GGS-Chapter 20 Perfect Pet Paradise

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Su Jing feeds the man-eating tree for the simple purpose of feeding it and letting it lose the urge to hunt.

In Su Jing’s opinion, the most effective way to train wild species is to start with food. Once it becomes dependent on food, it is not difficult to train it by feeding process and conditioned reflex.

Su Jing was not sure. He took out the rope and tied the man-eating tree firmly to the four pillars around the basket. For now, the man-eating tree is still small and not strong enough to break away.

“In the future, when animals are domesticated, I hope that I can successfully domesticate this man-eating plant, or else I will have to kill it.”

Su Jing muttered to himself. At this time the phone ring suddenly rang, he took out the phone and looked at the display. If it was in the past, he would not look carefully and answer it casually, he was not a celebrity, so he seldom got harassed on the phone.

However, since he has worked as a chef at the Great Seafood Restaurant seven days ago, he did not dare to answer the phone casually.

Venomous Tongue Gourmand Zhou Xian’s praise on Weibo has made a big impact. In addition, Zhou Xian has eaten several times in succession these days and even praised it repeatedly. This has shocked many people. Can it be that the food is so great that it made Venomous Tongue Gourmand linger on it?

As a result, many people have visited the seafood restaurant to eat, but Su Jing doesn’t always prepare steamed fish and he only prepare up to a dozen or twenty dishes a day, But many people only came to the Sea restaurant to eat the signature dishes made by Su Jing, so they are naturally unwilling to eat anything else. Many of them have gotten hold of Su Jing number and they often called him many times.

At first, Su Jing apologized and refused one by one. Later, he was bored to death and he stopped receiving all the unfamiliar calls.

If this number hadn’t been used for a long time by many friends and had been bound to many accounts, he would have liked to change his cell phone number.

Su Jing smiled when he saw the caller’s id: “Hello, Jianhua.”

A cheerful voice came from the other side: “You didn’t look for me when you came back. If I hadn’t talked to A’Liang today, I wouldn’t even know that you had come here.”

“I was busy, or else I would have definitely come to you.” Su Jing laughed, but what he said was also true. In the days after his return, he was busy with the garbage from different time and space. Otherwise, he would have gone to Zhu Jianhua a long time ago. Zhu Jianhua lives in the Zhu Family Village. They had a very good friendship between them and he was his classmates in Elementary school, Junior high school, and Senior high school. Jianhua has been his classmates for twelve years. Zhu Jianhua’s college entrance examination scores were low so he didn’t go to college and chose to work, he got a job and now works in Pet Paradise. It is said that the salary is good.

“Are you free today?” Zhu Jianhua asked.

“Yeah.” Su Jing replied.

“Let’s watch the Perfect Pet Paradise competition. All kinds of pets will participate in this competition. There are even some famous pets. There are only 50 tickets available for outsiders. You can come with me. After watching the competition, I will take you to dinner.” Zhu Jianhua smiled.

“Okay.” Su Jing readily agreed as it was not important to watch any pet competition but to get together with Zhu Jianhua.

“I’ll send you my address. Come on quickly.” After Zhu Jianhua hung up, he sent the address.

Su Jing thought about it and thought that since he was going to Pet Paradise, why not take a pet for a walk? He took a look in the backyard and his eyes finally fell upon the Little Dragon Li Cats. “Come here, you two little guys.”

Hearing Su Jing’s voice, all the playing animals stopped and turned to Su Jing. When they saw Su Jing pointing at themselves, two Dragon Li Cats ran to Su Jing’s feet, one of them touched Su Jing’s feet intimately, the other climbed to Su Jing’s shoulder.

“Just you.” Su Jing chose the little Dragon Li Cat on his shoulder to avoid running around on the road and being watched. Su Jing put Dragon Li Cat in a cage and carried it to the perfect Pet Paradise.

“Perfect Pet Paradise, where have I heard that name before?” Su Jing thought about it carefully. It seems that Zhu Jianhua had mentioned it to him before, but he did not specifically mention which Pet Paradise. However, Su Jing seems to have heard it from other places not long ago, but he can’t think of it. Anyway, it doesn’t matter where he heard it from. Su Jing doesn’t care.

Traffic in the village is non-existence. It takes two or three kilometers to get to the bus stop. On the way, people from the villagers and even people from the next village greet each other.

“A’Jing, where are you going?”

“A lot of guests in your uncle’s seafood shop are waiting for your signature dish and some even shouted that they would pay a thousand yuan. If it’s me, I’ll cook them all the time. How else would I earn a thousand yuan a day?

“These dishes are really famous.

Su Jing can only make a simple reply. During this time, he had become more and more famous in the nearby villages, making him a bit like a celebrity.

Finally, He got on the bus and rode it for more than an hour, then changed to a subway and arrived at the Perfect Pet Paradise. It looked like a big company building, which was very different from Pet Paradise in Su Jing’s impression.

“A’Jing, here.” A tall, square-headed youth at the door rushed towards Su Jing waving at him.

“Jianhua, I didn’t expect this Pet Paradise to be so stylish.” Su Jing sighed as he walked over.

“That’s because our Perfect Pet Paradise is the most famous Pet Paradise in Zhongyun City. The business project is very comprehensive, including pet supplies sales, live sales, pet grooming, pet foster care, pet care, pet photography, pet maintenance, etc.” Jianhua is very proud.

“Su Jing, long time no see.” A small and beautiful woman next to him smiled.

“You are… Liu Rin?” Su Jing watched her for a while before responding.

“Hey, let me introduce her, this is my girlfriend, Liu Rin.” Zhu Jianhua embraced Liu Rin’s waist and became even more proud.

“Oye, It’s the entrance of the company.” Liu Rin blushes and pushes Zhu Jianhua away.

“It turns out that you two are together. I see why Jianhua has been very happy recently.” Su Jing suddenly realized that Liu Rin and they were classmates of junior high school and senior high school. They had known each other for a long time, but at that time Liu Rin and Zhu Jianhua couldn’t talk with each other much. He didn’t expect them to become a pair now.

“Oh, actually Liu Rin worked here earlier and she introduced me.” Zhu Jianhua smiled.

“So it is.” Su Jing sneaked a thumb at Zhu Jianhua.

“Hey, Su Jing, are you carrying a pet cat?” Liu Rin noticed the cage that Su Jing was holding and it was a cat.

“Yes, I had it for a long time.” Su Jing smiled.

“When I will meet you at the end of the competition, I will be at the stage. I have a Husky and I will take it with me. The competition is about to begin. Let’s go in.” Zhu Jianhua said and took Su Jing and Liu Rin to walk inside quickly.