GGS-Chapter 22 Shocked Audience

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The Perfect Pet Paradise Pet competition has begun.

First appeared is a middle-aged woman with a furry white cute alpaca, which detonated the audience as soon as it came on stage.

From the smiles on the faces of the five judges and the enthusiastic attitude of the audience, it is not difficult to see that this alpaca is very popular and the score is not low. The rules of the pet competition are that the judges score 60% and the spectators score 40%.

Next, a variety of pets emerged, including cats, dogs, rabbits, parrots, and other common pets, as well as pythons, salamanders, beetles, and other strange pets, which left the audience awestruck.

Zhao Jun came on with an exotic and aristocratic dog with a thick, delicate and smooth coat and a curly tail at the end. He was tall, graceful in shape, noble in appearance and detached in attitude, without any trace of plainness or roughness. This is an Afghan hound, one of the oldest existing breeds of a hound.

Zhao Jun also guided the Afghan Hound to do a simple acrobatic performance, giving the Afghan Hound a flexible and athletic ability and a clever brain, winning numerous applause and making the Afghan Hound a hot spot in this competition.

Shen Jiayao then came out with the Dragon Li Cat she bought from Su Jing. The Dragon Li Cat lay in her arms and it was dressed in lovely pink clothes, with soft and shiny hair and his big, watery eyes looking around curiously. The lovely and dull appearance instantly sprouted a lot of people. It has to be said that Shen Jiayao really knows how to dress up he pets, which has greatly improved the Dragon Li Cat.

At the end of the competition, Su Jing, with Little Dragon Li Cat, mingled with some of the employees and pets of the perfect Pet Paradise gathered behind the scenes to get ready for the stage. They didn’t have as much time for shows and performances as the pets in the competition. They almost lined up to pass the stage.

“Jianhua, Little Yin, I dare say that my little butterfly dog will definitely win the first place in the competition” Walking in front of Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin is a tall, middle-aged man, who leads a butterfly spring and turns to Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin and laughs proudly.

“We don’t think so.” Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin laughed in unison.

“Why not believe it?” Which of your pets is better than my little butterfly, the fat cat of A’bao or the sick dog of Old Zhou or yours? The burly middle-aged man scornfully pointed to Husky, led by Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin.

“Why don’t we bet on it, if you win the first place then I will give you 10,000 yuan. If you lose, you only have to give me 1000 yuan.” Zhu Jianhua looked at the burly middle-aged man with a smile.

“This…” The burly middle-aged man’s heart jumped as he heard the amount and he thought about winning the 10,000 yuan. He couldn’t help but feel excited. However seeing that Zhu Jianhua was so confident, he hesitated and finally waved his hand and said. “It’s easy to hurt others feelings by Gambling.”

“Oh, this is also true.” Zhu Jianhua nodded and smiled.

Shortly afterward, Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, Liu Rin, and others came to the stage together and walked slowly from T PLATFORM in a line. The big middle-aged man was still somewhat worried about the 10,000 yuan. He watched Zhu Jianhua secretly, especially the Husky led by Zhu Jianhua carefully.

At this time, an exclamation was made in the crowd.

Since Su Jing was on stage, he naturally released Little Dragon Li Cat from his cage. His appearance immediately attracted many people’s attention. Originally, some people who were absent-minded because of the pets of employees appeared on the stage raised their heads because of the exclamation of the scene and their eyes widened as they saw the small Dragon Li Cat that Su Jing took out of the cage.

“Wow, is that a little leopard? So cute!”

“How could they bring a leopard cub here, won’t he attack someone?”

“How could such a cute leopard possibly hurt people?”

There was a lot of discussion in the audience and all the sights were focused on the little Dragon Li Cat and even the five judges were no exception.

The staff who were ready to show off their pets on stage were dumbfounded. This leopard is a pet and it is definitely more excellent than all the pets here. Why do you have to come here with us?

Shen Jiayao and Zhao Jun also looked at him with amazement. Su Jing did not need to put any dressing on his cat. Shen Jiayao carefully watched Su Jing and after some time she blinked and a glimmer of light flashed in her eyes. She found that it was not a leopard at all, but a cat, the absolute best cat.

“I saved myself, fortunately, I just didn’t promise the gambling.” The burly middle-aged man thought with a forced smile. As a Pet Paradise employee, he was at least somewhat knowledgeable. When he saw Su Jing’s kitten, he knew that his butterfly dog was absolutely useless. He stared at Zhu Jianhua fiercely and said, “You bought him here so you must have known his pet, Were you planning to cheat me of my money.”

“Hey hey, aren’t you out of luck?” Zhu Jianhua laughed, in fact, he was intent on competing for the first place in employee pets, but after seeing Su Jing’s cat, he gave up the idea instantly.

Su Jing didn’t walk with Little Dragon Li Cat in his arms but put it on the ground. Little Dragon Li Cat followed Su Jing, but he wanted to act like a spoiled child. So he went towards Su Jing’s legs, stretched out his forepaws and climbed on Su Jing’s legs and made two pitiful meows as if a child was begging for an embrace. The lovely appearance sprouted into countless people in an instant.

“Come on up.” Su Jing intentionally displayed Dragon Li Cat’s cleverness and shouted a sentence, Dragon Li Cat gave a jumping cry, then jumped up with the help of Su Jing’s clothes and lightly and skillfully climbed Su Jing’s shoulder, rubbed Su Jing’s neck with his head and squatted on Su Jing’s right shoulder.

“Come over here.” Su Jing put his hands on the level, his fingers clasped, and the kitten climbed all the way from his right shoulder to his palm, then to his left shoulder.

“Turn back.” Su Jing continued to give the order and the kitten retreated and went back to his right shoulder.

“A finger dance.” Su Jing put the kitten in the palm of his hands, and the fingers danced flexibly and rhythmically. The kitten also stepped on his fingers flexible and every time it happened to step on his fingers, forming a dance with great tacit understanding and appreciation value.

“Oh my God!”

“This leopard is so cute.”

“I see it clearly. It doesn’t seem like a leopard, but a leopard cat.”

“Whatever it is, in short, it is a good pet. Young man, I will give out 100,000 yuan,  give it to me?”

“You want to buy it at only 100,000, I will give you 200,000 yuan.”

The whole audience boiled up and the noise of the starting bidding battle was about to topple the roof.