbage was the most real garbage. There were not even one or two things to recycle.


Su Jing suddenly met a hard object from a pile of fallen leaves.

Su Jing couldn’t help but move the leaves quickly, revealing a piece in white and black. With a careful look from the moonlight, Su Jing’s face suddenly changed and he stepped back three steps, sitting on the grass.